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How Live Chat is Important for Your Sales Team?

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on October 23rd, 2023 8:02 am | 5-min read
Live Chat to boost your Sales

Last month I ordered a kitchen essential from an eCommerce website. My brother was experimenting that product with full force. So, it was expected to happen what happened next. The product broke down. We were clueless, what to do next! We straightaway opened that eCommerce website and luckily my brother saw a mini window at the right bottom of the website, “Chat with Us”. Aah!! That’s all we needed. We chat with the agent in real-time via that window and our problem got solved. Within a few days, our product got replaced with an all-new product.

That mini window with a live chat agent was like a “Genie from Aladdin”. As soon as it appeared, our problem resolved, and we turned up to the regular customer of that eCommerce website. Technically, all that mini window and Genie became possible only after live chat software integrated with the eCommerce website.

What is a Live Chat Software?

Live Chat software allows businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time, via messaging or chat window. It helps businesses improve customer service experience, increase sales, boost team productivity, and much more.

In this blog, we will explore how live chat supports the sales team of any business.

Live Chat and Sales Department

In the present era, ‘sale’ is a lot more than just selling anything. It is also about building trust and educating customers. The sales department of any business contributes heavily to its revenues. It bridges the gap between a company’s products or services and customers. From converting leads to retaining customers for the long run, the sales department plays a major role in any business.

Increasing and maintaining the sales of any business is not at all easy. However, live chat software for website can help in easing various sales-related processes. Live chat has become the right hand of the sales department. It has been reported by Post Affiliate Pro that there was a 23 percent increase in conversion rate after they integrated live chat on their website.

Live chat solutions created with no-code AI development platform is a quick and convenient medium to connect with customers. It happens most of the times that while shopping on any website, customers encounter some problems related to products, payment procedure, etc. Then, live chat helps in resolving their problems immediately and retaining users for a long time.

Live chat software helps the sales department in all the possible ways to scale up the sales and build up better relations with website visitors.

How Live Chat Can Benefit in Improving Sales?

Live chat software is a powerful tool to boost sales and revenues. There are many ways live chat can benefit the sales team. Let us explore a few major ones!

  1. Easy Sale Cycle Management

  2. The sales team must engage with website visitors all through the sales cycle. Live chat can help in managing the communication channel and engaging with users 24/7. When you integrate live chat software with your website, you can simultaneously complete the processes involved in the sales cycle.

    You can instantly generate the leads, explain users about your products and their benefits and finally guide buyers through the payment process. Within no time, live chat can help your sales team complete the process from generating leads to selling the products.

  3. Reduced Repetitive Tasks

  4. Live chat can help in discovering the common queries of the customers throughout the sales process. After launching a new product, feature, or anything on your website, customers do encounter with common queries. Entertaining every similar query might result in inefficiency of the sales team. Live chat can help in both finding common queries and answering them.

    Live chat can help in avoiding repetitive tasks (like answering repetitive queries) in sales processes. Every time a user starts a conversation on the live chat window, after a few automated messages, the chat gets transferred to live agents. To avoid transferring the chat to live agents on common queries, a few more automated replies can be added to the live chat window. These automated replies can save the time of the sales team and help users at the same time. Also, these automated replies can be used in the middle of conversations between users and the sales team. (P.S. It is not a chatbot, just a few automated replies to resolve common queries)

  5. Target Website Pages with High Traffic

  6. Your dedicated business website certainly contains more than one landing page. The fact can’t be denied that a few landing pages encounter heavier traffic than the other ones. The sales teams intend to target those pages that receive maximum visitors. Sometimes, entertaining every web visitor on those pages becomes a tedious task. Live chat can help in responding every visitor on high traffic pages.

    When you integrate live chat software with your website, it helps in redirecting queries to the concerned live agent. This helps in saving the time of sales representatives as they need not reply to unqualified visitors. If live chat can help in avoiding conversation, it can help in attending to every visitor too. Suppose you integrate live chat with the homepage or payment page of your website. A dedicated sales team can be instructed not to miss responding to any user on these pages and improve users’ experience.

  7. Easy Database Management and Synchronization

  8. The sales team is not only involved in selling products. But other tasks like, collecting the details of the web visitor, understanding their queries, requesting feedback, etc., come under their department. If the sales team is only meant to attend phone calls, it would be difficult to fetch out the required data of users and manage it accordingly. (Recording a call is not an option!)

    Live chat software helps the sales team in collecting data easily. Every data entered in the chat window can be easily managed. For effective management, you can also integrate your live chat software with various other software. You can integrate it with Google Sheets so that the contact details of new visitors can be directly saved from the chat window. You can use third-party software like Appy Pie Connect to establish these types of integrations.

  9. Better Analysis of Sales Team Performance

  10. The performance of every team needs to be analyzed and updated for the consistent growth of any business. When it comes to the sales team, it is necessary to analyze and improve their response mechanism. Tracking and recording every call, sales team have with users is a difficult task (Though, once upon a time, it was the only option!)

    Live chat software unlocks the power of gathering insights from the information shared on the chat window. The style, tone, and expressions of live agents can be easily analyzed from the conversation of the live chat window. This analysis can further be used to coach the sales team that can help in improving the customer’s experience and finally improving sales.


Integrating the best live chat software on your website is not at all difficult. You can just sign in to Appy Pie Live Chat with your business account and integrate the live chat in a few clicks.

Introduce Live Chat for sales Now!

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