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Top customer support apps & software integrations

Customers and their experience is of prime importance to any business. No matter what you are selling, it is eventually the customer who is of the greatest significance. If the people you are selling to are not getting the service quality they desire, you will not be selling much of anything. 

By ensuring that you respond to every customer query on time, you can elevate the entire customer experience. There are so many different components that go into offering the best customer service, but not all are equally important. Some require your undivided attention and critical thinking, while others are more repetitive and mundane tasks. 

If you take up all these tasks and do them manually, it will invariably eat into your constructive time and ride up the overall costs. 

Benefits of using customer support software

Customer support software or apps can help you handle the various aspect of customer service and support. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits you get from using customer support software in your business.

  1. Enhanced communication

Using customer support software, you can employ canned responses for frequently asked questions from customers or prospects. This way, you can reduce your response time considerably and answer queries in the blink of an eye. Additionally, this can be a great resource for training new employees about common product and sales issues. Waiting for 24 hours to get a response to your emails is no longer a viable option for customers as they want quick responses. 

  1. Greater conversions

When people have a good customer experience with a brand or service, the possibility of them returning to you is much higher. Integrating customer support software with your website, social media, and other channels ensures top-notch customer service, making you more approachable and giving you more opportunities for conversions. When you are more approachable as a company, you are more likely to respond quickly to customers, quickly leading potential customers through their buying journey to the right moment for the customer to complete a purchase.

  1. Round-the-clock support

Whenever a customer reaches out to any brand or business, there is always an uncertainty in their minds about the timing of the response. In fact, they may not even be sure that they will get a response. Companies that offer round-the-clock support through their preferred customer support applications enjoy great customer loyalty. Customer support software lets you be there for your customers even beyond working hours using automation.

  1. Track and view support tickets

Ticketing systems are critical as customer support software, and while choosing one for your business, look for one with advanced search functionality that would make it easy for you to track and view the support tickets. This gives you access to real-time customer information. Additionally, this customer support software should also let you tag or categorize tickets based on multiple factors like priority, type of issue, department, etc. 

  1. Cross-platform support

There is no point restricting your customer support to only one channel when customers are frequenting a number of channels to reach you and your support team. Make yourself available on every conceivable channel to offer satisfactory customer support. Through customer support applications and software, you can offer cross-platform support and increase customer loyalty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best customer support software?

There are hundreds of applications available for customer support and management. However, there is no merit in declaring any of them as the best customer support software. Let’s get a little deeper into the discussion. Just like every business is different, so is every customer support software. Each software has its own unique features, and every business has its own requirements. Hence you should focus on finding the software that works best for your specific business requirements.

  1. How to select the best customer support software for your needs?

Selecting the right software for your customer support team starts with building a list of your specific requirements and then creating a list of features for the different customer support software you are considering. Once you have all this information laid out in front of you, it is easy to mix and match the features with your requirements. However, it is important to remember that none of the available software options may work perfectly for all your requirements. You can choose the software that is the nearest match for your requirements and then elevate it by creating meaningful integrations using the no-code workflow automation platform Appy Pie Connect. 

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