Learn to build apps with no-code tools for K-12 students.

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Personalized online app development classes for K2-K12 kids.

No-code learning

What will this program do for you?

No code learning

Learn to build apps

Instead of coding, let kids focus on great ideas to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to reality

No code learning

Experience entrepreneurship

Let kids go beyond the book and gain some real-world experience by focusing on use cases

No code learning

Developer certification

Get Appy Pie certification and the opportunity to use it on the resume, profile, or work portfolio

Steve Jobs never wrote a code for Apple and he built the Apple empire.

Brian Chesky was a designer but went on to become the co-founder of Airbnb.

Melody McCloskey converted her interest in making solutions for the beauty industry into the largest online marketplace for beauty and wellness services – StyleSeat.

There are many such tech entrepreneurs of today who have diverse backgrounds that had nothing to do with technology.

Equip your children with no code tools so that they can learn to build mobile apps without having to go through the unnecessary process of learning to code.

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Become a certified app developer without coding

No code learning with Appy Pie

Appy Pie Student App Developer Program Outline

Make amazing Android and iOS apps for restaurant, church, school, business, DJ, etc. following this course. Available for free, this course covers everything you need to turn your app idea into reality in just a few minutes using Appy Pie’s no-code app building platform.

What This Course Will Cover?

  • The complete knowledge of Appy Pie no-code platform and its important features and app design course
  • How to make an app, test it and publish on app stores
  • Take your business to mobile and earn money with key learning of making mobile apps without any coding
  • Premium features including events, food court, news, directory, etc.
  • Create a range of Android and iOS apps for different businesses such as restaurants, event planning, small business, church and much more
  • How to promote your app?
  • How to make money from the app?
  • And much more!

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No code development makes it possible to take a product from ideation to launch in just a few days. No code development has finally brought focus on the one thing that really matters – innovation and genuine ideas. Unleash your child’s creativity without adding the burden of learning multiple programming languages.

The no code ecosystem is evolving and maturing at a rapid pace as multiple venture capital firms are backing the technology.

Learning how to code is useful, but what really matters is to learn how to solve problems and no code platforms help children learn exactly that!

One of the best no code tools for kids – Appy Pie AppMakr has the ability to help your kids sharpen their imagination and bring ideas to reality.

A kid’s imagination and creativity are unparalleled. This is the right time to nurture them and not shut them out or let them dissipate.

Instead of shoving them into long winded and dry subjects, let them explore innovative concepts that can be turned to reality with no code platforms. The best part about no code software is that kids do not have to wait for long before they can see what their app would look like to the users.

This is the one platform where ideas shine, and the kids reign as the stars!

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Make your own app, become an entrepreneur

No-code learning

Entrepreneurial Innovation with No Code Development


Isabel’s eBook library

Isabel wanted to digitize her eBooks and create a library that everyone would be able to enjoy. To take it a step further and make this information available to everyone, she wanted a mobile app that would be a rich resource library. This was a massive project and the biggest hindrance she faced was with coding and application development. Even as she was holding meetings and conversations with app development agencies and independent developers, she was overwhelmed by the complex processes and the estimates she received. Her turning point was when she decided to go the no code way and made her beloved eBook library app in mere minutes. The best part was, she didn’t have to bother with coding or programming even once!


Connor on his way to save the world

Connor had a passion for saving the environment, but he realized that one of the most important things to consider was making people aware of how grim the situation actually is. Considering the fact that a mobile phone is the most intimate device for an average Joe, building a mobile app seemed to be the perfect solution. But Connor didn’t know coding, which is why no code platforms emerged as the perfect solution for him! Not only does he have a thriving digital presence, but he has been able to raise funds by organizing digital campaigns and raising awareness about the issues that are close to his heart.

The best among low code no code development platforms.

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