(10 Step guide)How to Make a Website and Earn Money in 2024

Remember when dial-up internet screamed at you like a frustrated cat? Now, we browse virtual worlds on devices thinner than a phone book. Similarly, website building has undergone a revolution. What once required intricate coding can now be achieved with the click of a mouse thanks to platforms like Appy Pie Website Builder. It’s a journey that would have made our past selves stare in disbelief.

Now that website creation is as easy as getting something instantly from the store, it has become accessible to everyone including from students to entrepreneurs. Building a website with no-code technology allows the democratization of website-making by eliminating technological barriers and providing a safe space for budding developers or small business owners. It also provides increased flexibility and control over website customization. Hence, ‘How to Create a Website’ without coding is not a challenging question anymore, let’s read ahead for the answer.

An evocative website with engaging content and optimized design attracts new customers, boosts sales, and dignifies your brand in the online community. Being professional while selling a service or product lends authority to your business and new opportunities like attracting potential customers while increasing the chances of lead conversion.

The most important benefit that a professional website can have is the proof of your online presence which is a must in today’s digital marketplace. A website is the go-to place for anyone who wants information about your business so let’s help you make a website with our no-code website builder.

Follow these steps to create a website and make money:

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How to Create a Website with Appy Pie’s Website Builder?

Appy Pie’s Website Builder is one of the most popular website-building platforms available online. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easier for beginners to add advanced features that would typically require hours of coding. Appy Pie’s website builder makes it easy to create a website in minutes by providing pre-built website templates, real-time customization, tutorials, and mobile responsive designs. It also allows integration with other platforms such as social media and analytics tools for real-time updates.

Product Name: Appy Pie Website
Features: Basic/Premium
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Storage: Unlimited Storage
SSL Security: Yes
Domain: Yes
Push Notifications: Unlimited
Templates: Yes
Complexity: Very easy
Trial plan: Yes
Paid plan: $18/monthly

Here are the steps to follow when creating a website for your business using Appy Pie’s Website Builder.

Step 1: Write a Business Name For Your Website

Your website name helps your business stand out. Make sure it relates to your business and its products. If you have an up and running business, you should go with some similar name. This helps your users recognize your brand online. However, if starting a new business, you have the freedom to select your website name. Make sure your website is unique and reflects the brand image.

For those new to website building, a business name generator can take the guesswork out of finding the perfect brand name. The software then generates a list of business names that resonate with your given prompt. Keep your business name short, sweet, and easy to spell. It’ll stick in customers’ minds, preventing misspellings and missed conversions.

Choose Your Website Name

Step 2: Choose a Category

Choosing a defined category helps infuse specific features and functionality into the website. Let’s take the example of the e-commerce category. It automatically suggests essential features like intuitive shopping carts, secure payment gateways, and product filters. This clarity extends to your navigation structure, placing crucial features within easy reach for your specific customer base. Knowing your target demographic lets you craft tailored marketing strategies that resonate with their needs and interests.

Even while implementing SEO on a website, search engines consider website categories for determining relevance and ranking. Having a relevant category for your website will assist in determining keywords making your website rank higher in the SERPs. Moreover, choosing a category allows you to analyze your competitors and identify the gaps so that you can offer apt solutions.


Step 3: Choose a Style or Color Theme

If you have heard of the term color psychology, you would understand the importance of choosing the right colors for your brand. For example, you might have noticed that all the restaurants worldwide prefer using colors like red, yellow, and green as these colors stimulate hunger and excitement. Using different colors stimulates different parts of the brain leading to different emotional responses and physiological effects. By selecting colors strategically, based on their effects, businesses can create an atmosphere that aligns with their desired outcomes.

However, it’s important to remember that color psychology is just one piece of the puzzle. Cultural associations, personal preferences, and the overall design context, all play a role in how colors are perceived. In order to select accurate colors for your business, I recommend using an Image Color Picker to generate color palettes that harmonize with your brand messaging and evoke desired emotions in your target audience. Your website’s colors and style contribute to your brand’s overall image and personality. Therefore, choosing the right palette can align with your brand values and message, influencing how users perceive your business.

Select Your Desired Color Theme

Step 4: Add Content/Pages to Your Website

Adding new content and pages is like weaving your vision into reality. You can entice your customers with unique stories, and improve user engagement. Having valuable information on your website’s pages in the form of blog posts, videos, and graphics compels users to stay and engage with the content. However, the need for pages and content on any website may depend on the category of your website and its primary goals.

For example, an informative corporate website may prioritize case studies and white papers, while a portfolio website thrives on visuals and concise project descriptions. Regardless of the category, every page tells a story, builds trust, and ultimately fosters that crucial connection with your audience. So, write tailored content for your website using a website content generator that aligns with your business goals.

Add Pages and Content

Step 5: Add Desired Features

The required features for your website may vary as per the business requirements and the industry it falls into. With Appy Pie, you get essential features like real-time updates, offline capabilities, compatibility, and stunning business website templates to captivate your audience. Let’s explore how these key functionalities can empower your website:

Add Features to Your Website
  • Real-Time Updates:
  • The most beneficial part of having real-time updates on a website is its capability to experiment with different layouts reducing editing hassles. This makes the process convenient while improving overall performance.

  • Safety and Security:
  • It helps you stay compliant with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA offering peace of mind to the platform users by giving SSL encryption, data backups, and regular vulnerability scans.

  • Offline Capabilities:
  • Offline capabilities let you stay productive even when the Internet is down ensuring you meet deadlines without a struggle.

  • Multiple Device Compatibility:
  • Make a website with Appy Pie’s website builder that looks and functions flawlessly across multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones simplifying website management.

  • Mobile Responsive:
  • With increasing mobile users across the globe, it’s important to have a website that is mobile responsive, as it enhances user engagement and has a defining impact on SEO.

Step 6: Connect or Add Domain

Think of your domain name as your website’s GPS location on the internet. It is the unique identifier that allows search engines and users to find your online home. If you already have a domain name, you can connect it to your website, or buy a domain name from Appy Pie without leaving the platform.

However, if you build a website using Appy Pie Website Builder, you’ll get free web hosting, free DDoS protection, and an inbuilt CDN on your website, plus a free professional custom business email for all your important business matters.

Here is how you can choose a domain name for your website.

Choose a Domain Name

Step 7: Preview Your Website

Previewing a website before publishing is a crucial step in the process of website making, as it allows for catching errors and inconsistencies that could be corrected before publishing. The preview option gives you a visual representation of the final product boosting efficiency and confidence while spotting errors in formatting, layout, or functionality.

Previewing catches issues early which makes it easier to address them beforehand and prevent issues that could lead to potential confusion. To overcome these errors, Appy Pie offers a preview option to its users reducing the risk of unexpected issues.

Test Your Website

Step 8: Publish Your Website

After you’re done with adding necessary features, pages, content, connecting a domain, and previewing, it’s time to hit ‘Publish’ and make your website live. Although publishing is a simple process, challenges may arise, but they can be easily solved through Appy Pie’s 24/7 customer support.

Appy Pie’s 24/7 customer support is your lighthouse, ever watchful and ready to guide you through any technical snags. Just raise an alert (a chat, a call, an email), and a team of dedicated experts will be by your side, ensuring your website reaches its destination flawlessly.

Publish Your Website

Step 9: Promote Your Website

Creating and publishing a website is the root of a tree and promoting it are the branches. Now that you’ve created a website, how do you let others know that you’ve created a website? Even if you have enough reach to your audience, how would you inform them about your upcoming offers or deals? This is where marketing and promotion come into play! As marketing is a vast field, how you choose to promote a website completely depends upon individual and website requirements. However, we’ve curated a complete digital marketing strategy and content marketing strategy for your business that will guide you through the marketing journey.
Promote Your Website

Step 10: How to Monetize the Website?

The true purpose of any business owner is to earn money and create as many sources of income as possible. Monetizing your website is a rich source to generate revenue. While monetizing a website sounds complicated, it’s a clear road to exciting opportunities. Here’s a list of a few effective website monetization strategies that will help clear your basics on how to earn money by creating a website:

  1. Sponsored Content:
  2. Sponsoring content in the form of videos, graphics, blog posts, articles, etc has become a recent trend among leading website owners to earn thousands of dollars. You may collaborate with big brands and showcase their services or products on your website by charging them. Sponsored content attracts new audiences, enhances brand trust, and generates valuable backlinks, skyrocketing your website’s authority.

  3. Affiliate Marketing:
  4. Affiliate marketing enables you to leverage your loyal audience and their trust in your recommendations. Instead of simply directing them to other websites, imagine acting as a trusted curator, handpicking products and services that align with your values and your audience’s needs. Add relevant affiliate links into your engaging content, like a natural bridge connecting your readers to exciting discoveries. Each click on those links translates into revenue, rewarding both you and your dedicated target audience.

    Check out this video to learn how you can drive more affiliate sales.

  5. Selling Ad Space:
  6. Selling ad space can be a powerful way to monetize your website and turn your pageviews into real income. While a high volume of traffic is certainly beneficial, even smaller audience websites can tap into this potential. Popular platforms like Google AdSense offer an easy and reliable way to get started by integrating ads with your content without compromising your existing user experience.

    Here is a video to help you learn how you can use Google AdSense for your website.

  7. Selling Your Own Products:
  8. Entering the business world opens you up to a completely new set of ideas and novel ways to execute them. When you’ve successfully built a strong community of users who actively engage with your website, you can leverage that traffic to sell your products and services. Doing so, will not only expand your reach but also generate revenue.

  9. Organizing Online Training Sessions:
  10. Online courses or training sessions are usually the primary choice of anyone who wants to learn a new skill or gain knowledge about any subject. You can utilize your website’s traffic to host online courses or live training sessions on your website and charge users for it. This is a win-win situation for both students and the instructors.

  11. Building an Email List:
  12. While your inbox may be filled with cold sales pitches, some emails still catch your attention and make you open them. Though the email marketing strategy is old, it never disappoints. Especially, if you have curated a list of the right email addresses and sent the right message to them at the right time. Email marketing flourishes when you nurture a curated list, a community of individuals who trust you to deliver value, not just sales pitches. And that value comes in different forms such as intriguing content, exclusive perks, and personalized experiences.

Those were the ways to make money from a website. I hope this article helps you make money making website for your business. Go to Appy Pie’s Website builder page today to create website and earn money in just a few clicks!

Here’s something a little extra, just for you! A BONUS video from Abs, our Founder, CEO that talks about how to create a website without any coding!

Concluding Note


Creating a website is not as much of a rocket science anymore as it was earlier. Appy Pie Website makes it possible for you to create your own website in minutes without any coding. The great part about the platform is that you can add as many features as you want to your business website.

However, it is just the beginning. You need to continuously update your website to the changing trends and your users’ needs to truly make it great and stand out.

Begin your website-making journey with our no-code website maker which provides all the necessary tools for smooth functioning.