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Why Live Chat Is Important for Seamless Customer Experience?

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on February 17th, 2024 12:26 pm | 3-min read

Let us suppose every member of your customer support team is busy handling customers' queries and there are still many calls left unattended for the day. But what if not even a single visitor left unanswered by your support team? To your utter surprise, a live chat box on your business website can solve all your problems related to customer handling.

Live Chat enables online messaging conversations for your customer support team with website visitors in real-time. Customers do not have to wait for a long duration to get their queries answered as live chat can help in immediate response. In this blog, we will learn more about the benefits of live chat for businesses and how it can be set up. Before moving further, let us have a look at the infographic. Appy Pie - Live Chat

Why Is Live Chat Important?

Live chat has become a successful medium to initiate conversations with first-time website visitors, interact with customers who have returned and answer the complex queries of existing users. For the growth of any business, customers must be kept at utmost priority. Live chat can treat the way in which customers must be treated. Let us explore other vital reasons that create the necessity of live chat in every business.

Improved Convenience

For seamless customer experience, your customer support team needs to be available for them on time. Live chat service resolves customers query immediately and saves them from the stress of waiting for hours or days to get a response. Live chat gives greater convenience to users for quickly reaching the support team to clear their doubts.

Enhanced Efficiency

Most Live chat services enable support representatives to answer more than one user at a time, thereby increasing the productivity of the support teams. Even without handling multiple chats at a time, live chat allows time-saving transitions from one query to another. Also, language barriers, audio quality, etc. daily roadblocks that come with customer calls can be avoided with live chat.

Highly Cost-Effective

According to a research survey by Forrester, live chat customer service is 17-20% less expensive than phone call support service. Live chat helps in handling maximum customer queries. It is a highly cost-effective solution and can be easily integrated with your business website on the app and above that, it can help in generating more revenue for your business. Live chat enables visitors to instantly access support teams and sales staff and increase the opportunities to turn them into regular clients.

Better Response System

In most larger companies, live chat is integrated with a combination of human representatives and AI-based conversational chatbots for support processes. Such chatbots easily integrate with the website and resolve simple user queries and redirect the chat to a representative in case of complex problems. In this way, users' relationships with your brand can be easily strengthened. For making your chatbots, you can choose Appy Pie Chatbot Builder. You can make and integrate your chatbot without even coding a single line.

Increase Troubleshooting Efficiency

Customers always expect an immediate reply either with a phone call customer care system or live chat. Live chat has the potential to maintain a fluid conversation while the representative searches for the best answer for various customer queries. It gives time to the customer support team to read and comprehend the problems and effectively troubleshoot them. With screen sharing capability and URL sharing facility in the chat box, queries get solved easily.

Improved Customer Service

As per the eDigital Customer Service Benchmark survey of 2000 consumers, live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, as compared to 61% for email support and only 44% for traditional phone support. Live chat quickly answers consumer queries and helps in building customer loyalty. Thereby, with a hassle-free instant support mechanism, Live chat improves customer service.Thus, live chat is a modern and highly affordable way to increase revenues, turning leads into clients and retaining customers for a longer time.

Must Have Features In Live Chat

Live chat created using no-code development platform is a valuable tool for businesses and websites to engage with their customers and provide real-time support. To ensure an effective live chat system, here are some must-have features:

  1. Highly Communicative
  2. Good Communication is one of the feature live chat must posses. It should be able to provide the customers with relevant information and potential solutions to their problems. Good communication skills include not using jargon, especially when it is terminology specific to the organization.
  3. Positive Language
  4. Positive language is more like a technical communication skill that helps live chat share the information with the customers. For example, if a customer uses live chat in to check on an item that is currently out of stock. Your live chat messages could tell the customer – The product is out of stock and you can’t get it for another two weeks.However, using a positive language, it can say – The product will be available in two weeks, you can place an order now and we will deliver once it is available. Did you notice the difference? By using a positive language, live chat can provide a solution to the customers’ problems before they even knew they had one.
  5. Empathy
  6. Conversations in live chat should be empathetic with the customers. Empathy enables live chat seems potray genuineness in real. Live chat should recognize how issue has affected the customer, apologize for the inconvenience caused to them, reassure that business will do anything to make it work. Doing this can transform the conversation from stressful to delightful.
  7. Patience
  8. Agents in live chat need to deal with both, happy and unhappy customers daily. They usually find themselves on the frontline against the irritated and angry customers. Here, they need the ability to stay calm and listen to the customer first. Also, live chat agents need to be patient with the customers who struggle in accurately giving the required information and don’t even know how to describe their problems.
  9. Quick Thinking
  10. Live chat agents surely are not the endless encyclopedias having all the answers to life questions. They also come across issues that they don’t have solutions to. These issues could be something to do with the new products that the agents haven’t had the hang of, yet, or some technical problem that they have no idea how to go about solving it. Live chat agents are expected to think quickly and come up with something to answer the customer.It could be anything including passing on the call to a supervisor or a more qualified coworker or asking the customers if they can wait for them to find an answer. Customers appreciate the honesty and the fact that you are trying to find a resolution for them.
  11. Firmness and Flexibility
  12. Customer service is all about understanding the customer’s problems and fixing them at the earliest. These problems are often related to the company’s products and services, but sometimes, reps just troubleshoot the customer’s problems to get them moving on with their day. Some conflict resolutions can be handling the negative attitude which is one of the most challenging issues for the reps. Live chat agents should know the right words to use to calm down the customer. They should have this unique ability to deal with other people’s irritations and annoyances day in and day out while keeping a positive attitude.
  13. Adaptability
  14. Adaptability is one of the advanced requirement that agent should have. Various companies provide their live chat agents with a standard script. While following these scripts, agents need to understand that customers are not made from cookie cutters. All the customers come with their unique problems and reps should be ready to adapt to each one.
  15. Product Knowledge
  16. Product knowledge is one of the critical elements that can’t be ignored. Product updates and regular process knowledge gives your live chat agents a true understanding of the products and services that you offer. These product changes if communicated correctly, can affect customers and become key to the success of your company. The live chat representatives should be able to provide potential customers with correct and up-to-date information. Incorrect information may upset the customers even more. Product knowledge doesn’t only enable live chat agents to fix customer problems but also it allows them to help customers get the most out of your product, making sure that your product or service offers the maximum value
  17. Persuasion
  18. Live chat agents should be strong persuaders. They should influence customers to buy your company’s products and services. To make this work, they should help the customers understand how these products are going to be useful for them and how they can improve their lives. Your customers don’t usually know everything about the products and services that you offer. They need someone to help them understand which product would be the best for them, but they will trust only the rep who will confidently recommend one.

How To Set Up Live Chat On Website?

Setting up a live chat with your website and app is not at all a difficult task. You can choose Appy Pie Live Chat to create a live chat window for your customers' seamless experience. Without even coding a single line, you can easily create a live chat service with a three-step process.

Step 1: Sign up with Appy Pie Live Chat

You must have your official business email ID to start with Appy Pie Live chat set up. In the first step, you have to have to sign up to live chat with your business email ID.

Step 2: Personalize Live Chat Window

Appy Pie gives you the creative freedom to design your live chat window. You can also customize the chat window by adding your company logo and applying the color palette of your desired theme to make the chat box as impressive as you can for your customers.

Step 3: Copy The Chat Code

In this final setup, you have to copy the chat code from open source Live Chat builder and paste it in your website HTML. And you are good to go. Before going live to customers, you can check the live chat service with your internal team. With Appy Pie Live Chat, you can easily interact with your visitors, engage with your potential clients, and can quickly convert them to your customers. With its real-time monitoring feature, it gives the power to monitor chats, report, and analyze the necessary results in real-time.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, live chat offers better brand interactions and plenty of opportunities to make your users feel valuable. Implementing a live chat into your business does not only improve your customer service system but gives the added advantage to analyze the chats and strive for better marketing strategies. Live chat is a worthy investment for your business!Let us know in the comment section below if you find live chat service effective for your business!

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