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No Code Application Development Platform – Appy Pie App Builder

Mobile app development from scratch takes far too long and pushes some of the greatest app ideas (with lower business returns) to the backburner. Low code and no code development help make mobile application development 10 times faster.

One of the best no code platforms, Appy Pie democratizes design and development of applications as it lets everyone create their own applications, irrespective of their technical skills, coding knowledge, and budget restrictions using no code development. Explore the advantages of no code software Appy Pie and give your business an edge over others. Appy Pie lets you drag and drop features into your application which means your application is ready to go live in mere minutes!

From mobile application development to chatbots, from graphic design to automation – Appy Pie has business solutions for all scales and budgets. Having established themselves as uncontested leaders in the field of mobile app development, the platform has expanded their scope with multiple, equally easy to use products.

Digital Publishing Platform

Digital Publishing Platform

Create powerful mobile apps and websites, buy domains, design stunning graphics and accomplish more, without writing a single line of code.

Graphic Design with Appy Pie

Whether your next project is mobile application development or website design, the importance of the visuals in your project is paramount. Appy Pie Design makes it possible for anyone, irrespective of their design knowledge and experience, to come up with beautiful, attractive images that can be used on websites, posters, business cards, flyers, or any other medium.

  1. AB
    App Builder

    Make your own app the no code way, with advanced features and go mobile with your business.

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  2. WB
    Website Builder

    Build your online presence using our website maker and reach out to more customers worldwide.

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  3. AD

    Design creative artworks and banners, create logos, edit your photos and so much more online!

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  4. DR
    Domain Registration

    Buy a perfect domain, business emails, and bring your business online, in just a few minutes.

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Connector and Task Automation Apps

Connect and Automate

Use our all-in-one integration tool for web and mobile apps to connect apps and people. Automate your business processes and integrate cloud applications in just a few minutes without any coding. From ordinary assignments to business work flows, build smart integrations using Actions and Triggers, and maximize your efficiency and productivity. Connect your apps in a simple way and get rid of routine manual works.

Workflow automation with Appy Pie

There comes a point when switching between multiple apps following a task from platform to platform becomes more time consuming than it is worth your time. Appy Pie Connect takes away these mundane tasks by helping you with smart workflow integrations. This unique automation platform needs no coding from your end and simplifies your tasks, giving you the gift of time.

  1. C

    Appy Pie Connect allows you to synchronize your apps and set up workflow automation without any complexity.

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  2. DP
    Developer Platform

    Build a Appy Pie Connect Integration, instantly connect with 300+ apps and save more time and money.

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  3. Best Integration Apps

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Customer Support

Customer Experiences

Use a single platform to automate and scale your chat conversations, organize and close your deals, and provide a better customer support. Build and launch chatbots, as well as live chat systems without any coding to easily interact with your customers and improve your customer service in no time. Simplify your sales workflow, drive high conversions and save multiple hours creating sales reports when you use our no-code lead management system. Communicate with your customers in a better way and establish a long-term relationship using help desk software.

Chatbot Integration with Appy Pie

Chatbots have evolved and have taken their rightful place in enhancing customer experience for businesses of all niches. Appy Pie with their proprietary no code technology has made it possible for anyone, irrespective of their technical knowledge, not only create a chatbot, but also integrate it on their websites and mobile apps in just a few minutes!

  1. CB
    Chatbot Builder

    Create your own chatbot and lighten the burden of your sales team by letting the chatbot answer common queries.

  2. LC
    Live Chat

    Connect with your customers in the real-time and grow your business like never before with live chat software.

Mobile application development
No Code App Maker

Mobile application development with Appy Pie App Builder

Appy Pie’s no-code app builder has managed to democratize app making with its drag and drop app builder software. Mobile app development is now accessible to all, irrespective of coding knowledge, and everyone can make a mobile app with Appy Pie App Maker

This unique no-code app builder from Appy Pie has gained great popularity among both tech and non-tech users due to its amazing ease of use and intuitive interface.

Building app with Appy Pie’s No Code App Maker

Mobile application development with Appy Pie App Maker is simple and fabulously intuitive. App builders have the ability to shave off precious days, weeks, or even months of development time. With Appy Pie’s unique app maker solution, you can create mobile without needing to spend time writing codes, worrying about bugs or syntax errors. Add the features you want to add, test your app, and launch it. The app maker is highly rated and used by citizen developers, small business, and the app industry’s leading developers.

  1. NM
    Native mobile applications

    Native mobile applications or native apps are those that are developed for the devices that operate on a specific operating system. This means that you cannot install and run an Android app on an iOS device or vice versa.

  2. CP
    Cross-Platform mobile applications

    Cross-platform native mobile applications may be developed using multiple programming languages and frameworks. However, eventually they are compiled into a native application that runs directly on the operating system that the device uses.

  3. HY
    Hybrid mobile application

    Hybrid apps are essentially web apps that look and feel pretty much like native apps. Built with typical web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, Hybrid Web apps are often bundled together as app installation packages.

  4. PW
    Progressive web application

    Progressive web apps or PWAs are native apps that run within a browser. PWAs use a set of browser capabilities like offline working, running background processes, adding a link to home screen etc. and offer a native app like experience.

About Us

Appy Pie’s Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize application development by empowering anyone to build digital products that meet their needs.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Appy Pie is a legitimate no-code application development platform that allows small businesses to create Android and iOS mobile apps, websites, chatbots, graphic designs, knowledge base, etc., without any coding in a matter of minutes.

Yes, Appy Pie is good and easy to use. You can create mobile apps, websites, chatbots, graphic designs, and much more easily in a matter of minutes without any technical skills and knowledge.

Appy Pie is a no-code application development platform that lets users create a variety of digital products such as mobile apps, websites, chatbots, etc., easily without any coding in just a few minutes.
All of the products are offered by Appy Pie on freemium model, which allows it to make money on premium subscriptions while still offering a ‘Free Trial’ version to the users.

You can install Appy Pie’s Android app on your phone from Google Play Store. Simply go to Google Play Store, search App Builder Appy Pie and install the app on your device.

Android users can download Appy Pie app directly from Google Play Store. However desktop and iOS users don’t need to download anything, they can directly open appypie.com on their device browsers and start creating apps the no-code way.

You can get in touch with our customer support over live chat or send us an email at [email protected] to get assistance for cancelling Appy Pie subscription.

You can use Appy Pie to create mobile apps, websites, task automation, chatbot, live chat, graphic designing and multiple other purposes. All you need to do is go to appypie.com, select your desired digital product and click on Get Started to begin creating your application.

Snappy Appy Pie is the no-code mobile app building platform on Appy Pie, where users can build amazing Android and iOS mobile apps in no time without any coding.

Appy Pie’s mission is to democratize application development by empowering anyone to build digital products that meets their needs with zero-coding.

Appy Pie App Builder is a no-code DIY mobile app building platform that allows users to create mobile apps for Android and iOS without any coding in just a few minutes.

Appy Pie Website Builder is a cloud based no-code website development platform that lets users with no skills create amazing and beautiful websites in less than 10 minutes.

Appy Pie Connect is a highly advanced codeless automation platform that allows organizations to automate their business workflow easily with zero coding.

Appy Pie Chatbot Builder is an easy to use no-code chatbot development platform that lets users build and integrate multiple chatbots on their website and mobile app.

Appy Pie Live Chat Software is a smart no-code solution that allows users to integrate live chat feature in their mobile apps and websites in no time without any coding.

Appy Pie Domains is a simple, yet powerful automated platform that makes it easy for users to find a domain and host a great website, without any hassles.

Appy Pie Design is an ultimate graphic design software that allows users to create stunning banners, presentations, logos, posters, etc., in just a few minutes.

Appy Pie Knowledge is a unique knowledge management software that lets users create a self-service help center and easily organize, access and share content, FAQs and more.

About Us
Here’s why our customers choose us


Great service and support. Have been using Appypie already for 4 years and always get best quality. Quick and friendly support always ready to help.

Jurijus Clavas | Lithuania


The best experience I have ever had with an application development company. Being served by Andrew a customer care representative allowed me to get flawless results with my app and I am happy all the way. Thanks @appypie team for the help throughout.

Zaqael Njosh N | Kenya


Wonderful platform, without any hesitation, without any hurdles, you can make an application in a new innovative way that is easy and comfort I like customer support most they avail 24/7 and they are like close friends....must try appy pie once

Lexi Drona|India


I love Appy Pie App Builder, it is very simple to build and to customize. This builder has all features except one thing that i can't enable or integrate rewarded ad at exact location and this builder doesn't have an code editor to at least edit by code to make changes whatever we want like embedding rewarded ad at exact location. This is only thing it lacks, i hope developers will make this in future, waiting for update.

Jafar Mohammad|India


Mr. Harry Connick and the Appy Pie team have done a great job helping me to get my business moving in a positive direction. Work continues. Personally, Harry has been outstanding to work with and the kind of partner I need for my business.

Justin M. Hall| United States