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  • Go Native

    Let your users enjoy the experience of using a native app

  • Earn From Your App

    Monetize your app and let the app make money for you

  • App Analytics

    Get access to critical data and powerful insights to enhance your app

how to make an android app
  • Modify your app

    Let your app content be updated automatically without resubmission

  • No Need To Code

    Make business apps without acquiring programming skills

  • More Than A 100 Features

    Push Notifications, In-App Purchase, Form Builder & so much more!

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How to Download APK file for your App built using Appy Pie App Creator Software?

  1. Login into your Appy Pie account
  2. Go to My Apps area and click on Test app
  3. Download your APK file instantly

What are the Benefits of Android Apps?

By now you may be clear about the abundant benefits of building an Android app for your business. It’s time now to delve deeper and know some exciting benefits of owning an Android app for business or personal use:

For Businesses

  • As compared to all the other mobile platforms, the number of Android users is definitely quite high. This sheer volume of Android users plays a major role in attracting new customers for any business, helping them upscale their growth exponentially.
  • Cost-effective marketing tools. Android apps can reinforce and gain exposure for your brand, helping you boost your business ROI dramatically.
  • With their easy-to-adopt features, Android apps can work wonders in taking businesses to the next level
  • Android apps provide a quick review and feedback option to users, helping businesses improve customer services instantly

For Personal Use

  • Most of the Android apps are free, which makes it easy for individuals to accomplish a variety of tasks without spending a single penny
  • Android devices are cheaper, making it easy for individuals to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the mobile world at comparatively lower prices

So, don’t wait long? Join the vibrant app bandwagon with your own Android app created with Appy Pie Android app generator and stay ahead of the competition!

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