Mobile App Development – Choosing the best technology for your business

Mobile app development is a set of processes and steps that involved in writing software for mobile phones or smartphones. Though mobile application development, much like web application development stems from traditional software development, but the former is mostly written particularly to leverage the features offered by a particular mobile device.

Appy Pie is known for following a smooth and efficient process when it comes to their custom mobile application development services. Let’s take a look at what goes on in here!

Custom Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Services from Appy Pie

Today, businesses of all kinds, right from your local retail store, to small and medium sized organizations, to blue ­chip multinational corporations, are leveraging the potential of custom mobile apps to dramatically streamline their business operations, increase employees’ productivity, and improve customer relationship. The main reason behind custom mobile apps gaining traction is that they not only help business owners transform their unique app ideas into reality, but also help them deliver a personalized user experience, like never before. At Appy Pie, we offer end-to-end custom mobile application development services that help you stay on top of the latest mobile trends and keep your business in the hearts and pockets of your customers. We have an outstanding team of highly skilled and qualified app developers who combine their expertise and deep knowledge to create next-gen mobile apps, keeping in mind your business niche and target audience. Our experts have years of experience working in the app development industry, and possess hands-on-skills working with the cutting-edge mobile app development frameworks, including Angular JS, Ionic, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, etc.

Here’s a list of our Custom Mobile App Development Services:

Appy Pie’s Custom Mobile App Development Process

Here’s how Appy Pie helps you bring your app idea to life through custom mobile application development


Our experts work closely with you to thoroughly understand your app ideas, and convert it into collaborative wireframes and visually appealing designs.


In development phase, our professionals start shaping the app utilizing the latest app development frameworks, as per your defined requirements.


Once your app is developed, a thorough testing is done to ensure that your app is bug free and it works well on different mobile platforms, without any complexity.


After successfully testing your app against certain rigorous parameters, we finally publish your app on the app stores of your choice, including Google Play and iTunes.

Android Mobile App Development

As a leading mobile app development company, Appy Pie offers android app development solutions that are futuristic, yet realistic for businesses of all sizes, scope, and scale. At Appy Pie we have a strong team of developers proficient in Java who are credited with developing feature rich apps that perform with excellence. However, in recent times a number of other languages like Kotlin, C, C++, C#, BASIC, Corona, LUA, and PhoneGap have come to prominence and present great alternatives.

The team at Appy Pie has the sensitivity to understand the unique needs of each client and accordingly apply the apt SDKs or the most suited programming language.

Android Mobile App Development

The android mobile apps built on our platform are characteristically elegant and look consistently appealing throughout the massive range of Android devices with diverse resolution and screen sizes. The best part is that the apps we build have great UX design not just for the latest versions of the OS, but also for the older versions.

As a part of our custom android app development services we design the user interface, put together a strong tech stack, develop a backend and frontend, integrate third-party services, in addition to offering testing and support for your android mobile app.

Not only do we have a specialized team of android developers, but we make sure that the entire coding process happens in-house and not even a single line of the code is outsourced. At Appy Pie, we follow a custom agile process to ensure minimum risk, maximum speed, and sparkling transparency.

Our job doesn’t end once the app is complete and ready to be launched, but we take it upon ourselves to make sure that your app is published successfully on the Google Play Store. Before publishing your app, we help you furnish an appropriate app listing, complete with the app description, icon, assets and more.

Our after sales service is unparalleled as we offer maintenance and support even after the app has been successfully published.

Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Custom Mobile Application Development services for Android devices.

iOS Mobile App Development

Appy Pie is one of the leading providers of iOS app development services and has a specialized team of iOS developers who take a comprehensive approach towards app development and conduct an in-depth analysis of the business requirement. The team also designs the look and feel of the app, the user experience and understand what they need to deliver in terms of app functionality.

The experts in iOS mobile app development at Appy Pie are known for delivering iOS mobile apps that are high on performance, are packed with relevant features, and deliver user friendly iOS mobile experiences. We develop native iOS applications using C, Swift technologies and Objective C to come up with iOS mobile apps that work the best for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications.

iOS Mobile App Development

The iOS apps designed by Appy Pie are known for their efficiency, performance, perfect designs, strong functionality, and user experience designed for the specific needs of the customers.

Each iOS app development project we take up is entrusted to experienced iOS app developers who ensure that the entire coding process takes place in-house using a custom agile process to ensure that the risks are minimal, processes are transparent, and speed for our iOS app development process is high.

As an end-to-end iOS mobile app development service, we make sure that the amazing apps we build for you are published on the iTunes or Apple App Store with the best drafted listing for your app including a strong app description, well-designed icons, and appropriate media.

The iOS app developers at Appy Pie are experts in Swift, Objective C, XCode, and TestFlight. This means that the beta version of your iOS app would be tested appropriately. This unique platform from Apple lets you invite up to 10,000 users to test and garner meaningful feedback and finally launch an app that is sheer perfection.

Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our custom iPhone Application Development services.

iPad App Development

Appy Pie is known as an authority on iPad app development and has a well-rounded team of iOS developers specialized in creating apps for iPad. The team has sound experience in developing high-performing professional apps that serve multiple business niches.

Technology has a big part to play in the growth and trajectory a business takes. The success of a business is greatly dependent n its adaption of technology and the reach they exert. At Appy Pie, we have iPad app experts who can help you ideate, strategize, design, create, test and publish custom iPad apps that are destined to take the Apple App Store by the storm.

iPad App Development

The team of iPad app developers at Appy Pie possess the skills and experience to offer solutions that suit the unique needs of our clients. iPad has some distinctive features and capabilities for example – the pop-over interface elements and the 3-axis accelerometer which are great to work on and leverage. The experienced professionals in our iPad app development team know how to use the bigger screen and the higher processing speed that would help your app reach its maximum functionality and offer an excellent user experience to the app users.

The team has experienced strategists who can help you price your app right and thus maximize your ROI.

In addition to this, we also offer iPad enterprise apps that can help you align your work processes and let you multi-task even when you are on the move like track sales, handle your documentation, hold remote video meetings and a whole lot more.

The iPad app development team at Appy Pie have a lot of experience in using technologies and tools pertaining to iPad apps like Corona unity 3D, Phone Gap, Sencha, JSON, XML, XCode, iPhone SDK, Objective C among others.

We are credited with the development of some of the most groundbreaking iPad apps for a range of businesses. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Custom iPad Application Development services.

Symbian App Development

Appy Pie is the leader when it comes to Symbian app development. The team of Symbian app developers here at Appy Pie have a strong experience and knowledge in the field. The team has a strong expertise in wireless application development which has helped them leverage Symbian and Symbian-supported technologies to their maximum potential and create a strong track record in the field.

Symbian is preferred in some corporate circles and that is simply because it is the easiest and most consistent mobile platform. The operating system is known and preferred for its customizability, great performance, impeccable mobile telephony, and advanced data services. A Symbian app for your business or company increases the potential of returns. Some of the leading mobile devices with great reviews like UIQ and S60, function pretty well on Symbian’s operating system.

Symbian App Development

The platform can store large amount of data and delivers a quick and responsive user experience which makes custom Symbian mobile app development a solid choice for many. We offer Symbian application development, conduct extensive testing and also offer cross-platform porting services to our clients. The Symbian app development team here has a rich experience in developing powerful, efficient, and feature rich apps of varying sizes.

The expertise of the team lies in developing apps with a simple user interface, a delightful user experience for rich multimedia applications that include multimedia apps, business apps and games for Symbian based smartphones and devices.

Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Symbian Mobile Application Development services.

Java-based Mobile App Development

The Java-based mobile app development team at Appy Pie focuses on creating robust applications for the mobile devices including smartphones and other devices. Apart from mobile apps, we also offer custom enterprise solutions that promote efficiency.

The Java platform Micro Edition of Java ME is known as the most popular platform for developing apps for mobile devices and embedded devices. An important reason why Java technology and Java ME are popular is that they are platform independent which means that they can be run on a wide range of devices, giving your business an edge by putting your app on different mobiles. In fact, more than half of the most popular apps are powered by Java.

Java-based Mobile App Development

The Java-based mobile apps built by us are lightweight and high on performance. We are known for our robust technology competency, absolute transparency, 24X7 support, and cutting-edge development strategies and methodologies.

We have extensive experience and expertise in object-oriented programming and Java mobile app development which gives a robust foundation to our portfolio of mobile applications on multiple platforms including J2ME (Micro Edition), J2SE (Standard Edition), and J2EE (Enterprise Edition).

Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our J2ME Application Development services.

PhoneGap App Development

Experienced professionals form the PhoneGap app development team here at Appy Pie. The team primarily leverages its HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge to create unique, feature rich, and high performing apps. This is what makes Appy Pie the best PhoneGap App Development service in the industry.

The PhoneGap apps built at Appy Pie are compatible with multiple OSs and devices giving you a world of flexibility. Apps developed with PhoneGap on the Appy Pie platform require less financial investment, need shorter time to market and support common hardware capabilities like Camera, Files, GPS, Contacts, Geolocation, Accelerometer, Network, and more.

PhoneGap App Development

Developed by Adobe System, PhoneGap is a software development framework that is particularly designed for developing mobile apps. PhoneGap has gained popularity among developers as it only needs knowledge of web-development languages like HTML, CSS, and Jscript in place of mobile programming languages. PhoneGap can be used to build custom apps for all the leading mobile OS platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile OS. With our PhoneGap development services, you can engage with your target users without spending a massive amount of money.

As a pioneering custom app development company, we hold expertise and experience when it comes to custom apps development with PhoneGap. The PhoneGap app development team at Appy Pie holds expertise in utilizing platforms and tools like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and JavaScript and are particularly great when it comes to effective UI and a delightful User Experience. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our PhoneGap Mobile App Development services.

Business App Development

Our team of developers at Appy Pie consist of experienced professionals who can help you at every phase of the process of app development. We develop light weight, lightning fast, high-performance iOS and Android apps, custom apps for smartwatches, web apps, and a lot more that are focused at bringing measurable success to any business.

The mobile app development division at Appy Pie has managers with robust experience in agile software development and are certified ScrumMasters. The final goal is to build high-end business apps that boost brand engagement, enhance overall productivity, and eventually increase the revenue. The team consists of experts in JavaScript, Objective C, Swift, PhoneGap, and other leading languages, tools and technology of the future.

Business App Development

Whether it is Artificial Intelligence or a simple point to point navigation, Appy Pie helps create brilliant business applications that leave a mark on the targeted users eventually bringing efficiency to the business structure.

Customer has always been the king, no matter what niche your business belongs to, which means that businesses have to go where the customers are and take their products along. The customers today do not have to be sitting in front of the TV or check their email on their desktop, for you to reach them. They can be reached anywhere, anytime with just a touch of the button. Building a mobile app for business can help you find a permanent spot in the customers’ pockets on their beloved device – smartphones.

We create mobile apps for businesses of all niches and budgets and are have established ourselves as one of the best custom application development companies. Appy Pie offers the following services to businesses:

  • Multi-vendor marketplace app development
  • Blockchain application development
  • Ecommerce mobile app development
  • Rapid application development
  • Cryptocurrency development services
  • Smart contracts development
  • Dating mobile app development

Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Custom App Development services for business.

Native App development

Native app development includes creating software programs that run only on specific devices and platforms. Native apps can be built for desktops, smart TVs and almost all kinds of gadgets, but the most popular device for which native apps are developed are – smartphones. Native mobile app development needs great skills, but you don’t need to worry about browser behavior and compatibility.

The app development services from Appy Pie brings you native apps for all the leading OSs and devices. The apps we make are known for their speed and performance. Your native mobile apps can have as many and as diverse features as your app may require for achieving success. The app development team at Appy Pie has specialized units for Android, iOS, Windows and other prominent OSs.

Native App development

Native mobile apps have the ability to leverage the native features of the mobile device and OSs which takes the user experience several notches up. The cumulative experience and expertise of the developers here is the reason why native mobile apps created by them achieve and surpass their goals while bringing in great results.

As a leading custom mobile application development company, Appy Pie has an expertise in native mobile app development for all leading OSs. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Native App Development services.

Cross-Platform App Development

This type of app development uses JavaScript which enables the application function in addition to CSS and HTML for generating design components. There are supporting frameworks that have the ability to call native code so that you can take advantage of an operating system and the specific functionalities of any device.

At Appy Pie, the cross-platform app development is entrusted to a team that is proficient in web languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS which lays a strong foundation for apps that shine in performance, speed, and user experience.

Cross-Platform App Development

This multi-platform mobile application development at Appy Pie offers the delightful user experience and functionality of native apps combined with the multi-platform capability inherent in mobile web applications. The team also employs their proficiency with Xamarin, PhoneGap and Appcelerator’s Titanium to create cross-platform mobile applications that stand apart from their competitors on every possible parameter.

As a leading mobile app company, we have extensive experience in cross-platform app development and have extended our cross-platform app development services to a number of our clients. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Cross-Platform Mobile App Development services.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are a combination of native mobile apps and web apps and can be built using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These Hybrid Apps can be published on any of the app stores and the end users can then install them on their devices just like native Android or native iOS applications. The great part about hybrid apps is that you need to write the code only once and the app would run on multiple OSs.

If you have the app idea, the mobile app development team can turn that idea into a real, live, functioning hybrid mobile app. The experts on our team have fluent knowledge and a rich experience in developing hybrid mobile applications without compromising on quality and reliability.

Hybrid App Development

All through the project and even after the completion of the project we offer 24/7 support on live chat, call, or through email irrespective of the time zone or geographical area you are in.

The development technologies and framework employed by the team for hybrid application development include:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • JQuery Mobile
  • CSS3
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • Monaca
  • Titanium
  • Sencha
  • SproutCore

Having established ourselves as an experienced and reputable mobile app development company, we are now also the most preferred hybrid app development company for businesses and developers alike. As a practice we make sure that we define the project scope and conduct a thorough performance feasibility check and offer strategic consultation not just in the matters of technology, but also related to business.

Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Hybrid App Development services.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile games have held the interest of developers, entrepreneurs and users alike. In fact, irrespective of the sophistication level of a phone or the screen size, the most common feature they have for the user is a platform for games. Even with a fair knowledge of how you would want your game to be and a conceptual clarity, mobile game development involves a whole lot of technical knowledge and skills.

The experienced development team at Appy Pie has the expertise and the experience to develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms across multiple devices. The team can develop mobile games from scratch including an in-depth target audience analysis, concept design, prototyping, multiplayer game server architecture design, development, soft launches, in addition to timely feature updates and KPI based gameplay tune-up. However, if you are only looking for an existing title enhancement, we have viable solutions for you.

Mobile Game Development

The one thing our customers love about working with us is that we are the only company that offers complete support for the projects even after the game has been built, all through the process of submitting it on leading app stores and getting them published successfully. The game listing including designing attractive screenshots, creating a strong preview video and helping you get featured on the app stores.

The skillset of our mobile game developers includes a deep knowledge of C#, Lua, JavaScript, Unity, Flash, Unreal, Firebase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GameSparks among many others. For our game development team, gaming goes beyond just great graphics and complex coding. We create games that have the potential to keep people hooked for hours.

As a mobile app development company with diverse experience and portfolio of services, we have many satisfied clients who have realized their gaming concepts with our help. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Mobile Game Development services.

Qualcomm Technology (BREW App Development)

Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless or BREW is an app development platform that was developed by Qualcomm for CDMA mobile phones with third-party applications. The platform is offered only in some feature phones but not in smartphones. The single greatest thing about the platform is that the developers can easily port their applications among all BREW devices with just a standardized set of APIs.

Qualcomm Technology (BREW App Development)

At Appy Pie we have a team of professionals who have a rich experience developing Qualcomm BREW device business or enterprise apps and games for cell phones. As a part of our BREW App Development Services, we offer the following:

  • Applications for clients and servers
  • Standalone application solutions
  • Voice and text messaging solutions
  • Music based app solutions
  • BREW music streaming services
  • Publicity or promotional apps
  • Games or entertainment development solutions
  • XML data-based app solutions

We have years of experience with BREW platform and have a long list of happy clients who built some great apps for Brew MP devices. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our BREW Application Development services.

Hire Android and iPhone Developer

In case your business is built around a mobile app and it is the only source of revenue, it is wise to hire an in-house resource. However, in case your requirement is on and off with the mobile app constituting only a part of your revenue, it may not be viable for you to get a full-time resource. In such cases, it is a good idea to go for a mobile apps development company and outsource the whole project.

Our clients from all over the globe have outsourced their mobile app development projects to us. We have, in the past worked with multiple industry niches and developed iOS apps, Android apps, Windows mobile apps, Cross-Platform apps, Hybrid mobile apps and more for them.

We are known for Android and iOS mobile app development and have an esteemed clientele list who vouch for us. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Mobile Application Development services.

Hire Android and iPhone Developer

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