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Top server monitoring apps & software integrations

Server monitoring is the process of monitoring a server’s system resources. Typically this includes a variety of components, such as CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process, and more. Server monitoring has multiple applications, the primary one being its role in capacity planning after you develop a deep understanding of the resource usage patterns. 

Considering how far spread and minute the nuances of server monitoring run, it is counterintuitive to carry out all these activities manually. This is where the server monitoring apps and software step in as a viable solution. These apps help automate the server monitoring process. 

The process of monitoring server performance is great for identifying other issues related to server performance, like resource utilization, app downtime, and response time.

Why is it important to monitor server performance?

  • To keep a check on server availability and data loss.

  • Establish a baseline to define how your network system functions under ‘normal’ operating conditions.

  • Observe and track the responsiveness of the server.

  • To keep an eye on relevant numbers like server capacity, user load, and speed of the server.

  • Optimize your server performance to make it run faster, more efficiently, and seamlessly.

  • Identify network issues early or predict these occurrences so that they can be rectified in time by a human or an automated system.

Why choose Appy Pie Connect to automate server monitoring for your business?

Now that you know all the major reasons you should set up server monitoring, it is time to think about implementing it in the most effective way, i.e., automation. Automating your server monitoring process seems a little daunting, especially for tech novices.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you will have to forego the advantages offered by server monitoring automation. The leader in the no-code development industry, Appy Pie, has a no-code workflow automation platform - Appy Pie Connect that makes it possible for anyone with an internet-connected device to implement workflow automation and build meaningful integrations. 

Platform users can simply search for the server monitoring software in the app directory, choose triggers and actions, and set up integrations between the server monitoring app and other relevant apps of value to you.  

By choosing integrations in a strategic manner, you can use automation in server monitoring with Appy Pie Connect to save valuable resources for more appropriate tasks.

Benefits of server monitoring for your business

Server monitoring is extremely important for any business and this is where we list out all the benefits for you.

  1. Get deep insights into your network health

Server monitoring lets you or your IT admin take a deep look at the network and understand current issues or future issues that may impact the performance of your network. It lets you take a proactive approach to identify and troubleshoot any issues before they impact your network’s performance.

  1. Automate multiple types of checks on your network 

Server monitoring can help you run automatic checks on hard disk space and performance, backups, antivirus software updates, critical events, and Windows service disruptions. 

  1. Stay informed about any developments in your network

You can set up email or message alerts for any issue that may crop up in your server or network. As you are informed of the issues at the earliest, you can reduce your response time and resolve the issue at the earliest. 

  1. Enjoy business scalability

It takes only a few minutes to look at the list of all the computers covered by your server monitoring software and then add as many workstations as you need. This demonstrates scalability to match your business growth.  

  1. Reduces the load on your IT department

As the software takes over the entire server monitoring process, your IT department will now be free to focus on other important tasks that are more critical than the regular monitoring of the network`s health and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best server monitoring app or software for your business?

There are hundreds of highly useful server monitoring tools and apps available for use in the market. It can be intimidating, however, to choose the one that would work perfectly well for your unique business needs. For this intent, there is no need to consult the hundreds of lists of the top server monitoring apps available online. Your business is unique, and your needs are unique to your business! This means there is nothing like the best server monitoring app. You need to do your own research and figure out which server monitoring app is perfect for you. 

  1. How to select the best server monitoring app or software for your needs?

Create a comprehensive list of your unique requirements before you go looking at the available options in the market. After you have listed out the requirements, it is easier to match them to a server monitoring service that will be perfect. However, there is always a possibility that none of the available options is a perfect match for you. What do you do? You can choose the nearest match and then use the no-code workflow automation platform to integrate it with other apps of your choice to create meaningful and automated workflows. 

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