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Top Email Newsletters Apps & Software Integrations

Email marketing is an integral part of modern marketing and promotional techniques, and newsletters are one of the most popular mediums for communicating with customers. Email newsletters are a convenient and effective way to keep customers informed about the latest updates regarding your company or products and services. 

Depending on the product and the target customers, you can choose to send your email newsletters once a week, a month, or any other frequency that works for you. 

Sending email newsletters to hundreds or thousands of customers manually may be possible but is entirely impractical. Hence email newsletter apps have emerged as an effective and viable solution for most companies of varied sizes and scales. 

The email newsletter apps can help you send your newsletters to millions of people with just a click. The power of newsletter apps and software can further be amplified when email newsletter apps are integrated with other apps. 

Why integrate email newsletter apps with Appy Pie Connect?

Though integration lends an impressive amount of power to your chosen email newsletter app, it can be overwhelming and quite confusing for tech novices. Appy Pie Connect, the leading workflow automation platform, makes the process simple and lets anyone with an internet-connected device create meaningful integrations. 

You don’t need coding or thousands of dollars to create meaningful integrations between email newsletters and other popular apps or software with Appy Pie Connect. Simply set up the integrations using Appy Pie Connect and start sending out email newsletters to your customers. 

Integrating your favorite email newsletter app with a CRM or marketing application can help you manage your email lists in a more efficient manner. Your newsletter will end up in an inbox where it will be welcome and appreciated. This means you will get better conversion rates, and your domain authority will not be compromised by getting marked as spam by recipients. 

Benefits of sending email newsletters

Earlier, we touched briefly upon the wonders of email newsletters for businesses. It is time now to get into the details of what email newsletters can do to help you engage your customers successfully. 

  • Access to meaningful metrics

Sending out email newsletters using apps gives you access to copious amounts of data helping you understand how your recipients engage with your newsletters. Get metrics like the number of opened emails, clicks, and deleted emails. 

  • Personalized content and updates

Emailing newsletters lets you segment your customers as per their preferences so that you can send highly personalized and relevant content. Draft the perfect subject lines, design images per your customers` taste, and create valuable content that offers great value to your audience. Email newsletters are the perfect channel to deliver carefully drafted images.

  • Increases traffic

You can create excitement around your website, even specific pages, through your email newsletter. Create a copy and context that would encourage the recipient to click on the link and reach your website. However, stay away from click-baiting what could be genuine leads. You don’t want people to opt-out of your list, do you?

  • Builds better customer relationships

Your email newsletters deliver personalized information and lucrative offers directly into your customer’s inbox consistently. Whether it is an industry insight, a business tip, a birthday greeting, or an exclusive offer, deliver value to your customers and strengthen your relationship with them through your email newsletter.

  • Improve brand awareness

Brand your email newsletters, not just with your brand logo and colors but also with content, tone, and the exact language your customers love using. As you become a consistent presence in their inbox, your customers will come to expect and even look forward to your next newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best email newsletter app for your business?

Every email newsletter is unique in its own way. And every business has different requirements. This means no one unicorn email newsletter app is perfect for everyone. Hence, as a business owner, you must do your own research and choose the email newsletter app or software that will deliver your exact business requirements.

  1. How to select the best email newsletter software for your needs?

The first thing to do is write down the parameters or expectations you have from your perfect email newsletter app. Though a single app may not be able to fulfill all your parameters, you can always use Appy Pie Connect to integrate the best match with other popular apps and expand its functionality through integration.   

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