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Vision: Democratizing technology

Appy Pie has one clear vision – democratizing technology and making it possible for every business owner of all sizes and scales to embrace and integrate cutting-edge technology to grow their business.

This page is the only space where we are not going to talk about what we do but about who we are! Our experienced developers and designers have made it their collective goal to make technology accessible and affordable. As you come on board the Appy Pie platform, you get an experience that will only get better with each interaction.

About Us AppyPie

Mission: Making technology affordable

Appy Pie is on a mission to make technology affordable and accessible for everyone. The platform and all the products are designed to enable even the least technically inclined entrepreneurs to exploit the most advanced technology with great ease.

The underlying idea here is to level the playing field by ensuring that every business in this competitive environment has a fighting chance to grow and flourish. The underdog gets all the support they need on our platform and can choose the exact solution that best fits their unique need.

Values: Perfect solutions for your business

We at Appy Pie are committed to helping business owners benefit from the latest technology without worrying about getting entangled in coding, acquiring a million new skills, or spending a bomb. At Appy Pie, each of our customers is equally important to us.

We ensure that every customer is directed to the best-suited option for their business and their unique requirements. Our values dictate us only to offer quality, and the only time we suggest a purchase or upsell is when there is a genuine need for it. This is why most of our clients stay with us and have a long-standing and robust relationship with us.

Why choose Appy Pie?

There’s something for everyone!

We are more than a mere cold corporate house and have something for everyone – business owners, freelancers, professionals, students and practically anyone who is looking for a no code solution for their business problems.

The solutions can be customized to suit the particular needs of our customers and there is no limit to what we can do together.

From enterprises to public schools, from corporate houses to mom and pop stores, from music companies to indie artists, everyone can find something here, at Appy Pie.

Appy Pie

A pioneer in no code solutions

Appy Pie – A name synonymous with no code business solutions started its humble journey with a single goal – to make technology accessible. What started as a small setup to help businesses or professionals create their own apps without coding has now evolved into a platform with a multitude of services.

  • 2015Founded In
  • 250-300Number of Employees
  • Over 100M+Code written
  • 10M+Happy Clients
  • 5 DaysOfficial Working Days
  • App Builder Appy Pie

    Create your mobile app without writing a single line of code.

  • Appy Pie Website

    Create your own website without any coding skills with Appy Pie Website.

  • Appy pie NFT Generator

    No Code NFT Generator to Create Your NFT Art Collection without Coding.

  • Appy Pie Chatbot

    Build a chatbot in minutes with Appy Pie Chatbot and improve your customer experience.

  • Appy pie Connect

    Create meaningful integrations and automate your workflows with Appy Pie Connect.

  • Appy Pie Live chat

    Integrate live chat on your website and app to support your clients Using Appy Pie Live Chat

  • Appy pie Knowledge

    The easiest way to organize, access and share content, FAQs and more – Appy Pie Knowledge.

  • Appy pie Domain

    Find the perfect domain name for your website using Appy Pie Domains

The best among low code no code development platforms.

Highly rated by thousands of customers from all across the world
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