How to create a church app in 3 easy steps #

Follow the simple three-step process to make an app for Android in minutes without coding.

  1. Enter a name for your church app

    Pick the right app category, color theme, and app layout. Then add your brand logo to reinforce your branding.

  2. Add the features that you need

    Choose the right features by using the drag-and-drop interface without having to learn to code.

  3. Test and Launch your app

    Edit your app and test it on a real device. Your app is ready to go live on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Top 7 Must-Have Features in Your Church App #

Mobile apps are an excellent way to keep your church connected. In fact, they’re one of the most valuable tools you can use to unite your congregation and keep them engaged in ministry. Using Appy Pie church app builder, you can create a church app with zero coding. Our app builder platform provides all the necessary features and tools that you need for creating an excellent church app. Listed here are some of the top features that you must include in your church app.

  • Social sharing

    The social sharing feature allows you and your congregation members to connect with each other and share the message of the lord across various social media platforms. Let your members share your sermons and messages online with this feature.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications allow you to send out alerts and information to your congregation through your app. You can send reminders, news, updates, and notifications for sermons and special services.

  • Calendar/Events

    Outline your church events with a dedicated app calendar. Bring your communities closer by outlining dates and events. Grow your church and celebrate special occasions with your church members

  • Video Streaming

    Stream live sermons or pre-recorded videos or audio to the app users so that even those who couldn’t make it to the event can listen to the word of God through your church app.

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  • Contact

    Another great feature, Contact offers a convenient medium to your congregation for getting in touch with the church from anywhere, at any time. Create a community and share their contacts allowing everyone to contact and coordinate with each other.

  • Blog

    A popular feature, Blog allows you to connect your church blog with your app, making it easy for you to share information with your congregation. You can even share Bible text, Sunday school and more with the help of the blog feature.

  • Polls, Surveys, RSVPs

    With polls, surveys, RSVPs in your app, you can not only get feedback from users, it can also help you improve your Church’s working. Important decisions related to the church can be taken with the community through voting polls.

  • App Analytics

    App Analytics is a great way through which you can easily track user behavior and deliver a better experience. Analytics also helps you keep a track of your app’s success and its global reach.

6 Reasons Why You Must Create a Mobile App for Your Church #

The technological revolution has changed the way we work, live and communicate with others. Right from listening to music to completing critical business jobs, mobile apps have become the heart of every small and big task.

This trend is, however, not just limited to the business sector, almost every section of the society is jumping on the app bandwagon to stay atop of this technological revolution. Churches today are not an exception to this trend anymore.

Today, a good number of churches worldwide have their own mobile apps, which helps them stay in touch with their community from anywhere, at any time, through any device. If this doesn’t convince you, here are some reasons why your church should have a mobile app:

Improved Communication

With a church app, you can make communications with your church members easier. An app will help communicate about events, notify members, and let them help each other more efficiently.


With a church app, you can receive donations from your congregations and others. A church app allows you to accept donations directly. Appy Pie provides various payment gateways to make this possible.

Bible on the Go

A church app can have an inbuilt bible allowing members to read the bible through their smartphone. In addition, churches can also conduct services and deliver sermons directly through the smartphone.

Cost Effective

A church app can help connect with members around the world allowing your institution to always be available. Making a church app with Appy Pie is very affordable and easy. It also takes less than 5 minutes to build a church app with Appy Pie.

Global reach

A great church app can prove to be handy in directly influencing new audiences, and increasing your church’s visibility locally, as well as globally. This brings in more members and spreads the word of Christ more effectively.

Online sermons

You can conduct your services and sermons online and livestream your church services. This can help your members attend every service virtually. It is especially a good idea if many of your members live too far to attend every service.

Build A Buzz

Whether it is a bake sale, a fundraiser, or a special mass, your church app can help you build excitement around it and encourage participation among the entire congregation. Promote your events and motivate the members to contribute wholeheartedly to all of them.

Why choose Appy Pie’s Church App Maker to create your own church app? #

It’s as easy as pie to create a church app with Appy Pie’s church app builder. No coding skills required. All you need to do is open our church app maker, and get started instantly. Make your own church app, test it on Android and iOS devices, and publish the app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store without any hassle. Here are the top reasons to make your own church app with Appy Pie:

  • Takes only a few minutes – From start to finish, it only takes a few minutes to make your own church app.
  • Needs no coding – No need to learn coding or programming when you create a church app with Appy Pie. Simply drag and drop the features you want to add to your church app!
  • Publish on Play Store and App Store – Once you make your church app and it is ready to be published on the app stores, the submission team at Appy Pie is ready to take you through the process.
  • Monetize your church app – There are many ways in which you can monetize your church app, you can show relevant ads, arrange a bake sale, and more.
  • Get real-time App Analytics – After you launch your app, it is important to know how your app is doing. App analytics give you deep insights into the performance of your church app. Know what is working in your app and what is not.
  • Stay connected with your community – Through your church app, you can stay connected and communicate with your entire community even when you are on the go.
  • Let your congregants view and share updates on social media – Integrate social media in your church mobile app so that your congregants can share the latest events and other updates about your church on their favorite social media.
  • Send messages to your app users with a tap – Whether you want to send out a text message, some photos, or a video to the entire congregation, all you need to do is tap once and it will be done!
  • Let your congregants submit prayer requests – Using your church app, anyone in your congregation can submit prayer requests any day, any time. Let their faith be strengthened.
  • Give step-by-step directions to your church – Add the navigation feature to your app and let people find their way to your church without having to stop for directions or getting lost on the way.
  • Let your congregants donate from anywhere in the world – This is a great feature as your congregation members can continue to donate to your church from anywhere in the world, even after they move away.
  • Keep a track of and analyze user behavior – Your church app offers great insights into your app users’ behavior. This helps you understand what your users are looking for and how you can make your app better for them.
  • Offer 24/7 access to Bible and more – Your congregation can access the Holy Bible, sermons, hymns, chants, and other religious material at any time. No matter where they are, they have access to religious scriptures right in their hands.
  • Keep a digital record of the members – Maintaining member records manually is quite a task and can take up hours of your productive time. Once they are on your app, all the data is recorded digitally, and your work is reduced to half.
  • Receive feedback through polls, surveys, or RSVPs – Whether it is about organizing a new event, taking on a new project, or the decision on which charity project to take up next, polls and surveys go a long way.
  • Reduce the size of your Sunday bulletin – Send out your Sunday bulletin using your church app save up on cost, paper, and the trouble of handing it out to people one by one, at the church or their homes.
  • Send push notifications for special announcements – Using push notifications you can reach the entire congregation or targeted few and send them important updates about events, fates, or other happenings in the church and the community.
  • Lower expenses by accessing all the information digitally – The cost of operation comes down drastically when you are doing everything digitally, whether it is to access information, organize events, sending out messages or even just organizing charity fundraisers.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions #

Building a church app is easy when you do it on Appy Pie. You need no coding and only a few minutes to build your own church app on our church app builder.

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Go to Appy Pie’s App Builder and click on “Get Started” button
  • Enter your church name and state the purpose of your app (here, you can mention prayer, worship or simply church)
  • On the basis of your details, our ML will add the best suited features to your app
  • You can add, remove, or update features according to your preferences only after registering with Appy Pie
  • After registration you would come to the pricing page where you can opt for free trial plan
  • After selecting a plan, you would then receive your app installation link
  • With this link, you can install and test your church app on your device.

You can make an app under free trial plan with Appy Pie but if you want to publish your app on any of the app stores then you need to upgrade your app to one of our paid plans.

A church app of your own has many benefits, the major ones are listed hereunder:

  • Make bible accessible even on the go!
  • Receive donations from the congregation any time, any where
  • Video stream full-length video sermons through YouTube & Vimeo
  • Pass on all the important information to everyone in a single tap
  • Audio stream full-length sermons through SoundCloud
  • Expand your global reach by spreading the holy word to a wider audience with internet radio After knowing all these benefits, it is time you get started and build your own Church App now.

Here’s a list of the top church app developers for you:

  1. Appy Pie
  2. Aware 3
  3. The Church App
  4. Church Base
  5. Custom Church Apps

Custom church app development involves coding from the scratch where each element or feature of the app is built specially to match the specific requirements you have identified for your church app. To make a custom church app you can get in touch with our team to discuss your exact requirements and get an estimate of the entire project. However, if you are looking for a no-code solution, you can even do it yourself on our app builder platform.

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Go to and click on “Get Started” button
  • Enter your church name and state the purpose of your app (here, you can mention prayer, worship or simply church)
  • On the basis of your details, our ML will add the best suited features to your app
  • You can add, remove, or update features according to your preferences only after registering with Appy Pie
  • After registration you would come to the pricing page where you can opt for free trial plan
  • After selecting a plan, you would then receive your app installation link
  • With this link, you can install and test your church app on your device.
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