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A Quick Guide to Live Chat Software [With Benefits and Features]

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on October 24th, 2023 6:31 am | 5-min read

Every business wants to establish strong relationships with their customers by serving them better. Live chat is one of the easiest ways for these businesses to address their customers’ concerns instantly. Live chat is however a lot more than just customer service. It helps reduce expenses, improve customer loyalty, increase sales, discover customers’ pain points, and manage customer service tasks for businesses.

A good live chat software on your website welcomes your website visitors and helps them with their concerns and doubts. In this blog, we will help you learn what live chat software is. Also, we will take you through the features and benefits of live chat software.

What is Live Chat Software?

You might have already seen live chat software on any of the websites you have visited. Do you recall a little window at the right bottom corner asking if you need some help when you visit a website? That’s it! That is the live chat software with a live agent in the backend to help you if you ask a question or just choose to respond. From inquiring about the brand to making a purchase, the software helps you with almost everything. For example, if you visit a product page, the live chat software will help you through the process of making a purchase. If on the other hand, you have visited a knowledgebase, it may offer help to find a specific article or tutorial. A live chat software created with AI-powered no-code platform can also be integrated with your social media business pages. For example, if you have a Facebook business page, you can integrate your Facebook profile with your live chat software to provide your users with an even more personalized experience.There are many more benefits of using live chat software for your business. Let us just go ahead and check how live chat software helps you grow your business.

Live Chat Software Benefits to Consider

Here is the list of major live chat software benefits that you can consider when planning to create one for your business.

  1. Live Chat for Support Teams
  2. Live chat software helps your support team provide the resolutions to the customers instantly. Your customers need not go to the nearest store if they need any help. Live chat software on your website can help them with their issues instantly. All they need to do is visit your website and initiate a chat with your live chat software. Live agents can’t be available on your website all the time. To fix this, you can also implement chatbots on your website. They save your customers from waiting on hold while your agents attend to other customers. The software will be there attending your customers round the clock even when the live agent is not available, it can gather the users’ details and arrange a callback. As per a recent study, 51% of the users feel that a business should remain available for the customers 24/7. Live chat software can become the best option for serving your customers overseas.

  3. Live Chat for Sales
  4. Your sales team can use live chat software in many ways. The sales team members can use live chat software to schedule appointments with leads. The software can also help you break the ice with potential buyers as it doesn’t involve any face-to-face interaction or a phone call. The best part is that leads can share the best time to get in touch with you by just sending a simple message that the sales agents can respond to instantly. The sales team can also try to upsell products using live chat software. They can get in touch with the leads after they have left the product page. The sales agents can easily set up a trigger to get the alerts when someone purchases on the business website. As soon as they get the alert, they can use the live chat software to send the buyer a quick message offering another product somehow related to their recent purchase. Live chat software helps support teams to instantly respond to their customers’ queries. This helps increase sales and conversion rates. As per a recent study, 52% of the users are likely to purchase from a business that offers live chat support.

  5. Live Chat for Marketing
  6. Live chat for marketing helps your marketing team increase the number of leads. Live chat is one of the quickest ways of reaching out to potential leads and establish a better connection with them. Live chat software also allows your marketing team to track the customer data and know them better. This helps them figure out what the customer wants, where they are located, what are their expectations, etc.
Here is the post for you to learn more benefits of live chat for business – Top Live Chat Benefits For Your Business. Now before we go ahead and study the live chat software features in detail, let us first take a look at some major statistics that help you understand the importance of live chat software for your business.

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Live Chat Software Features to Consider

Here is the list of the best live chat software features that you can consider checking if it is right for your business.

  1. Automated Triggers
  2. With live chat software, you can automate these triggers in just a few clicks. You can also customize these messages as per your customers’ needs and business preferences. For example, if you want to check how a person responds to an ad, you can create a specific trigger that caters to that particular ad. As soon as that person clicks on that ad, there should be a pop-up message to offer help and provide the required information. The sooner the person gets the response, the easier it will be to make a sale.

  3. Fulltime Availability
  4. Chatbots are becoming significantly more powerful, popular, and useful with time. Instead of hiring more human agents to support their customers, most businesses are moving to using chatbots and delivering a personalized experience to their customers. The major reason behind this is that chatbots are available round the clock. Talking about live chat, even if a live agent is not available, live chat software can still interact with your customers and gather their information to assist them better. The chatbots first figure out if the customers’ queries need a live agent and then serve accordingly.

  5. Social Media Integrations
  6. Another most effective feature of live chat software is social media integration. People nowadays use social media to advertise their brand and to grow their business. Customers before buying anything, visit social media sites to read reviews about that particular product and check its performance. In this digital age, you must reach out to your potential customers where they are at. Moreover, this practical approach helps you break the ice on your users’ preferred channel of communication and helps you ultimately influence their experience. The topmost benefit of integrating your live chat software with a social media channel is that your target audience can access it over their phone itself which is way more convenient for them. For example, if you integrate your live chat software with Facebook messenger, your users can easily interact with your brand using their smartphones.

  7. Profile Personalization
  8. The profile personalization helps both the parties know who they are in contact with. The agent profile personalization can help customers understand if the person is the right fit for their problem before they even start the conversation. Alternatively, customers’ details can help agents understand their issues better and find a better resolution to their problems in advance. If not, they can also transfer the customer to the right person or the right ream without wasting their time. Profile personalization can also help marketers find out what offers are the best for the leads and how they can plan to target them with the ads. Personal branding surely makes a difference but profile personalization, on the other hand, encourages users to try something new on a psychological level.

  9. Offline Interactions
  10. Live chatbots play a significant role in your offline business strategy. If there is no one to help on your website, your customers will be left kind of on their own, which can lead your business to higher abandonment rates. To fix this issue, live chat software offers an offline messaging service. This service helps you in improving your customers’ experience when your support team is not available. Live chat software gathers the users’ details and sends them to your support team so that the agents get those details the first thing in the morning and speed up the communication process for the users. You must add offline forms to your live chat software as they help gather the customer data and make them feel like their needs are prioritized.


I hope after going through this article you have understood how important it is to implement live chat software on your business website. There is another important thing I would like to mention. Do not confuse chatbots with live chat software. Chatbots help you automate your business workflows however live chat software is there to serve your customers better. If you want to learn more about this difference, you can go through our post - Chatbot vs Live Chat: The Right Choice for a Small Business. You can use Appy Pie Live Chat to create your own live chat software. The software comes with various amazing features that you can add to your live chat software to make it more useful for your users. Appy Pie Live Chat helps you create free live chat software in minutes.Try Appy Pie today!



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