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How to integrate Livechat using SDK for Android and iPhone?

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on October 21st, 2023 8:29 am

Customers need prompt support regardless of your enterprise size. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, every modern company is implementing a live chat widget on its website. With Appy Pie Live Chat, you can easily create a dynamic and versatile chat widget for your business's mobile app. Moreover, Appy Pie Live Chat's Android SDK can be seamlessly integrated with your mobile apps to enable your team to deliver swift in-app messaging to your app users for better engagement and customer support. Appy Pie offers wide-ranging no-code tools to help you streamline your customer support services, create and deploy chatbots to your apps and websites, and much more. If you've created a chat widget with Appy Pie Live Chat, this blog will show you how to embed a mobile chat widget into your Android or iOS application.

Why add Livechat?

Modern businesses are able to gratify the growing demand for instant messaging and communication from customers with the help of Live Chat. Live chat options have become extremely popular among small and large businesses across industries, owing to a wide variety of its benefits, such as real-time interaction with potential customers. Live Chat software offered by no-code development platform, also enhances customer engagement because it allows the app owners to answer queries without pushing the user to switch to another platform or third-party messenger for support. Another significant factor that makes such an in-app chat feature handy is the availability of session transcripts. It allows the business owner to revisit a previous chat session in case there is any confusion regarding an interaction that took place earlier.

How to integrate Livechat into your Android application?

Now that we've had a closer understanding of implementing Live Chat, let us explore the steps needed to deploy a live chat widget on your Android app:
  1. Download Livechat SDK from here.
  2. Generate the google-services.json file from the Firebase console and add the 'app' folder.
  3. Download the SDK file to be placed inside the libs folder.
  4. Add the dependencies code in the app build.gradle file
  5. Add the following dependencies inside the 'buildscript' project build.gradle file
  6. In the app level manifest file, add this.
  7. Now run your application.

How to integrate Livechat on your iOS application?

If you've got an iOS app as well, you can quickly deploy a live chat widget into your iOS app with Appy Pie. Just follow the steps below.
  1. Download Livechat SDK from here.
  2. Add Livechat framework to your project from:
  3. Add the following pods to your project
  4. Add the code below to your project
  5. Now run your application

Wrapping Up

Get started with the revolutionary new-age sales and customer service by adding a live chat widget built with Appy Pie to your Android and iOS apps in a few simple steps. With the help of real-time responses to queries and the ability to create a smooth and seamless experience for every customer who uses your app, you could be opening new possibilities and avenues for your business. Using Appy Pie's plug-and-play live chat SDK, you can drive user engagement, quickly build online communities, create positive experiences, setup workflow automation and drive higher business revenue in no time at all.

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