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How to create a rental income calculator app in 3 easy steps?

You can create a rental income calculator app in minutes!

  1. Enter the name of your rent calculator app

    Choose the right app category, design theme, and app layout.

  2. Add the rental income calculator feature

    Customize and test your app on a device.

  3. Launch your rental house income calculator app

    Let people download your rental property income calculator app.

Features of your Rental Property Income Calculator App

  1. Property Details
  2. To use the rental income tax calculator, the user will need to enter a few details about the property they have bought or are planning to buy. This amount will indicate the total capital required to purchase the property:

    • Home price – Here, the user will need to enter the price or cost at which you bought the property.
    • Cost to make rent ready – This field requires the user to enter the amount of money they will need to spend on the property to make it ready to rent out.
    • Down payment – Self-explanatory, but the user will enter the amount of money they will pay or have paid upfront.
    • Years to pay off – The user will enter the number of years for which they have taken the mortgage.
    • Interest rate – This is the rate of interest charged by the financial organization or the bank.
  3. Income & Vacancy
  4. If the user plans to rent out their property and wants to use a rental income tax rate calculator, they need to enter the following information:

    • Monthly rent – In this field, the user needs to enter the monthly rent they plan to quote or can quote for the property in consideration.
    • Vacancy – Here, the user needs to enter a percentage corresponding to the period the property will remain vacant.
  5. Monthly Expenses
  6. A property, whether occupied or not, has certain expenses attached to it. Add the right details to the vacation rental income calculator to get the right results:

    • Maintenance cost – Whether the user has tenants or not, they will need to consider certain fixed or unpredictable maintenance expenses.
    • Property management cost – This cost is pretty apparent if the user has hired a service or a property manager. However, even if they manage the property themselves, it is important to consider this expense while calculating the rental income.
    • Property tax – As the name suggests, property tax is a substantial expense and differs from state to state.
    • Home Insurance – This number also varies wildly from state to state because every state has different associated risks.
    • HOA fees – Another variable that depends on the location, the specific association, and the property type – the user needs to enter this expense for accurate rent income calculation.
    • Other expenses –This field is for any additional monthly expense that does not fall under any of the categories listed above.

Once the user enters all this information in the mortgage income rental calculator and clicks on the Calculate button, the following numbers appear for the user:

  1. Total capital required
  2. As the name suggests, this is the total capital required to buy the property. Typically this consists of the down payment and any other closing costs. This also includes the costs of any repair work or upgrades necessary before the property is ready to be rented out.

  3. Cap rate
  4. The cap rate or capitalization rate is indicative of the rate of return on a property. It is calculated by dividing the net operating income expected to be generated by the current asset value. This is a great measure to ascertain the investor’s potential ROI on the property.

  5. CoC return
  6. Simply put, CoC return or Cash on Cash return is the amount of cash earned on the total cash invested. This metric is generally used in commercial real estate.

  7. Monthly Cashflow
  8. This is the profit amount coming to the property owner every month after collecting all the income, deducting all operating expenses, and setting some cash aside for future repair expenses.

As the users receive these amounts using your apartment rental income calculator, they will get a clear picture of the health and potential of their property investment.

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