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Sample Prompts:

Cute fox in the style of a pixar movie wears a hood , 3d, Lighting Area of rocks, deep inside the forest, divine domain Origami wrapping of a fish, colored paper on top of cardboard, realistic

Advance Features

See How Others are Making Most Out of It!

Let your imagination bloom and watch as it transforms into vibrant visuals with AI Text to Image Generator. Simply by using your words, you can create unique and creative images with AI technology tailor-made for your projects.

Two pandas discussing an academic paper.

A cyberpunk-themed rooftop garden with futuristic plants, glowing flowers

Futuristic Cyberpunk City with Super Exotic Car

A steampunk-inspired digital illustration of a gnome inventor in a cluttered workshop, surrounded by holographic machinery and gears. The camera angle is a medium shot. The lighting is warm and atmospheric, cyberpunk

an oil painting of a fantasy marketplace

painting, Mystic Moonrise Castle in van gogh style

Enchanting female warrior in traditional Asian-inspired outfit with black and red fabrics, adorned with intricate gold patterns. Majestic blue dragon with glowing eyes behind her standing on a bustling, lantern-lit street in an ancient city. Cinematic, hyperrealistic digital painting by an artist like Kim Jung Gi or Kuvshinov Ilya, 4k resolution.

Anime girl standing in a sunflower field wearing a hat, flowing hair, big eyes, cute beautiful, detailed shading, realistic lighting, digital painting by Ilya Kuvshinov and Monika Zagrobelna, 4k resolution

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Why Use Appy Pie’s AI Photo Generator?

Turn Your Text to An Image

Leverage AI to turn your simple text prompt into an image without having to learn any specialized design skills. No need to install an app to turn text into images.

Natural Language Prompts

Draft detailed text prompts that describe your image exactly how you want. Our AI text-to-image generator will turn your text into an image in real time.

Save Time & Money

Save the time and money you would otherwise need for generating an image from scratch, looking for stock images while navigating copyright issues, or hiring a professional.

Now create your AI Generated Images in a few clicks!

Create your pictures from scratch with AI just by text descriptions.

Step 1

Type your prompt in the input box. Don’t be shy when it comes to thinking out of the box. Just be a little smart and more specific. Then, click on generate and get your unique image absolutely free.

Step 2

Not satisfied with the initial version? Click the Generate button again, and wait a minute or two while our AI Photo Generator is ready with its magic.

Step 3

Now the image is yours! Do whatever you want to do with it. Add to canvas, create a design, add to favorites, or download it and share it with the world.

How to write effective Prompts to use AI Photo Generator?

Just explain what you want precisely and we'll use cutting-edge technology to create stunning visuals. Specificity, Clarity, Relevance, and Contextualization are some of the keys to writing effective and well-worded prompts that our AI Picture Generator can transform into captivating images. Transform your generated images into engaging videos with our AI Image to Video Generator.

Good Prompt   Mythological town, worshiping god, celestial, 8k, cinestill, 35mm, as daggereotype, people as masses, lanterns, wide angle shot, cinematic vibes, complementary colors.
Bad Prompt   Mythological town, people worshiping with lanterns.
Good Prompt   Tony Stark is sitting on chair with backrest made of feathers and its glowing behind the chair wearing the gauntlet and infinity stones in his hand, marvel cinematic universe, 4k, highly detailed, sharp focus, cinematic lighting, artistic
Bad Prompt   Tony Stark with infinity stones
Female figure with glowing red eyes, wearing dark robes adorned with glowing blue runes. She has horns and an eerie presence. The background is a dark, mystical setting with shadows and dim light.

A litter of golden retriever puppies playing in the snow. Their heads pop out of the snow, covered in.

A petri dish with a bamboo forest growing within it that has tiny red pandas running around.

A gorgeously rendered papercraft world of a coral reef, rife with colorful fish and sea creatures.

A Samoyed and a Golden Retriever dog are playfully romping through a futuristic neon city at night. The neon lights emitted from the nearby buildings glistens off of their fur.

Picture a tranquil lake at dawn, its surface reflecting the pastel colors of the sky, while wisps of mist rise gently from the water, enveloping a solitary swan in a dreamlike aura

Anime character in a fantasy market, with stalls selling exotic goods, colorful canopies, and bustling crowds.

Picture a majestic mountain peak shrouded in mystic mist, its rugged cliffs bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, while an eagle soars overhead against a backdrop of painted skies

portrait of a royal cat wearing a crown in a golden engraved frame.

Father reading a bedtime story to his child, both snuggled in bed, with a soft glow from a bedside lamp.

Imagine a festival where hot air balloons of all sizes float through a surreal, dreamlike sky filled with floating islands and rainbows

Picture a grand chinese temple floating in the sky, surrounded by clouds and bathed in golden light, with ancient symbols and runes glowing softly on its walls

Create an image of an underground cave system where every surface glows with bioluminescent fungi and crystals, casting an otherworldly light on the cavern walls

a character in A dystopian city with cityscape with towering, crumbling skyscrapers covered in graffiti and vines, dark clouds overhead, and neon signs flickering in the distance in background

an image of an eternal sunset—a timeless horizon where the sun hangs low in the sky, casting a warm, golden light over a tranquil landscape bathed in hues of orange and pink

Picture a hidden cavern deep within a mountain, illuminated by the fiery glow of molten lava—a dragon's lair filled with glittering treasures and ancient artifacts

an image of the northern lights dancing across the Arctic sky in a mesmerizing display of color and light, while snow-capped mountains stand sentinel beneath the shimmering celestial spectacle

a kingdom on a brink of collapse in background with remnants of lost battle in foreground. dark moody colors with hints of reds


Viking girl with bright striped war paint

cuteness overload, contoured, surrealism, close up photography by Shaddy of a close up cute tiny transparent ghostly little happy dreamy owl filled with detailed tiny sakura flowers inside fully transparent body, on a tree branch, leaves, spring insanely detailed, ethereal, ice, X-Ray, glass, sculptural, anatomical, unmaterial, epoxy jewel design, looking in camera, sky, sleek, modern., fairytale, fantasy, by Andy Kehoe, soft sepia, artistic water drops, dynamic pose, tender

Create a hyperrealistic oil painting of a goddess of eternity in a cozy fishing town with art decor architecture, a cliff, lighthouse, and steampunk observatory under a clear night sky showcasing Orion by <Joe Fenton : 0, 6, b Leonid Afremov:0.4. The scene should have rich reflective details, smooth surfaces, warm global lighting, and a hard backlight to enhance the vivid, warm colors. Add a cinematic touch with an enchanting atmosphere, and incorporate sparkling gold and copper accents in an abstract style for added texture.

A giant white dragon with its mouth open, surrounded by flying cherry blossoms and birds in the sky, in the style of League of Legends game art design. --ar 73:91 --v 6.0

Craft a highly detailed, photorealistic digital rendering of a cyborg warrior. The cyborg should have various mechanical components, displaying an intricate blend of futuristic technology and armor. Have him standing in a confident pose. The setting should be a brutal battlefield, with the setting sun casting dramatic shadows across the land. The atmosphere should evoke a sense of tension and mystique, signifying the cyborg's readiness for an imminent battle.

A steampunk airship docked at a Victorian-era spaceport, with ornate brass and copper details.

Generate a close-up stunning, photorealistic depiction of a moment in time where nature showcases its tremendous power and awe-inspiring grandeur with an erupting volcano, spewing molten lava into the sky, as plumes of volcanic ash rise and blanket the sky creating a dramatic scene. Features such as the bright orange and yellow glow of lava, the dark ominous ash clouds, and rugged volcanic terrain should be vividly portrayed against a dusky, looming sky. The image should also capture the unsettling sense of imminent danger and the serenity of the surrounding untouched nature, creating a powerful contrast..

A mythical undersea kingdom, with coral cities and fantastical marine creatures

A mythical undersea kingdom, with coral cities and fantastical marine creatures.

A hyper-realistic render of a mythical dragon perched atop a medieval castle.

A magical treehouse village inhabited by woodland fairies, in a whimsical watercolor style.

A surreal scene where a cat bathes in a peculiar glow. The cat's original colors have been replaced by an amber radiance that dances off its fur. The background shifts, blending between hues of vibrant crimson and silent, fading hues, creating a mesmerizing flow. A sense of enigmatic essence fills the atmosphere, wrapping everything in a layer of mystery. The scene is instilled with a dreamlike tranquility, the luminous contrast between the cat and its surroundings further underscoring the calm. Embedded within it all, a twilight shroud gently dapples the scene, casting patches of light and shadow.

A surreal scene where a dog bathes in a peculiar glow. The dog's original colors have been replaced by an amber radiance that dances off its fur. The background shifts, blending between hues of vibrant crimson and silent, fading hues, creating a mesmerizing flow. A sense of enigmatic essence fills the atmosphere, wrapping everything in a layer of mystery. The scene is instilled with a dreamlike tranquility, the luminous contrast between the dog and its surroundings further underscoring the calm. Embedded within it all, a twilight shroud gently dapples the scene, casting patches of light and shadow.

A surreal scene where a rabbit bathes in a peculiar glow. The rabbit's original colors have been replaced by an amber radiance that dances off its fur. The background shifts, blending between hues of vibrant crimson and silent, fading hues, creating a mesmerizing flow. A sense of enigmatic essence fills the atmosphere, wrapping everything in a layer of mystery. The scene is instilled with a dreamlike tranquility, the luminous contrast between the rabbit and its surroundings further underscoring the calm. Embedded within it all, a twilight shroud gently dapples the scene, casting patches of light and shadow.

A surreal scene where a parrot bathes in a peculiar glow. The parrot's original colors have been replaced by an amber radiance that dances off its fur. The background shifts, blending between hues of vibrant crimson and silent, fading hues, creating a mesmerizing flow. A sense of enigmatic essence fills the atmosphere, wrapping everything in a layer of mystery. The scene is instilled with a dreamlike tranquility, the luminous contrast between the parrot and its surroundings further underscoring the calm. Embedded within it all, a twilight shroud gently dapples the scene, casting patches of light and shadow.

Create an image of a magical forest with vibrant colors, glowing mushrooms, and whimsical creatures.

Illustrate a city skyline during the twilight hours, capturing the interplay of city lights and the fading daylight.

Generate an image of a serene beach at sunset, with warm hues, gentle waves, and a tranquil atmosphere.

A futuristic cityscape with flying cars and skyscrapers

Golden and crispy French fries served with a delectable duo of condiments: rich, tangy ketchup and creamy mayonnaise

A serene sunset over a tranquil mountain lake

A cozy cabin nestled in a snowy forest

Create an enchanting scene where plants and creatures emit bioluminescent light, turning a forest into a magical wonderland.

Capture the essence of tranquility in a single image featuring a cup of tea or coffee against a serene backdrop.

Explore the beauty of abstract shadows cast by everyday objects, turning the mundane into art.

Artwork embodying the essence of Krishna, capturing the divine persona through strokes and hues

Classic vanilla ice cream cone adorned with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream

Capture a close-up portrait of a person in natural light. Pay attention to the subtle details of their skin, eyes, and hair, hyper realistic, 8k quality

Illustrate or photograph wildlife in motion. Capture the realism of animals in their natural environment, emphasizing their fur, feathers, or scales, hyper realistic, 8k quality

A serene sunset over a calm lake.

An adorable puppy playing in a field of flowers.

Hills of the Scotland highlands, misty fog, Canon RF 16mm f:2.8 STM Lens, award-winning photography, by National Geographic and Unsplash.

Cherry Blossoms in Hokkaido in the wintertime, Canon RF 16mm f:2.8 STM Lens, hyper realistic photography, style of Unsplash and National Geographic view.

Snowing winter, super cute baby pixar style white fairy wolf, shiny snow-white fluffy, big bright eyes, wearing a woolly cyan hat, delicate and fine, high detailed, bright color, natural light, simple background, octane render, ultrawide angle, 8K.

Warhammer miniature of Lich King, hand-painted, plastic, detailed, white background, studio lighting, product photography.

Origami wrapping of a fish, colored paper on top of cardboard, realistic.

Pencil drawing, great martial artist, hyper-realistic.

Cute panda with Bayern munchkin jersey realistic.

Peaceful countryside, day sky, Saturn, farmers, buffalo.

16-bit pixel art, outside of café on rainy day, by studio ghibli, cinematic still.

Sticker design, lined paper for writing, cute, vector.

Clean coloring book illustration of a Northern Cardinal, black and white.

Silver Direwolf signet ring.

Tony Stark in heaven wearing the gauntlet and infinity stones sitting on a chair with backrest made of feather and its glowing behind the chair.

Marshmallow playing DJ on a stage in front of a massive crowd with laser lights at night on a beach island.

Biker riding a bike on an empty highway wheels are on fire.

A dog wearing a VR headset, cyberpunk, hyper unreal environment, neon lights background, 85mm portrait, blur.

Marshmallow playing DJ on a stage in front of a massive crowd with laser lights at night on a beach island.

Abstract painting inspired by the rush hour traffic in London city.

Design a piece of digital artwork showing an imagined colony on Moon.

Create a landing page graphic for a sports shoe company.

Design a infographic promoting a brand-new car.

Impressionist oil painting of a cute robot.

Buildings on fire, old film still.

Isolated convenience store in the middle of the desert at sunset, car parked outside, lo-fi, nostalgic.

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All you have to do is write a text prompt describing the image you’re looking for, and there you go. Please add details that describe the environment, mood and genre of the output for a precise generation.
Following all community standards, we do not support anything that promotes hate, racial and gender discrimination, nudity, and violence.
Our AI image generator is programmed in such a way that it will generate a unique image for each text prompt. So even if you run the same prompt twice, you’ll get different results. Though some images might look similar to you, there will definitely be some differences in details.
Yes, you can sell everything you create through our AI image generator. However, you can mention that the image is generated using AI software in order to promote the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and improve efficiency.
Yes, with each interaction, you’ll get four images. Of course, you can choose the best suits your needs. However, if needed, you can generate as many as you want.
The images created by our AI image generator are considered public domain. That means they don’t have any owner, but they’re actually the result of your idea and imagination.
Irrespective of whether you’re an active user or not, your data will be safe with us until you request to erase your account.
Yes, commercial use is absolutely allowed for all the generated images. You can use the generated images for any purpose.
Write a descriptive prompt with all the details in it. Then, input your details with short sentences, point-of-view phrases, and references to the art style. Always avoid writing long sentences.
Since our AI text-to-image generator is not hooked up with pay as you used model, the initially given credits won’t expire.
Yes, for smaller images, the quality is quite good; however, when it comes to printing larger images, they might become a little blurry.

How AI Image Generators Work

These steps explained below illustrate how advanced AI Technology and text-to-image AI work together to create appealing images. Such technology not only aids in the production of AI-generated art but also revolutionizes how visuals are created and utilized across different media platforms and it will help you in understanding how AI Image Generators Work:

  1. Writing Text Prompts

    The process begins with users inputting a descriptive text prompt into the Text to Image AI. This text serves as the creative brief for the AI Art Generator, detailing what the image should depict. The accuracy and detail in the prompt can significantly influence the quality of the content creation, making it crucial for users to be clear and specific. This step is foundational in creating visuals for various applications, from social media posts to professional artwork.

  2. Training the Generator

    In this step, the AI Image creator—a crucial component of AI Tools—learns from a vast dataset of images and corresponding descriptions to understand how to create visuals from text inputs. This Generative AI technology improves its ability to generate detailed, coherent photos that are appealing and appropriate.

  3. Evaluation by the Discriminator

    The discriminator is another essential element of AI Artwork, working with the AI Art Generator. It evaluates the images the generator produces to determine if they are indistinguishable from authentic, human-made images. If the discriminator can quickly tell the images are generated, it provides feedback to the generator, pointing out aspects that need improvement, such as aspect ratio, detail, or context relevance.

  4. Refining the Generator

    Based on feedback from the discriminator, the generator refines its process to produce better images. This might involve enhancing the higher resolution of the images, improving color accuracy, or better capturing the nuances described in the text prompts. The goal is for the AI generations to learn from each cycle, gradually enhancing image quality and creating high-quality AI-generated images that meet the best AI standards.

Evaluating AI Image Generators: What to Look For

When evaluating the best AI Image Generator, several key factors must be considered to ensure they meet your needs for creating high-quality visual content. Here's what to look for:

  • Quality of generated images

    Image quality is paramount. High-quality outputs are essential for professional use, whether in stock photos, advertising, or digital art. Factors affecting image quality include resolution, accuracy in reflecting the input used for image creation, and the authenticity of textures and details. Superior image quality ensures that the AI styles and outputs look as realistic or accurate as intended, delivering the best results.

  • Ease of Use

    The interface should be intuitive, allowing users of all skill levels to generate images effortlessly. Features like drag-and-drop editing tools, simple text effects entry fields, and straightforward options to adjust color palette and color scheme make the platform accessible. An AI Image Generator that's easy to use encourages experimentation and helps users achieve their desired outcomes without a steep learning curve.

  • Cost and Pricing Structure

    Pricing should be transparent and scalable to fit different budgets and usage rates. Appy Pie offers a free AI Image Generator platform offering a free account or free trial with basic features, which can be a good starting point for new users. Paid option provides access to more advanced features such as high-resolution outputs, further image editing tools, and extensive libraries of AI artists and reference images. Understanding the cost and what each pricing tier offers is crucial for budgeting and determining value for money.

  • Customization Options

    Customization is critical to making an AI tool fit specific needs. This includes modifying AI generated photos, suggesting better prompt, and using editing tools for detailed image editing. The more options available, such as giving you an option of adding negative prompt, choosing from diverse AI artists, or including stock photos, the better users can tailor the outputs to take their projects to the next level. Customization also involves the power of AI to interpret complex reference images and adapt to various artistic intents, enhancing creative possibilities.

Why Choose Appy Pie Design Playground?

Appy Pie Design Playground represents the latest evolution of Appy Pie's AI Image Generator, equipped with a robust selection of APIs from several cutting-edge AI models. This tool empowers users to generate unique visuals and tap into the capabilities of prominent AI technologies. It stands out by providing a comprehensive suite of tools that leverages the capabilities of Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly, and Dall-E. This makes it a powerful resource for anyone looking to explore the possibilities of AI-enhanced image creation.Here's a detailed look at its features:

  1. Stable Diffusion: This feature of the Appy Pie Design Playground allows users to generate new images using text. Stable Diffusion is renowned for its ability to create high-quality visuals quickly, making it an ideal choice for users needing rapid image generation. Integrating Stable Diffusion ensures users can create detailed and diverse visuals based on their text descriptions.
  2. Adobe Firefly: This AI model enhances the creative process through advanced tools catering to professional design needs. Adobe Firefly supports a wide range of design tasks, from simple edits to complex creations, and it's adept at handling nuances like textures and shading, which are essential for producing polished, professional-level visuals.
  3. Dall-E: Dall-E is another critical component of Appy Pie Design Playground. Known for its revolutionary approach to generative visual content, Dall-E enables users to create images from textual descriptions with a flair that can mimic specific artistic styles, such as those of Van Gogh. This capability makes Dall-E particularly valuable for those looking to infuse classical artistic elements into their designs.
  4. Upload your Own Image: The platform allows users to upload their own image and use it as a foundation for further creativity. This can involve enhancing the uploaded photo or using it as a reference point for creating complementary visuals within the same aesthetic or theme.
  5. Image Generator Free: Appy Pie Design Playground also includes a free trial version, which provides users with basic capabilities without cost. This option is excellent for individuals or small businesses.

Leveraging the styles of various AI artists, users can invoke specific artistic influences in their creations, from contemporary looks to classic touches like those reminiscent of Van Gogh. This feature allows for a high degree of personalization and artistic integrity, enabling users to produce visuals that resonate more deeply with their intended audiences.

Some more AI Tools worth Exploring

  • AI Photo Editor: Appy Pie's AI Photo Editor leverages advanced AI technology to offer users an intuitive and powerful platform for enhancing and transforming photos. The tool simplifies complex editing tasks such as automatic adjustments, retouching, and applying artistic filters. It enables effortless creativity and customization, whether for professional use or personal projects. It also provides real-time previews, allowing users to see their edits instantly and make precise adjustments.
  • AI Background Remover: With our cutting-edge AI tools, you can automate the process of removing backgrounds from images. You'll save time, improve visual quality, and enjoy versatile design options for multiple purposes, from photo editing to marketing.
  • AI Avatar Generator: AI Avatar generator is a versatile tool that empowers users to create unique AI Avatars effortlessly. With a wide selection of templates, including Santa Avatar, Elves Avatar, Halloween Avatar, Diwali Avatar, and more, users can easily transform their photos into personalized avatars.
  • AI Background Maker: Appy Pie's AI Background Generator allows users to use advanced AI algorithms effortlessly to create custom backgrounds. This tool is ideal for designing unique backdrops for websites, presentations, or social media with just a few clicks. It offers a range of customizable options, from dynamic patterns to serene landscapes, tailored to enhance any project. The intuitive interface ensures a seamless design experience, empowering users to bring their creative visions to life without professional design skills.
With Appy Pie’s Design platform we deliver enterprise-class security and compliance to you and your customers through every interaction.