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How to Add Live Chat to Your Website

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 20th, 2024 7:04 am

So, you are thinking of adding live chat to your website ? You are doing the right thing. It is easy to add live chat to your website, no matter what kind of website you have. There are many web hosting companies that will provide you what you need for free. And, if it is a WordPress site, you can use Easy Live Chat plugin or any other plugin that allows you to add live chat to your site. However, if you decide to use Cinch Hosted Web Chat instead of using any of the available plugins, there are few more things to consider. There are two ways to access your Cinch account : via an Internet Browser and via the Cinch Mobile App (available on Android and iOS devices). And, if you want customers to reach you via these two ways, then here’s what you should do : Via Internet Browser : create a subdomain on your current domain name (one subdomain per chat location) and point it towards Cinch servers so customers can reach you using this subdomain URL. Example : or etc.. Via Mobile App : create a new domain name (one domain per chat location) and point it towards Cinch servers so the mobile app can reach you using this domain name. Example : or etc.. So, if you are planning to use Cinch Hosted Web Chat, please contact us first so we can discuss your exact requirements before you move on with the purchase. Let’s Summarize ! So, there are two things that matter when it comes to choosing which live chat software to use on your website. Those two things are : how much does it cost ? and how much do you need to spend on it ? If you are planning on using an existing live chat solution for your website, you need to consider the monthly fees involved. As I mentioned above, some of these solutions charge more than $300 per month, so always check first what you will be paying for before making any decisions. There are also other ways to save money during your research phase : find out if they have any free trial period, ask about discounts for longer commitments, etc.. All in all, stay on top of everything that concerns money because nothing is free these days ! The second thing that matters is what kind of website do you have ? A WordPress site ? A regular website ? What kind of traffic do you get ? How many sales do you make every day/month/year ? These questions will help narrow down your choices even further by helping you choose between WordPress plugins or web hosts that provide real-time chat service for free. So, if you are using WordPress, then Easy Live Chat plugin is perhaps your best choice. This plugin offers some great features and some advanced customization as well. Cinch Hosted Web Chat is also a good alternative, although it is $39 per month, but it has more advanced features than the free Easy Live Chat plugin. If you don’t use WordPress and/or you want to avoid plugins, then by all means go for web hosts that provide real-time chat service for free. However, before actually signing up with them, make sure they can supply you with what you need. And, if possible, try their services out first so you can see how they perform.

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