Top Reasons Why Live Chat Will Benefit Your Business

Top 15 Reasons Why Live Chat Will Benefit Your Business

Aasif Khan
By Aasif Khan | Last Updated on December 27th, 2023 7:59 am

Are you having trouble converting website visitors into customers? Or are your support agents unable to handle the massive workload? If that is so, then you're in the right place. Here in this blog, we'll look at how some of the best live chat software like Appy Pie Live Chat can enhance the customer support experience and offer many other benefits to your business.

1. Minimises agent fatigue

A significant benefit to businesses is the reduction of agent fatigue. With live chat ready to respond to client queries, agents can focus their time and energy on more critical tasks. Live chats are also equipped with canned responses and pre-set answers which can be used to settle frequently asked questions from customers.

2. Reduces call volumes

With live chat to address trivial queries, more customers will be directed away from the phones and free up support agent availability. Moreover, agents can easily handle multiple conversations simultaneously, which means they'll be able to deliver better and faster service to more customers.

3. Increases web conversions

Your website is your digital sales showroom. Adding chat lets you equip it with a team of skilled sales agents like you'd staff a physical showroom.

4. Creates choice

Not all customers prefer speaking on the phone. Others might dislike reaching out on social media or writing long and laborious emails. Adding a chat option helps you offer more choices to your customers.

5. Reduces website errors

One of the overlooked benefits of live chat software is its effectiveness in driving down site errors. Instead of calling support executives, visitors with forgotten logins or those stuck at 404 pages can be helped immediately and effectively.

6. Allows you to collect data

With live chat systems come lots of valuable data. The pre-chat survey yields necessary contact details, chat sessions are rich with information, and post-chat surveys provide you with helpful feedback.

7. Segmentation and discretion

A live chat channel can swiftly funnel angry users who demand immediate answers onto a private and discreet space. Agents can resolve queries away from the public eye with less damage to your reputation.

8. Overcome language barriers

Multilingual capacity is one of the key benefits of live chat software for international businesses. Your messages can be translated instantly in real-time, opening your website to the entire world.

9. Reduced costs

Studies show that live chat is a low-cost alternative to the telephone as a service channel. According to popular studies, a live chat session is 20-30% cheaper than a phone call.

10. Faster connections

Nobody likes long wait times. And let's not get started on the awful call-hold messages and music. Rather than waiting for an unknown period for an email response, live chat can connect users with support agents faster.

11. Instant resolutions

Along with quick connectivity, online chat software can resolve the issues at hand in a moment. On average, it takes only a few minutes to resolve a query using live chat software – making it a highly efficient channel.

12. Easier to monitor

Live chat software offers multi-faceted benefits to your management team. It is way easy to monitor sessions and transcripts, conduct quality control audits, and assist agents.

13. Prevent cart abandonment

By reaching out to disgruntled customers at the right time with the right chat message, you can prevent them from abandoning their carts, allowing you to close the deal you were moments away from losing.

14. Make your business approachable

Another overlooked benefit of live chat software is its capacity to encourage engagement. It makes your business more approachable, as visitors with piqued interest can contact you on a whim.

15. Powers personalized service

Offer personalized and informed services to customers by creating a workflow automation between your chat details with your CRM. Have all the data and information you need automatically pulled into your account.


Live chat solutions developed by no-code platform, have a fantastic customer satisfaction rate. While many enterprises use a live chat feature, they can hardly meet their full potential. A dynamic and easy-to-use chat software like Appy Pie Live Chat is needed to help you gain a decisive competitive advantage. It enables you to design a wow-worthy live chat journey for all your customers. So what’s holding you back? Build your live chat widget right away with Appy Pie Live Chat.

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