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Page reviewed by: Abhinav Girdhar  | Last Updated on November 26, 2023, 12:15 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change your current subscription plan (Upgrade, downgrade or cancel)?

User can update the subscription plan at Appy Pie Connect by following steps given below:

Step 1: Log in at Appy Pie Connect platform.
Step 2: On the Dashboard, the “Upgrade Plan” option is available.
Step 3: Click on “Upgrade Plan” option, the plan and pricing page of Appy Pie Connect will be displaying all the offers available. Select the most appropriate plan according to your requirement and buy it.

Similarly, the user can also upgrade his/her plan to meet the requirement of the connects.

Replacing the card details used for subscription
Appy Pie Connect gives the elasticity to change the card details for continuous payment at any moment of the time. User can change the card information by following the steps given further:
Step 1: Log in at Appy Pie Connect platform.
Step 2: On the right-hand top corner of the dashboard “Account Details” option, click on “Billing Overview” given under it.
Step 3: On the landing, under “Subscription Plan” current card details will be shown. “Edit” option is available to change the card details
Step 4: Verify and save the details to use the card for further transactions at Appy Pie Connect.Note: The card details entered will be used for the next billing cycle.

What is the cost per integration at Appy Pie Connect?

At Appy Pie Connect, the users are billed on the basis of the tasks. The number of tasks per subscription determines the plan that can suit the user along with other factors.

Is there any difference in regular workforce automation products and Appy Pie Connect?

Appy Pie Connect is a UI based workflow automation company that has an in-built AI mechanism to avoid unnecessary looping of the information.

Appy Pie Connect in comparison to other workflow automation products help its users to sync original data, we do not clip any part of the information while performing the task. This helps in sharing the original file with connected apps.

To Connect different apps Appy Pie Connect allows users to have multiple triggers and actions according to the requirement. This helps in automating the number of apps simultaneously.

How can I check payment history?

To check the payment history user needs to login in the Appy Pie Connect platform. At the top corner of the dashboard go to “Account Details” tab where Billing Overview option is available. Click on “Billing Overview” and on the landing page, the “Payment History” will be available for the subscribed clients.

Details such as Date, Payment Method and Amount will be given along with Action to download the invoice particulars.

What is the difference between being a Freemium or Premium member at Appy Pie Connect?

Freemium is an everlasting plan at Appy Pie connect that can help the user to start with the basic work. The Connects created will be limited but functional. However, some features and functionalities of Appy Pie Connect are available for the premium members only. They can create unlimited Connects and can have a huge number of tasks monthly. Also, premium members can access premium apps such as Evernote Business, AWS IOT etc. To further know more about the differences kindly refer to the link given. Features in Different Subscription Plans.

What is Custom Integration?

There are some pre-built integrations between the apps, Appy Pie Connect made these integrations due to their popularity, however, users can build their own customized integrations. Thus, custom integration allows users to use the Appy Pie Connect platform for automating the workflow in every way possible.

What Are Filters?

With Appy Pie Connect, the user can customize the trigger and action apps. For example, if the user requires to make an action app work on a particular part of the trigger then the filters can be used. In this way, the customization is further enhanced with Appy Pie Connect.

What are Formatters?

Appy Pie Connects allows its users to change the date and time format according to the different apps. This helps to keep the sync proper while automating the workflow. Users can enter the information with the timestamp as per the app requirement with formatters.

Define Connects?
Whenever a trigger app and an action app are used for automation, the combination is said to be a Connect.

What are the Triggers?

Triggers are the Connect activators basically, depending upon new or updated information in the trigger apps, the action app works. Users can have trigger apps for different functionalities.

What are the Actions?

Depending upon the trigger apps, the action apps are made to work. The action apps will have the information added or updated depending upon the actions. Users can trigger multiple apps from a single trigger app.

What are Generic Apps?

Appy pie Connect offers a wide range of free apps to make integrations, these apps can work with premium or generic apps and can help in workflow automation for the users. Apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Gmail are categorised as generic apps at Appy Pie Connect.

What are Premium Apps?

Some of the apps are for paid users at Appy Pie Connect, users can subscribe to such apps according to their requirements once enrolled in any of those plans. Trello, Slack, Vend and Mindbody are some of the premium apps at Appy Pie Connect.

What is Auto Replay?

With Appy Pie Connect users get the facility to check the connection automatically for new or updated data if in case the connection fails momentarily. This may happen due to downtime of app or internet connection error. Appy Pie Connect can resend the request automatically to check for the updated data in the connected apps.

What is a Task?

Any successful action step automated at Appy Pie Connect is termed as a task. Triggers are not part of the task at Appy Pie Connect.

What is Sync Interval Time?

Appy Pie Connect checks for the new data through the Triggers after every particular period of time, your Connect will find and update information according to the task, this time is called Sync Interval Time. Upgrade to the different plans at Appy Pie Connect to further subdue the Sync Interval Time.

Why was my Credit Card charged by Appy Pie Connect?

Appy Pie Connect charges monthly for the subscription selected by the user. Either you or anyone from your team might have used the card to subscribe for a paid plan at Appy Pie Connect, hence the amount is being deducted.

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