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Top Business Intelligence Apps & Software | A Complete Overview

To make strategic and tactical business decisions, you need to have the best business intelligence tools by your side. These tools help you understand trends, derive insights, and identify patterns from your business data faster and more efficiently. 

Are you tired of combing through mountains of business data manually? Use the top business intelligence apps and software to process and visualize data and analyze even the minutest details of your business operations.

Instead of dragging through data manually, these BI tools and apps help you explore the inner workings of your organization by creating dashboards and other visualizations. This way, even those unfamiliar with statistical analysis can understand the shared information.

Benefits of using business intelligence tools

Every company uses some kind of business intelligence tool for at least certain functions. BI tools help you make better-informed decisions while managing and analyzing business data efficiently and accurately. BI tools are of great use when it comes to visualizing any data or reports generated, essentially helping you generate revenues. 

  1. Accurate reporting

Employees can customize their reports while being able to monitor KPIs using a variety of data sources. Reports that are generated in real-time typically have the most important and relevant data helping companies make faster and better decisions. BI tools offer accurate data from sales, finance, and operations in visual formats like charts, graphs, tables, etc.  

  1. Actionable insights

BI tools help you monitor data and give you valuable, actionable insights on the revenue, losses, and productivity of the employees. These insights also give you clarity about the aspects you need to improve and the ones that are doing perfectly well. Business Intelligence tools can help companies track the right metrics and stay updated with the latest or predicted developments by setting up alerts, getting real-time information on the KPIs, and sending alerts about any pitfalls that might have gone unnoticed in the absence of these tools.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Business intelligence tools help an organization learn important details not just about their employees’ behavior but also about customer behavior, user persona, and more. BI tools are great for identifying the ways in which you can improve your services or products and improve overall customer satisfaction by making the desired changes.

  1. Evolved growth patterns

Business intelligence tools can help companies gain a competitive advantage and help them find new opportunities, and come up with smarter strategies. All the data you get from your BI tools can help you identify ongoing market trends and help improve profit margins for the company. You can also use all this data to identify new sales trends in the market. 

  1. Faster decision making

Equipped with ready access to accurate data and meaningful insights, a company can take faster decisions without losing time in handling multiple data sets or inconsistencies. It extends a competitive edge to companies and helps them make faster and accurate decisions by perusing the existing data at the right time, and improve decision making.

Why choose Appy Pie Connect to automate your Business Intelligence tools?

Now that you know how important and effective Business Intelligence tools can be for the success of your business, it is time to learn how much more effective it is with meaningful integrations implemented through Appy Pie Connect to automate workflows without coding. For someone who is not technologically savvy, this could be intimidating just to hear about integrations.

Though this lack of technological expertise may make you hesitant to dabble with workflow automation, but Appy Pie Connect can help you get over your reservations about the entire process. The leaders in the field of no-code workflow automation platform - Appy Pie Connect allows you to integrate your preferred business intelligence tool with any of the thousands of apps available on the platform. 

The platform lets anyone with an internet-connected device build integrations that can help you increase your operational efficiency and speed. This means your company can save money, time, and human resources you would otherwise need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best business intelligence apps or software for your business?

There are ample business intelligence apps available in the market and each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is ill advised to believe that any one of those apps can be deemed as the best among them. The idea is to match your unique requirements and expectations with the features of the different apps available in the industry. Do your research before you can finalize the one or a combination of apps that can help you achieve your business goals.

  1. How to select the business intelligence apps or software for your needs?

The first thing to do is to list out all your expectations and business requirements to have clarity as you try and find your match. Now dig deep into all the viable options for business intelligence tools for your business and create a feature list for them all. All that remains for you is to compare your list of expectations with the list of features and find the best business intelligence apps and software for you. However, it is quite improbable that you would find an exact match. This is where Appy Pie Connect can help you bridge the gap with the right integrations that can help you build automated workflows to get the desired results. 

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