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21 Best Live Chat Software for 2023

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A good Live Chat software can help businesses ramp up the quality of their customer support. The importance of good customer service cannot be overstated and is so important in the current business world that some businesses’ USP is customer support. Live Chat forms a significant part of the customer support framework. However, there is an abundance of online live chat applications in the market. How does one know which Live Chat software is the right one for their business? Therefore, this blog explores some of the best live chat software available for businesses in 2021.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieWe’ve compiled a list of 21 Live Chat Software for you. Find out the one that’s perfect for your business.

  1. Appy Pie Live Chat
  2. Appy Pie Live Chat is the latest live chat software in the business. Designed and offered by no-code AI development, Appy Pie Live Chat aims to combine all the best parts of other live chats into one to create an excellent live chat experience for both agents and visitors. Appy Pie Live Chat provides you with a user friendly interface that is non-intrusive for your visitors and allows you to interact with them efficiently. The beta version of Appy Pie Live Chat is free for everyone. Best Live Chat software - Appy Pie

  3. Salesforce Live Agent
  4. Along with its other products, Salesforce provides a Live Chat as a part of its service cloud. Salesforce Live Agent is excellent when it comes to managing leads and is easy to use. It is good for brands looking for a simple Live Chat application. However, Salesforce Live Agent lacks customizability and also falls behind on API integrations.Best Live Chat software - Appy Pie

  5. ProProfs Chat
  6. Proprofs Chat is among the best live chat software you can find. It is very affordable and provides an excellent value product for the money. It is geared for ease of use and has a user friendly interface on both ends of the application. Best Live Chat software - Appy PieEven new agents can get used to the software easily. The only true drawback is that the software tends to slow down when a large number of chats are open. It can affect response times significantly.

  7. Hubspot Live Chat
  8. Hubspot Live Chat is a part of their CRM suite. It comes along with a knowledge base. It is very limited but is excellent for extremely small businesses. It is well designed, customizable and a visual tool making it easier to build up your live chat. Best Live Chat software - Appy PieHowever, the live chat loses out for the end visitor. It can be frustrating to chat with agents. Sometimes it's possible for agents to lose out on conversations because notifications don’t always seem to work. In simple words, it lacks finesse.

  9. Slack
  10. Slack is hands down one of the best ways to chat with your users. But the ‘best’ comes with a price. Slack may be a team messaging app but it also provides a live chat application. Best Live Chat software - Appy PieIt allows you to communicate with both your colleagues and your visitors. It’s only true downside is the cost. However, if you can afford Slack, go for it!

  11. Zendesk Chat
  12. Zendesk Chat is a very capable live chat software. However, its popularity has waned in recent years due to stiff competition. It remains a capable software for businesses. Best Live Chat software - Appy PieIt’s greatest drawback, however, is its cost. It can get expensive and some of its paid features are offered for free on other software. Zendesk also has customizability issues and offers limited design capabilities.

  13. Chanty
  14. Chanty is a team chat app for communication and collaboration within your team. Chanty has audio and video calls and screen sharing feature. You can also record audio messages in Chanty! There’s a project management feature - you can turn messages into tasks and assign them to your team mates. Chanty integrates with such powerful tools such as Trello, Asana, Dropbox and Google Drive. Chanty has an unlimited message history even in the free plan.Chanty - Appy Pie

  15. LiveChat
  16. LiveChat is an industry leading software and remains a popular choice for the best livechat software. It is one of the more established products in this list and has been in the industry for the longest time. It is the safest choice for businesses. Best Live Chat software - Appy PieLiveChat has no major drawbacks but it is a legacy software and often shows its age. LiveChat used to be a very fast application but increasing integrations have slowed it down. A lot of users complain of slow loading speeds.

  17. Olark
  18. Olark is the simplest software on this list. If you’re getting into live chat for the first time, get Olark. It is easy to use and offers the most basic features that go with the software. It has been geared towards smaller businesses and non-enterprise customers.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieOlark is also affordable enough to go for. The weak link for Olark lies in its analytics and reports. It could use more robust reporting.

  19. LiveAgent
  20. Live agent is one of the fastest live chat software out there. It is also among the best. Most users don’t really have complaints for the software and it has had stellar reviews consistently. It has been a great choice for most businesses. The party piece of LiveAgent is that it can combine both the HelpDesk and LiveChat into one which provides unique experience and helps both Sales and Customer Support communicate with each other.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieThe software’s cons are not too much of a problem with most of the complaints directed towards an ageing user interface. All in all, a very robust software.

  21. Intercom
  22. Intercom has been called the best live chat software by almost everyone that has ever used it. It should have been at the top of the list if this list was ranked. It has an attractive interface and is easy to set up and use.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieHowever, it is very expensive. The basic package starts at 39$ per month but it rises steeply for other features you might need. Ironically, what the brand calls add-ons costs more than their actual live chat.

  23. Drift Live Chat
  24. Drift is another contender for the best live chat software. What sets Drift apart is not the product itself but rather the customer support. They have one of the best customer support teams in the business.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieThey are eager to fix customer issues and provide workaround for almost any problem. Pricing is one of the few weaknesses Drift has. The software may sometimes lag a bit.

  25. SnapEngage
  26. SnapEngage is a simple live chat software that is easy to set up, navigate around and use. It’s party piece is its analytics. SnapEngage provides some of the best analytics among all the software in the list.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieIt should be a strong contender software for businesses looking to generate leads with live chat. Snap Engage’s major weakness is its old interface. It’s just not as intuitive as newer software. Integrations aren’t a strong point either. However, its excellent customer support makes up for it.

  27. PureChat
  28. PureChat is a live chat software that is completely online. It is easy to use, extremely customizable and an excellent choice for small businesses.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieIt's still a developing software but the major con it has is the browser only aspect. This leads to multiple chat windows and some chats can get lost. It is best suited for small businesses.

  29. Bold360
  30. Bold360 is a good choice for businesses that will scale up in the future. It is also very versatile offering some of the most customizable interfaces of any software. You can literally change anything you want.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieBold360 isn’t suited to businesses looking to establish their first live chat. It is not that user-friendly and unlike other live chat, Bold360 takes some time to set up.

  31. Comm100
  32. Comm100 isn’t among popular live chats but in itself is a very feature rich live chat software. There’s not much to say about Comm100 although it does have 2 major drawbacks.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieIt can get very expensive and there is no ability for a user to troubleshoot. In case of a problem, all you can do is contact their customer support. Thankfully, the customer support is excellent.

  33. Freshchat
  34. Freshchat provides both chatbots and live chat. It’s live chat application is among the most fluid live chat systems out there. It is excellent to use and must be on the shortlist for businesses looking for an advanced live chat system.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieOne of its winning features is that you can incorporate a bot into your livechat. Simpler questions can be dealt by the bot and the more complicated ones get redirected to the user. Freshchat’s weak link is integrations. They can get messy and can be hard to handle.

  35. Zoho SalesIQ
  36. Zoho’s SaaS software are very popular. It’s no surprise that their live chat makes it to this list. Given their prowess at making software it is difficult to point out cons in their live chat.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieIf we had to, setting up Zoho SalesIQ can be daunting for non-tech savvy people. However, Zoho’s major customer base are businesses so it is rarely a problem.

  37. Kayako
  38. Kayako live chat is fairly underdeveloped. It’s still new and Kayako is more inclined towards providing a help desk solution. On its own Kayako’s live chat gets blown out of the water since there are excellent alternatives for a similar price point.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieBut as a combination with the HelpDesk, Kayako fits. Hence it makes our list.

  39. LiveHelp Now
  40. The name of the software may be a little on the nose, but LiveHelp now is an excellent Live Chat. It does exactly what you need to do. It’s affordable too.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieIf there is a place where it loses points, that would be the interface. The agent interface for LiveHelp Now is poor.

  41. Velaro
  42. Velaro’s Live Chat is more suited to sales than to customer support. While it can be used for both, it’s just better. However, Velaro isn’t a really strong candidate when put up against other competitors in this list. It loses out on a confusing user interface.Best Live Chat software - Appy PieHowever, it is still an excellent choice for experienced live chat agents.


That was our list for Live chat software for 2020. The reason we are able to list so many live chat software is due to the fact that everything that can be done in livechat has already been done. All possible functionalities in Live chat are already in almost every software. The one for your business depends on your use case. All in all, if you want the newest live chat software, we would recommend our own. Try out Appy Pie Live Chat.



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