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Top marketing automation apps & software integrations

There are multiple critical aspects of marketing for any business, big or small. The overall marketing strategy can be broken down into smaller tasks. Some of these tasks may require your undivided attention, while others may be mundane and repetitive. The importance of marketing for any business is paramount, as it is only through marketing that you will be able to showcase your company or products to the right audience. 

However, if you take up every little task and try to do it manually, it is bound to eat into your productive time. This means you will be stuck taking the same action for the same situations that may arise multiple times on the same day. 

Why choose Appy Pie Connect to set up marketing automation for your business?

Ahead in the post, we will discuss all the amazing benefits of using marketing automation, but first, let’s discuss why one should do it at all. Marketing automation is way more than just a buzzword, but it may seem complicated and intimidating to a tech novice. 

However, it does not mean that marketing automation is only possible for the tech-savvy. Appy Pie Connect is a leading no-code workflow automation solution provider for businesses of all sizes and scales that offers more than 1000 apps for integration. 

Anyone with an internet-connected device can use the platform, then choose triggers and actions to set up meaningful integrations between your preferred marketing platforms and other relevant apps. The entire process takes only a few minutes from start to finish and is affordable for businesses of all sizes and scales. 

Use Appy Pie Connect to set up marketing automation for email marketing, lead generation and nurturing, content marketing, and more. With some strategically chosen integrations, you can use marketing automation with Appy Pie Connect to save both money and time. 

Benefits of marketing automation for businesses

To put things simply, marketing automation helps you save time and money without having to familiarize yourself with a whole new type of technology.

  • Increases efficiency

Marketing automation reduces manual work and resource requirements. You not only save money by reducing your staff requirements but also freeing up a lot of time for more productive tasks. This means if you choose an efficient marketing automation software, you do not have to manually post every day on social media and can focus on ideation, creative activities, and more.

  • Helps align marketing and sales strategy

It is easy to see rifts emerge between the sales and marketing teams in an organization. However, as technology is evolving to impact the entire buyer journey, the roles of the marketing and sales teams are getting progressively more entwined. This means it is imperative that the two get along and can work together cohesively. This is primarily because of the different tools. Through marketing automation, you can bring them both on the same software so that their goals and objectives are aligned together and with the organization. 

  • Improves reporting

Reporting and analytics can be daunting tasks, but marketing automation makes the process a whole lot easier. You can set up integrations through marketing automation software so that your reports are generated and delivered to you automatically. By getting access to cohesive data offers you a better opportunity to find the aspects of your business that need your attention and the ones that are functioning perfectly well.

  • Enhances lead quality

Lead generation is the most important part of a successful marketing strategy for any business. As you automate all the mundane tasks for your sales and marketing team, you offer them a lot of time to work on the strategy and identify and nurture only the leads that are more promising. Combining all data from multiple touchpoints, including website visits, social media activity, and direct marketing, lets you automate multiple activities like scoring, qualifying, and prioritizing of leads that can help manage wider marketing campaigns, including trigger-based marketing messages

strategic email drips to spike interest, personalized emails, and even Facebook or Twitter messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best marketing automation software for your business?

There are hundreds of very useful and productive marketing automation platforms available online, but it is not advisable to term one of them as the best marketing automation solution. No two businesses have identical marketing strategies or needs, and no two marketing automation platforms are the same. The underlying idea is to find the perfect marketing automation software for your unique automation requirements. Do your own research. 

  1. How to select the best marketing automation software for your needs?

List out your priorities and requirements before looking into all the platforms available online. Now find the best possible match, and that is how you know which one is the best marketing automation solution for your business. It may so happen that no single platform can satisfy all your marketing needs. In these situations, the best way to go ahead is to set up meaningful integrations using Appy Pie Connect - the best no-code workflow automation platform. 

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