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Appy Pie Student App Developer Program for University & Schools
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Appy Pie’s No-Code App Development Program for Students

Appy Pie’s goal is to democratize the design and development process of applications and help everyone create their own unique applications irrespective of their technical skills, knowledge or budget. However, getting the next generation of app developers accustomed with no-code app building is crucial if they want to utilize our software. That is the goal of our student app developer program.

Appy Pie Student App Developer Program
App Developer Program

Appy Pie Student App Developer Program

COVID-19 has put a pressure on schools in terms of resources and platforms to make online education engaging, informative, and valuable. However, this does not mean that the children should be left behind in their right to education and to evolve as an individual.

Appy Pie AppMakr – the top app building platform has an exciting solution designed for K-12 students and can be of great value to even the university students. Integrating this unique program in your curriculum can give your students an edge.

Why choose Appy Pie?

The Student App Development Program from Appy Pie leverages hands on approach to teaching app development to students and has the following salient traits.

  • Useful for both Universities and Schools
  • Cloud Based Online App Builder Platform
  • Test App on your mobile devices
  • Easy Set-Up and Implementation with Chat Support

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Benefits of the unique Appy Pie Student App Developer Program
  1. Creates a more enjoyable experience as students get to see what they create and can test it immediately just by dragging and dropping the elements together

  2. No code app building lets the students see how different elements come together and how the actions they take relate to the behavior of the mobile app they are creating

  3. Awards a sense of empowerment and achievement as the students can see the results of their efforts in minutes

  4. Teachers with limited to no programming knowledge can explore, experience, and then teach app development easily


Benefits of the unique Appy Pie Student App Developer Program

The Student App Developer Program offered by Appy Pie not only encourages innovation and creativity, but also stimulates the entrepreneurial aspirations among the students. Naturally, as apps are the future of every conceivable niche, the students are presented with great exposure and an ability to expand their horizons.

  • Drag and drop functionality eliminates the need to remember the exact textual codes
  • Reduces the frustration of getting lost in the codes, bugs, and debugging
  • Brings down the potential cognitive load caused by programming with textual codes
  • Students can immediately see the results, by testing and then using the app on their own devices
  • Creating mobile apps with Appy Pie’s no code AppMakr lets the students come up with practical solutions for real world scenarios
  • Familiarizes students with what goes into making the mobile apps that they use every day and charges up their innovation
  • Educators or teachers can build an education app of their own
  • Eliminates the need for any educator to attain programming knowledge in order to create their own education app
  • Round the clock assistance from the support team at Appy Pie for any query that may arise.

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Amazing course! Makes it really easy to understand app building concepts. I have taken similar courses before, but I love this one as it focuses on basic and most significant aspects. It was fun to learn. Thank you.


The course is an step by step guide to learn creating mobile apps. I didn't expect much but to my surprise this course is very valuable for students like us.


My teacher recommended this wonderful course to the entire class and I am really thankful to her. I created 2 apps, one android and another iOS, after completing this course.


Really great course. I'd definitely recommend to all students or anybody who is looking get started with mobile app development.

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