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How to start your own app development business with Appy Pie?

It is easy as pie to start your own app development business with Appy Pie. The white-label mobile app builder from Appy Pie is a no-code platform, which means that you don’t have to undergo any special training to make apps.

After subscribing to our mobile app reseller program, you get access to your own dashboard. Here, you can configure your account, set up your own URL, and set up your payment plans.

Congratulations! You are an Appy Pie app reseller. Now, you have a white-label mobile app-building platform of your own. Your users would be able to find you on your own URL, and you can sell apps from here without learning to code!

What are the Benefits of a reseller plan with Appy Pie?

Appy Pie has one of the most lucrative Mobile App Reseller Plans for you. The white-label mobile app reseller program on Appy Pie comes loaded with benefits!

  1. White Label CMS
  2. White label CMS lets you customize your customer experience right from the login screen to the dashboard, admin screens to tutorials, and more!

  3. Decide your own pricing
  4. As an Appy Pie reseller, you have the flexibility and complete freedom to decide your own pricing for each app. Make your own pricing model!

  5. Start or boost your existing business
  6. The inflow of money is a challenge for new businesses. Become an app reseller and use the revenue to support your existing business.

  7. Access to All the live features
  8. As a white-label mobile app reseller, you will have unhindered access to all the live features on Appy Pie’s no-code app maker.

  9. Dedicated technical support
  10. Appy Pie makes sure that all its mobile app resellers have dedicated technical support all round the clock for timely resolution of technical issues.

  11. App Submission Support
  12. Appy Pie makes sure that all its app resellers get complete support beyond just app building. Get hands-on guidance with all your app submissions!

  13. No Ads
  14. Ads can ruin the entire app experience for you and your platform users. Appy Pie does not run ads on your white label platform, ensuring an excellent user experience.

  15. 30 Mins Training session
  16. Appy Pie offers a 30-min training session to familiarize you with the entire platform for a smooth onboarding despite its easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

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