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Create an app in 3 easy steps with Appy Pie's App Builder.

Make an app in 9 easy steps

To create your own app, follow these steps:

  1. Bring your app idea to paper
  2. Do a thorough market research
  3. Start by creating app prototypes
  4. It's time to design app graphics
  5. Make an app for Android and iOS
  6. Test the app the way you want
  7. Publish your app to app stores
  8. Promote your app worldwide
  9. Get feedback from the users
Make an App

App Maker Appy Pie – Build your app in minutes!

Promote an app – the right way

An app maker is a great way to make an app. However, just making a great app is not enough to achieve success with it. It is important to let people know about your app and what it can do for them.


  1. Leverage social media
  2. Our app builder lets you integrate social media feature into your app but take your social media game a notch up and design a strategy that targets your users on the platform of their choice.

  3. Get positive reviews
  4. When you chose our app builder, didn’t you look for reviews? Connect with reputable review sites, tech blogs and get your app some positive reviews to encourage more people to download your app.

  5. Create a video intro
  6. Let your users know how they can use your app in the best way possible with an interesting video or a series of videos. Wasn’t it easier to build your app when you saw our app maker’s video tutorials?

  7. App Store Optimization
  8. The app builders you saw at the top of your search on the app stores must have made quite an impression on you, right? Write strong app description, put them in the right category, and use the right tags to help it get to the top.

  9. Try paid ads
  10. Before putting out paid ads for our app builder, we conducted a thorough keyword research and so should you! Once you have the right keywords you want to put up AdWords ads for, bid for your campaigns.

Easy to use, drag and drop app maker from Appy Pie

Have an app idea but can’t code? Now, make an app without having to write a single line of code. Use Appy Pie’s easy to use, drag-and-drop app builder. Get everything you need to make your unique mobile app. This mobile app maker lets you create and publish your own app in minutes. Turn your app idea into reality, Make an app now!

Anyone can create powerful, professional, native mobile apps with Appy Pie's app maker. Even a layman user can customize app layouts, add stunning features like chatbot, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, internet of things, hyper local and make an Android, iOS, HTML5 or PWA App. So anyone can build an app and monetize it following a few simple steps.

Get access to a wide array of basic to advanced features that you can add to your app. We have a huge range of video tutorials to help you learn the basic app development skills and get started with your app. These tutorials will explain steps to design your app without coding. You can also use our learning platform – the frequently asked questions section; consider it a beginners course with training material, documentations, white papers and tons of information and resources. It also has a forum where you can get answers to your questions and improve your app development knowledge.

What does it mean to have a great app idea for an app developer? They are raring to go get their app built as soon as possible. Many beginners and experienced app developers also use Appy Pie's app maker, simply because it’s not only easy to use and fast but a powerful app builder platform as well. With Appy Pie's app maker, you don’t need to buy any course or learn coding. Even if you have never written a single line of code in your life and need to build an app for your small business, you can design an app the way you want with Appy Pie’s app builder. Make a mobile app now!

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