How to Create Live Chat Software with Appy Pie Live Chat

It is very easy to create a Live chat software with Appy Pie Live Chat and invite your customers to chat online. Just like our other products, it's a three-step process:

  1. Sign Up With Appy Pie Live Chat

    Sign Up with your official company email ID.

  2. Edit the Live Chat Window the Way You Want

    Give the Live chat the design you want and brand it with your logo and brand colors.

  3. Copy the chat code and paste it in your website HTML

    And that’s it! Your Live Chat is ready to be used.

Interact. Engage. Convert

Talk directly to your customers without being intrusive, let them know that you are around, and guide them through their buying journey with online chat.

Interact directly with the clients using our online chat software and find out what they are looking for, making them feel valued.

Engage your clients through the desktop or mobile online chat by helping them figure out the best options while offering lucrative deals and discounts.

With the power to interact and engage, discover opportunities to convert more visitors into loyal customers using our live chat integration platform.

Top Features of Appy Pie Livechat

Appy Pie Livechat provides an extremely user-friendly interface to bump up your customer support. Your online chat will be ready to deploy the moment you create an account with Appy Pie Livechat. With Appy Pie Livechat, you can find it easier to chat online with your customers. Here are the top features of our livechat.

  • Widget Customization:

    You can play with different colors and designs to customize your livechat widget as per your business preferences. You can add your brand colors to it and make your livechat widget look like a part of your business website.

  • Get Visitors’ List:

    This feature helps you proactively chat online with your website visitors. The list of visitors includes the details of people who visit your website but didn’t initiate a chat. With this feature, you can apply filters based on different pages of your website and the location of the visitors.

  • Team Management:

    With livechat on your website, you can define the levels of access for different team members. For example, the owner has access to everything, Admin has access to all the details except payment options, and the basic support team has limited access to some selected features. You can further manage your team when using Appy Pie Livechat by creating departments in your account and segregating your agents amongst them.

  • Offline Inquiries:

    You can receive inquiries on your email even when you are offline. This helps you not miss out on a single lead even when your support team is not available. With the help of emails, your team gets the contact details of the people contacted. With these details, your team can get back to these users first after logging back in.

  • Offline and Pre-Chat Forms:

    Appy Pie Livechat offers pre-chat and offline forms. Offline forms help people provide their details to get a call back when the support team is offline. Pre-chat forms, on the other hand, collect the basic information and queries of the website visitors to understand why they are initiating the chat. These forms help support representatives understand the users’ queries and respond to them without any delay.

  • Chat history:

    You get the logs created for all the desktop and mobile online chat. These logs save you from asking basic questions to the users again and help you find the previous details if any of the users get in touch with you again. The best part about this feature is that you can apply filters to search details of different users and agents on your preferred dates.

  • Notes:

    All the agents can add notes to the chats of the visitors reporting some specific concerns. These notes help the next agent deal with the same issue knowing the resolution that previous agent provided. Also, if an agent finds a profile suspicious, they can mention that on the ticket so that other agents could deal with the issue accordingly.

  • Chat Ratings:

    This is one of the most useful features for both website visitors and admins. Under this feature, visitors can share their feedback and provide the ratings for the chat they were part of. Admins, on the other hand, could go through these ratings and implement the required changes to improve their support team.

The Benefits of Using a Live Chat System

There are various benefits to using live chat software. Here are a few:

  • Increased Sales:

    Research shows that businesses that use Live Chat have a usually 5X-25X more conversions. It is an excellent resource for conversational marketing. Live Chat, on average, provides over 1000% ROI. Customer messaging for sales is rising in usage as shown by our research.

  • Improved Customer Service and Loyalty:

    Customers love the access to customer messaging/live chat online. Nearly 75% of all when compared to phone support where satisfaction levels lie at 41%.

  • Discover Customer Pain Points:t

    Customer pain points are often overlooked in phone support. Unlike traditional support systems, live chat online collects all chat histories and gives administrators and supervisors direct access to said chats. Analyzing them allows them to realise customer pain points and improve their product further.

  • Customer Convenience:

    Customers love convenience. Live Chat is the most convenient option for customers to contact and deal with customer support. The days of customer horror stories are gone thanks to live chat. Customer messaging for support is a very achievable target.

  • Expands Your Market Reach:

    The problem with traditional customer support is that it may be limited geographically. This can be a detriment for your business when dealing with international clients. The online chat services are often used for inquiries. With live chat online, such enquiries are made easy since a person anywhere in the world can talk to your company executive.

  • Integration with Apps:

    In-app messaging and in-app notifications are helped by the fact that they can be dispensed with the help of an integrated live chat window put in your app. The fact that you can include a live chat service in your apps gives you a massive competitive advantage in the market


Integrate Live Chat using the Appy Pie platform

Integrating live chat into your website or app using Appy Pie's live chat software is simple and takes only a few minutes! Interact directly with your clients and add the much needed personal touch every customer craves today with live chat software.

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