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Custom mobile app development

Leverage block architecture to build your no-code app

Mobile application development with Appy Pie is as easy as pie. It is primarily because of the block architecture that lets you slot pieces of code for custom application development, quite like Legos. Choose the app blocks that suit your business. For example, you can choose a real estate app block, an eCommerce app block, a church app block, or any other block that works best for your unique business requirement.

This block architecture adds immense flexibility to the entire platform, letting you build your own custom mobile app aligned perfectly with your business goals.

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Custom Mobile application development

Reduce your GTM time radically

‘Time is money.’ It is more than just a cliche. As a business owner, you know the value of time more than the average Joe. One of the most significant aspects here is to get your business offerings to the market in record time. If your GTM (Go To Market) time is too long, your competitors are going to beat you to the punch by getting their products in the market first. We all know how precious that first movers’ advantage is! Custom app development with Appy Pie Plus involves simply choosing the required code blocks and dragging and dropping them right into your app. That’s it!

Yes, it is that easy! It is that quick! It is that effortless! Don’t waste months of your productive time in mobile app development and lose your edge. Instead, use Appy Pie’s block-based application development and build a custom app in minutes!

Custom app development platform

Nurture citizen developers and reduce IT overload

It is the business users who know the actual business needs from an app the best. Hence, business users or citizen developers assume a progressively important role. Appy Pie Plus is the perfect platform for nurturing citizen developers through no-code custom app development. So, let the citizen developers unleash their creativity with Appy Pie Plus and build apps that cater to their unique business needs. Not only does it reduce development time, but it also reduces the burden on your IT department.

As citizen developers find legit solutions with a custom mobile app development company, it also keeps a check on the emergence of shadow IT, which can do more harm than good for your business.

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Keep your data safe with gold-standard security

Vulnerabilities in security are one of the most pressing issues for any enterprise. They must maintain and adhere to the strictest security certifications and standards to ensure that all their data and their client’s sensitive data are protected against any leaks, crashes, or losses. Appy Pie Plus acknowledges the importance of data privacy and security by ensuring that the platform is protected by the strictest of security measures.

To ensure that all your sensitive data is protected from any kind of cyber attack from hackers with malicious intent, Appy Pie Plus gives you additional layers of security.

Mobile app development

Discover the most cost-effective way to build enterprise apps

The stack and build architecture with code blocks makes the process of custom app development a lot cheaper. This means you save hundreds of thousands of dollars that you would otherwise have to pay an agency or hired developers. As your citizen developers create their own custom mobile applications, you need not worry about training the business users in anything too technical or advanced, like programming or coding.

With the drag and drop functionality, anyone can use Appy Pie Plus to create excellent custom mobile applications that can help you meet your business goals without having to shell out a lot of money.

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Mobile application development

Use 200+ integrations and app features to empower your enterprise

Appy Pie Plus is unique in offering more than 200 features to help you create the exact mobile application your business needs. Not only do you get to choose a code block that works best for your business, but you also have the freedom and flexibility to add features a la carte, thus amplifying the overall potential and functionality of your mobile application. The best part about our custom application development services is that it lets you build your own app without any coding for no additional cost.

One more interesting way to boost the power of your brand new application is by integrating the application with any of your favorite apps and automating your workflows. Connect from Appy Pie Plus helps you achieve flawless automation with thousands of meaningful integrations that can take your app to new heights.

Security and Compliances

Built-in Security and Compliances

  • EU-GDPR Compliant, Type I SOC 2, and PCI DSS
  • Support for HIPAA compliant collaboration with enterprise grade security
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall), Protection against DDOS attack Powered by AWS Shield
  • Penetration testing powered by Bishop Fox, and Vulnerability Scanning & patching powered by Alert Logic
  • Two factor authentication and Certified Privacy policy
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Data Protection Officer
  • Supports Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Distribution
  • Business Continuity Plan with ISO 22301 certification
  • Information Security Management System with ISO 27001:2013 certification

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