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How to Create a Graphic Design in Easy Steps?

Follow these steps to Make your own graphic design:

  • 1

    Select the type of graphic you want to design

    Choose from one of the hundreds of templates and edit to your liking

  • 2

    Add text, background, photos, and more

    Explore fonts, choose from stock photos or upload one from your device

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    Download your projects or save it on the cloud

    Collaborate with the entire team, get feedback and tweak the designs to perfection

Create your own graphic design with free graphic design templates

Sometimes even the greatest designers hit a creative block and are hard-pressed for unique ideas to create a graphic design online. Appy Pie Design comes to your rescue with free design templates, including free infographic templates, graphic design layouts for blog banners, app icons, book covers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, and more.

Our graphic design platform offers some of the best graphic design templates, which can be a perfect starting point for your next big design project.


Explore through Appy Pie Design’s collection of free design templates!

Appy Pie Design’s goal is to make graphic design easy and accessible for everyone. To accomplish that goal, Design provides you hundreds of free graphic design templates to choose from. You can use these design templates to create exquisite designs for your website. Search through our free database collection of various design templates curated for the artist in you! Each design template has been carefully crafted to meet various user’s requirements while also being flexible enough for you to show off your creativity. From free infographic templates to brochure templates, Appy Pie Design has every type of design template you could possibly ask for. The explore page that you see above you is a catalogue of some of our more popular and most used graphic design templates. All of these graphic design layouts are a part of our graphic design tool. You can sign up for the free tool and find even more templates that you can select from!

How to create a graphic design using Appy Pie?

For any digital property to look attractive, it is important to create graphic design that is not just pleasing to the eye but also relates well to the brand. Until recently, most small businesses struggled with the design aspect of their digital identity. This was primarily because it was not always possible to create your own graphic design and it was expensive to hire a graphic designer.

Things have changed today and with Appy Pie Design, you can create a graphic design without having to hire a design professional or an agency. You can now create a graphic design online free of charge using the platform. The platform does not require you to have any specialized training and is fairly intuitive.

Appy Pie Design has presented itself as the perfect answer to the question - how to create your own graphic design? You don’t need to worry about getting any formal design education to use the platform. There are hundreds of free templates for all design categories that you can browse through.

Once you like a template for your graphic design be its logos, brochures, flyers, cards, banners for social media like Facebook and Linkedin, banners for blogs, posters, and business cards, you can preview it or edit it to better suit your preferences. You can customize the text, fonts, colors, design elements, images, proportions, etc. to create your own graphic design free of charge

After you are satisfied with the design you created, you can decide to leave it on the cloud to come back and edit further or download it in a format of your choice. You can also collaborate with the rest of your team to create a graphic design online. Another lucrative feature that makes Appy Pie Design popular is that it is cloud-based, which means that you can access your design project any time from anywhere using the device you prefer.