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Top project management apps & software integrations

As the nature and style of work have changed, managing a project without a project management app or software is impossible. We have become used to the software and apps for project management that let us manage tasks, to-do lists, and schedules that are a part of ongoing projects. All the different processes in project management can be broken down into smaller tasks. As you take a look at the list of tasks, you are sure to notice that some tasks need critical thinking and your undivided attention, while others are mundane and repetitive.

As a part of high-performing product management teams, you must know that it is not possible to accomplish every single task manually. It would simply take too long to do it manually and cost you far too much in resources and infrastructure. 

Benefits of using project management apps or software

Project management software or apps bring about much-needed efficiency and productivity for any project in any setting. Let’s take a deep look at all the benefits you stand to gain from these apps and software. 

  1. Better planning and scheduling

No matter which methodology you follow, the preliminary and most crucial aspects of project management are project planning and project scheduling. A good project management app or software can help you access the records created by a team previously working on the current project. These apps help managers come up with a consistent management plan and prioritize tasks to ensure the success of the project. Project management software can help you with multiple tasks like allocating resources, identifying dependencies, setting up deadlines, creating project deliverables, and more.

  1. Better collaboration

On any given project, there are multiple teams working simultaneously, and each of the teams works on multiple projects. This makes it hard for all other stakeholders to get together for meetings and stay on top of things and cause unnecessary delays and wastage of valuable resources. A good project management solution will let you collaborate better by keeping it simple and recording all the communication in one common place. 

  1. Provisions for remote working

As more and more people are working from remote locations or their homes, project management solutions have emerged to great prominence. As every communications, schedules, and tasks are clearly marked and delegated to the right person, managing remote staff becomes a whole lot easier. 

  1. Efficient delegation

If the manager tries to delegate tasks to all the team members by simply doing all the planning in their head, it is probably going to go crashing down quite quickly. However, with access to an efficient project management solution managers can easily delegate tasks to their team members and check who is currently available. This means the team members can check the platform and see what tasks they have been assigned and start taking them up one by one, instead of waiting for emails or any other form of communication. 

  1. Effective budget management

Project management apps or software are specifically designed to allow the platform users to manage the resources at home. It is quite normal for the projects to go off track and scope creep is a very real possibility. A project management system can help prevent this from happening as it helps keep track of everything through real-time project reporting tools while keeping the project cost under check.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best project management software for your business?

It would be unfair to deem only one project management app or software as the best. Each of these software is different in terms of functionality, features, and more. Also, it is important to consider that every business is different too in its requirements and objectives. So, you can choose the best project management software by matching your business requirements to the features provided by a prospective app or software you may be planning to purchase. 

  1. How to select the best project management software for your needs?

The best way to choose the right software for your project management efforts is to first list out all the priorities, objectives, or requirements and then try and match them with the features offered by the top project management apps and software available in the market. It is good to remember that you may not get the exact match for your requirements. In such situations, you can go for the option that best fits your business and then create meaningful integrations to bring about workflow automation using Appy Pie Automate. 

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