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    Congregation may donate from anywhere using PayPal

  • Video Sermons

    Watch full-length sermons through YouTube & Vimeo

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    Listen to full-length sermons through SoundCloud

  • Global Reach

    Reach out with internet radio app & SHOUTcast, Icecast

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How To Build A Church App With Appy Pie’s App Builder?

1. Choose Our Church Template
Appy Pie offers you an awesome church app builder to help you get donations, promote the church, display scriptures, and reach out to your congregation.
2. Pick The Design You Like
Choose your own design and make the template your own by using your Church’s logo, photographs, theme colors of your choice and more!
3. Add Relevant Content
Easy to use Drag & Drop app builder from Appy Pie lets you add pages, features, information, & any other elements to make your app truly unique!
4. Build Your App
Your app would be ready in minutes & you can launch it on your chosen platform! Appy Pie lets you spread the Good Word to everyone, everywhere!

How to build a church app with Appy Pie’s App Builder?

Your journey, on Appy Pie’s App Builder DIY platform, begins with the selection tab where you can begin by putting in the name of your church or any other name by which you would like your app to be referred to, like “Let Us Pray”. Now select the category “Worship” so that suitable features may be activated for your church app.

Moving on to the next phase of app building, you would be presented with a number of themes to choose from. Select a theme that suits your purpose the best and can offer all the features that you are looking to offer through your app. The preview of the chosen App Design may be consulted as they are displayed on the right side of the screen where you can get an idea about how it is going to look like before you decide.


The next phase involves you getting into the design phase where you can add app pages and customize their design as well.

The first page that is a pre-requisite would involve you writing “About Us” page for your app. People by nature, are curious and would like to know as much as they can about your church. Here you can give a brief description about the church or the institution in some detail to let people know what it is all about. This section also has the provision to add some key members of your congregation that the app users must know about. This section helps the new users especially in familiarizing themselves with the institution and in remembering the names of the key members, remembering the location of the church and in finding the contact information.

This section also gives you the opportunity to let people know of your Church’s Mission and Vision. This is a good place to showcase your awards, honours, and achievements as well. The best part about this is that you have the freedom to add new pages or columns if you think this does not suffice the purpose. The preview of your page on a mobile screen is shown on the right.

The next section is that of “Donate”. This is an interesting feature as you can offer ease and access to the members of your congregation through a whole new way. Here they will have access to a direct link provided by you which will help them give or donate from within the app. The Donate Plugin, employed here is a Folder Plugin which contains a direct link to your donations page. This is one way that has proven to be quite popular among the younger members of the congregation to make their contributions or donations to the church.

The next page that you may add here is the religious page, which offers to add the religious features from your chosen religious scripture, whether it is Bible, Quran, or Gita. The icons displayed next to the name of your scripture can be chosen from the selection of numerous icons, or you may even upload your own icon that best describes the page you are going to put up here. On clicking the icon on the preview screen, you can see the content which your users would be offered. The teachings of bible are available here as pre-set text. The content is available in 48 languages to help you spread the Word all over the world and to people speaking any of these languages. Apart from this, the page takes the users to outside resources that offer you a lot of reading material and related app suggestions to take your congregation member’s religious learning further and sate their curiosity.

The video page allows you to add an entire video playlist from a number of video playing sites or apps including YouTube, Facebook, and more! You can opt for multiple channels and multiple playlists to provide access to quality content to your congregation through the app. The advanced setting tab gives you the option to optimize the viewing, sharing, and navigation experience of the member users of your app. You can also edit the language settings, page layout, and colour scheme of the app. The advanced elements customization section lets you scrutinize and optimize every little detail of this page and helps you offer to your users an exemplary experience.

The testimonial section is a great way to engage the congregation members through a two-way interaction where they can put their thoughts out for fellow members to read and get inspired from. This page offers the option to choose from a number of different page styles and colours. The advanced elements customization offers you more options to explore and fine tune the page to suit your particular requirements, including the font styles, sizes, and colours.

In addition to this, there are myriad options for you to choose from and include Social, Multimedia, Contact, Commerce, Information, and Beta pages with relevant features for your app. The app gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the design of your page.

The design customization tab helps you create and reassert your Brand Identity. This begins with the mobile app’s appearance. Your new mobile app should look like a brand-new thing, but it is important that the whole design be in line with the way your congregation knows your church. The church logo, the colour schematics, the colours in your church assume a lot of importance while branding the app.

Additionally, you must spare a thought to the emotions that you would want your congregation members to feel as they go through the sermons you are delivering through your app.

The process of branding your app is an important one, and if you need some help getting through it, there is a tutorial video available right here!

You can either choose one of the available icons or upload your own for the app. You also have the option to change the splash screen by choosing one from the available options or upload your own. Define your App Name here, specify the category and the app package name. Further on, you can browse through an exhaustive collection of high quality specially designed images that may be used as app backgrounds.

Based on the style of template that you are choosing for your app, you would then have a number of options to choose from. You can customize every aspect of your app from navigation header bar, to navigation layout, navigation style & colour scheme, page style & colour scheme, and even App overlay.

At this point you have the whole app ready to be tested. All you need to do now is sign up either with your email and phone credentials or through your social media login. Once you have signed in, you will receive your test link that can help you test your app on your mobile device.

Benefits of getting a mobile app for your church

  1. As an institution of religious faith and inclination, you would be able to reach the members of your congregation through Push Notifications at the tap of a button. This is more effective than writing about the latest developments in a bulletin or waiting till Sunday to remind people of any event or responsibilities. Push notifications are a great way to communicate calendar reminders, event reminders, invitations, changes in schedule, themes for the Sunday sermon, bible studies, conferences, care groups, prayer alerts, and many such more messages.
  2. You will be able to impressively increase tithing & donations from your congregation members. The congregation members would not have to wait anymore for an opportune Sunday to place their offerings in the donation box at the church when they can easily tithe at a time of their choosing through your app. When there is a specific cause or need you are raising funds and donations for, combine a push notification or alert with it. The congregation members who have the app, would receive the push notifications and be redirected to the specific page to make their contribution letting them make their payment in a fast, secure, easy, and incredibly functional way.
  3. An app would offer a more in-depth and powerful Bible study model as it lets you teach and the members study on more than a mere Sunday. Provide sermons, links to rich study material, combine your own blog, and other such resources, including videos on different channels, to keep them engaged with the Holy Book on all days of the week, so that they have a deeper understanding of the Book, and feel more connected to it. Your Sunday sermon can continue on their mobile phones and the members of your congregation can delve deeper in it all through the following week.
  4. We look for everything on google and the new visitors will Google the churches in the area. The moment your website comes up, they see that you have an app too! This encourages them to download the app, and once they do it, they have the freedom to reach out to you without having to be glued to their computers or going through the mobile version of the website. This app will help the new users familiarize themselves with the Mission & Vision of your church, acquaint themselves with the activities, key contact persons, offerings, and the teaching style.
  5. Bring down the costs with your app. As you can use push notifications to be sent out as a weekly or fortnightly bulletin, you can then save your precious dollars that were being spent on printing and the wastage of papers. This also saves you a lot of time in logistics, folding, handing, or distribution of your bulletin. Save up on envelopes, save up on postage stamps, and save up on your time managing the whole thing, use a tap and send out hundreds or thousands of notifications in minutes.
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