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White Label Cloud Integration Software

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What Our Affiliate Have to Say

I’ve created integration workflows for hundreds of businesses with Appy Pie Connect. The tool is perfect! The affiliate program has been a boon for me!

Frank Sadler
Pennsylvania USA

The IPaaS affiliate program combined with GUI-like workflow tool makes Appy Pie satisfying to work with. Their excellent support is always up for helping out. A great tool to use.

Alba Antolin
Santiago, Spain

Appy Pie has helped me design complex workflows for many of my clients. Once you learn how to use the tool, it’s surprising what you can achieve with such simple integrations

Pune, India
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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • Integration platform as a Service (iPaaS) delivers a cloud service for application, data, process, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration scenarios. With this cloud solution, companies can network data, applications, processes and systems, uniformly and clearly. IT and business processes can be seamlessly connected and operated without interruption to the business. Essentially, iPaaS allows you to integrate two or more software that cannot integrate natively.

  • Partner integration is something that many websites and apps do. Under partner integration, a primary brand incorporates a second brand as an integration within its interface. Primary brands do this through white labeling with the help of APIs. Partner integrations can add more value to a product.

  • Appy Pie Connect is the best workflow integration and automation platform. It lets you create complex workflows and integrate multiple software under the same visual interface. Appy Pie Connect provides over 150 different integrations through it’s platform.

  • With iPaaS, a provider offers services on an integration platform in the public or private cloud. The platform is a complete IT infrastructure available online. The provider is also responsible for maintenance, updates, upgrades, security, scalability and reliability of the platform.

    Companies using iPaaS can concentrate on their core business, as they only have to worry about developing business processes, mappings and configurations. Everything else is delegated to the platform provider. In addition, iPaaS enables these companies to connect virtually any third-party applications, services, and databases to their ERP or CRM systems. iPaaS software is a relatively new business model and can possibly achieve any kind of 3rd party integration you might want.

  • iPaaS software automates simple and monotonous tasks allowing them to concentrate on the more important tasks at hand. This leads to a smaller, more intelligent workforce and also speeds up existing business processes. There are various benefits that iPaaS carries.

    • Scalability: It is easy to scale your company with iPaaS. For example, if two companies merge they can connect each other’s IT with an iPaaS service within minutes.
    • Automation: Most iPaaS platforms automate simple tasks speeding up business processes
    • Multi-tenant capability: Each process can be cleanly separated with iPaaS without having to build separate physical environments for each. This allows the customer to separate different business areas and their integration scenarios.