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35+ Best Photography Magazines

Garima Singh
By Garima Singh | February 2, 2024 6:17 am

Photography, an ever-evolving art form, captivates us with its ability to tell stories and capture moments in time. In today's digital age, where everyone can make a website , photographers must establish an online presence. A photography website not only showcases your portfolio but also serves as a gateway for potential clients and enthusiasts to explore your work. Moreover, choosing a unique photography business name can be made easier with tools like a photography business name generator .

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding photographer, staying updated with the latest trends and techniques is essential. This is where photography magazines come into play, offering a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Let's delve into the 35+ best photography magazines that cater to a wide array of interests and genres.

35+ Best Photography Magazines

  1. Digital Photography Review (DPR): An essential online destination for digital photography enthusiasts, DPR offers a comprehensive mix of up-to-the-minute news, in-depth camera and gear reviews, and active user forums. It's a treasure trove for both beginners and seasoned photographers looking to stay abreast of the latest in the digital photography world.

  1. Popular Photography: This magazine stands out for its blend of stunning photographic art, practical shooting tips, and detailed equipment reviews. It's a great resource for photographers of all levels seeking to enhance their skills and stay informed about the latest gear.

  1. Shutterbug: Tailored for creative photographers, Shutterbug magazine offers insightful equipment reviews, inspiring photographic works, and professional advice. It's a must-read for those looking to push their creative boundaries.

  1. Professional Photographer: For those running or aspiring to start a photography business, this magazine is a vital resource. It covers a range of topics from industry news to advanced photographic techniques and business strategies.

  1. PetaPixel: A comprehensive source that covers the gamut of photography news, product reviews, and informative articles. PetaPixel is well-regarded for its up-to-date information and in-depth analysis.
  2. Fstoppers: Known for its behind-the-scenes looks at professional photo shoots, Fstoppers also offers a variety of tutorials, gear reviews, and industry news. It's a valuable resource for photographers looking to improve their craft and stay informed.

  1. Digital Camera World: This magazine provides the latest news and reviews on cameras and photography equipment. Its articles are geared towards helping photographers make informed decisions about gear and techniques.

  1. Amateur Photographer: Catering to hobbyist photographers, it offers a mix of useful tips, product reviews, and engaging photo challenges. It's a great source of inspiration and knowledge for those who pursue photography as a passion.

  1. Aperture: A prestigious publication, Aperture combines high-quality fine art photography with insightful articles. It's revered in the photography community for its thought-provoking content.

  1. Lenswork: Celebrated for its beautiful black and white photography, Lenswork is a publication that focuses on the artistry and narrative behind the images.

  1. British Journal of Photography: Showcasing cutting-edge contemporary photography, this journal is an excellent source for discovering new trends and talents from around the world.

  1. American Photo: This magazine highlights the best in American photography, with a particular focus on fine art and documentary styles. It's a great source for those interested in these genres.

  1. C4: Contemporary Photography: Showcases modern photographic art, offering readers a glimpse into the contemporary photography scene.

  1. Photograph: Providing a fresh perspective on the art of photography, this magazine is known for its inspiring content and beautiful imagery.

  1. Outdoor Photographer: Ideal for nature and outdoor photography lovers, this magazine offers tips, gear reviews, and stunning photographs of the natural world.

  1. National Geographic Magazine: Famed for its breathtaking wildlife and landscape photography, National Geographic is a top source for those interested in these genres.

  1. National Geographic Traveler: Combines travel photography with cultural insights, making it a fantastic resource for travel photographers and enthusiasts.

  1. Bird Photographer of the Year: Dedicated to the art of bird photography, this publication celebrates and showcases the best in the field.
  2. Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Features exceptional wildlife photography, offering both inspiration and a platform for photographers in this niche.

  1. Black & White Magazine: Focused on the art of black and white photography, this magazine is a favorite among photographers who love the timeless appeal of monochrome images.

  1. Port Magazine: Covers a range of topics including fashion, art, and photographic essays, making it a go-to for contemporary photography enthusiasts.

  1. Vogue Italia: Renowned for its high-fashion photography, Vogue Italia is a benchmark for aspiring fashion photographers.

  1. Leica Fotografie International: Focused on Leica's world of photography, this publication is ideal for fans and users of Leica cameras and lenses.

  1. Le Monde Photo (France): Showcases the richness of French photographic art and culture, offering a unique perspective on photography.

  1. Camera Japan: Concentrates on Japanese photographic styles and equipment, offering insights into Japan's photography scene.

  1. FOTO (Germany): This German magazine covers a wide array of photographic subjects, appealing to a broad audience of photography enthusiasts.

  1. PHOTO (Spain): A Spanish magazine with a strong focus on photographic art, offering a unique window into Spanish and international photography.

  1. Zoom (Italy): An Italian magazine showcasing a range of international photography, known for its high-quality content and diverse photographic styles.

  1. Dodho Magazine (India): Features contemporary photography from both Indian and international artists, offering a platform for emerging talents.

  1. LensCulture: A digital magazine that promotes contemporary photography, LensCulture is a hub for discovering current trends and talents in photography.

  1. LensWork Online: Provides extended content from the print magazine, including additional interviews, galleries, and features.

  1. F-Stop Magazine: An online magazine exploring various themes and styles in photography, offering a platform for both established and emerging photographers.

  1. Burn Magazine: Focuses on the work of emerging photographers, providing a space for the next generation of photographic talent.

  1. EyeEm Magazine: Showcases the work of photographers from the EyeEm community, offering a diverse range of styles and subjects.

  1. C/O Berlin: A magazine that zeroes in on contemporary and emerging photographic talent, offering insights into the future of photography.

  1. Foam Magazine: Spotlights young photography artists and their work, acting as a springboard for new talent in the field.


In the dynamic world of photography, staying informed and inspired is key. These 35+ photography magazines, each with their unique perspective and content, provide a wealth of knowledge for photographers at every level. Whether you're interested in the technical aspects of photography, the business side, or the sheer beauty of captured images, these magazines are sure to enrich your photographic journey. Remember, the world of photography is vast and constantly evolving, and these magazines are your window to a world of endless visual storytelling and creativity. Keep exploring, keep learning, and most importantly, keep capturing those breathtaking moments.

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