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Best CRM Software and Tools 

Customer relationship management (CRM) software have progressed significantly in the past few years. Compared to what they were some 15 years or so years ago, they’ve incorporated many new and advanced features and become truly dynamic and versatile, while remaining quite affordable. 

For users, it can be a bit tricky and overwhelming to be honest, to select the right kind of CRM software for their needs, simply because they’re dozens of them, with different capabilities and functionalities. 

Furthermore, users working with multiple platforms and applications often find it tiring to constantly feed new data into the CRM software manually. For this, you can use Appy Pie Automate’s powerful workflow automation features, which allow you to integrate your apps with the CRM to facilitate automatic data sharing and updating. 

Why use CRM software with Appy Pie Automate?

On any typical day, you might receive new leads, information, and details from various sources which you might want to add to your CRM. This task would take a lot of time and you’d probably have to train your existing resources on how to enter data manually into the CRM’s database. All this can severely impact your team’s or organization’s productivity and hamper your growth prospects. 

Moreover, it slows down the entire business operation, not to mention the errors introduced. What was supposed to be a dynamic and versatile tool, will have a severe impact on your productivity and efficiency.

This is the reason why you need Appy Pie Automate’s workflow automation. Using Connect you can easily automate this task, freeing up resources, saving time, reducing errors, and accelerating your business process which would ultimately result in better productivity, and results.

What to look for in a CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management software keeps all the information related to sales, leads, and other contacts in a unified, organized, and easy-to-manage space. If there are points of contact, your CRM should have access to it, and capture all necessary details. While this would be a daunting task to be done manually, with Connect’s no-code workflow automation, you should be able to do this in a matter of minutes, that too, without any coding.

So what makes a CRM great? Well, there are many essential factors behind this, such as the ones given below:

  • Ease of use

  • Contact and sales management

  • Customization options

  • Reporting methods

These features, coupled with Connect’s integrations and automations will make your task much easier while managing your data. There are plenty of the best free CRM software tools available on Appy Pie Automate, which you can integrate into your applications and create multi-functional workflows for your business operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which are the best free CRM software?

A. Each CRM software is built for a different use case making each of them unique and difficult to distinguish. However, with Appy Pie Automate, you can select any CRM and customize its triggers and actions to expand its functionality and capabilities to suit your business needs and requirements. 

Q. How to select the best CRM software for your business needs?

A. While there are many CRM tools and applications available, each of them serves a different purpose, having been equipped with multiple features. Users can select the best CRM software for their needs by first defining the existing problem they’re looking to solve and then searching for the right kind of software.

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