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Top Accounting Apps & Software Integrations

Accounting in business is the process of recording and summarizing financial transactions, for the purpose of reporting to various stakeholders. It involves a wide range of record-keeping, calculating, and reporting processes.

Every time your accountant enters data by hand, they’re vulnerable to making mistakes due to the sheer volume of information that needs to be manually entered and human error. Even the most experienced accounting professional can make mistakes when working with large amounts of data, especially when manually entering it. And if they do make a mistake, they have to go back and fix it. That wastes time and can also cause more mistakes.

Manual data entry isn't scalable - you'll need an army of accountants if you want to keep up with the growth of your company! This is why most businesses turn to accounting software and applications.

Why integrate accounting apps with Appy Pie Connect?

We get it, you’re using too many apps, and another one would just add to the burden. Most businesses already use an accounting app to manage their finances, but the more you can integrate with other apps the more efficient you'll be. This is achieved with Appy Pie Connect.

Connect allows you to sync your accounting software with other popular apps and tools so that you can do away with manual data entry and automate all processes within your workflow. This means that you can add, or remove data without having to switch between apps or platforms and without any manual data entry. Appy Pie Connect offers you over 1000 unique app integrations that let you fully expand your capabilities and functionality.

How to select the best accounting software applications?

If you want to select the right accounting software for your business or personal use, here are some parameters that you can consider.

  • Cost: This all comes down to your budget. There are plenty of free and affordable accounting solutions. However, they wouldn’t be as feature-rich as others.
  • Usability: Do you prefer a single-user app, or are you looking for apps that support multiple users? Make sure to select an app that fits all your needs and requirements. You could opt for a cloud-based system if you’re short on storage space for a desktop accounting app. Furthermore, you could also opt for apps that work well on mobiles, to stay updated on the go.
  • Features: The latest accounting apps are equipped with a wide range of new features including inventory management and tracking, time tracking, payroll management, and more. Select the apps based on your need and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best accounting app for small businesses?

A. This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on your circumstances. There is not one accounting app or software that will suit everyone so it is essential to do some research before deciding on what you want to use. There are many users that prefer cloud-based ones over desktop ones, which is probably due to the fact that cloud-based applications are always updated and accessible on the go.

Q. How to select the best accounting software for your needs?

A. We’ve seen some parameters above on how to select the right accounting software and app. You could select apps on the basis of your budget, the features you need, and the number of users you have. Even if the app you select doesn’t match your needs, you can always expand your capabilities with the help of Appy Pie Connect. You can access over 1000 accounting and finance software integrations and add more features and functionality to your app.

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