7 Ways to Use Big Data For Application Development

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Data is the most important raw material for an online business. In recent years, global data use has soared to the point that we have more data than we know what to do with. In addition millions of users are lining up to use it for their own needs. While developers are working tirelessly to keep information free-flowing, advances in technology are moving the goalposts.

Billions of people and businesses depend on the internet to do everyday tasks, and that number is growing quickly with the global population. We’ve seen nearly a trillion-times growth in data and processing power. One of the core aspects of this growth is the change in the ways of dealing with this data.

Traditional database programming languages such as SQL used to handle data-related requests, but the massive increase in internet use has hampered its scalability in some applications.

To make matters worse, scalability isn’t the only problem.Nowadays, an average user has higher expectations than ever — as developers get better at fulfilling their requests, they demand more faster and better services and software. Posing an additional challenge to developers, users are no longer solely on computers. Software must serve phones, tablets, smart watches, and whatever other “next big thing” tech giants like Apple and Google throw out there.

What is Big Data?

Big data is data, that grows exponentially as time progresses and it is immensely complex. Hence, it cannot be managed by conventional tools that handle regular data.

So, what are the first things that pop in your mind when you think of impossibly large amounts of data? To help you understand the concept a little better, let’s explore a few big data examples. We know that traders at stock exchange are rushed off their feet by the sheer volume of work that needs to be done. This work, however, is electronic, which means that at the core is data. Terabytes of data per day across the globe need to be processed at lightning speed and any glitch could trigger a devastating economic crash. Stock markets are being drastically impacted by big data.

Currently, there are 3.8 billion social media users globally. It roughly translates to 48% of the world population. Almost every day, social media users sign in to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. And, every day new users are creating accounts. Can you guess how much data is generated on the Internet on a day-to-day basis? Facebook alone ingests more than 500 terabytes of information every day. To make it simpler, you can read our simple infographic.

How is Big Data Important for the Future - Appy Pie

The advent of big data and its analytics has led to a new technology advent known as big data app development. One unforeseen advantage of big data is it is used in mobile application development.

How Does Big Data Benefit Mobile App Development?

It is said that there will be more than 258 billion app downloads by 2022. All mobile apps need data to function. However, one problem that all the apps are facing is that they have to deal with a lot of raw data in an unstructured form.

Big data needs a degree of high-level analytics for discovering the figures and developing insights to benefit a mobile app business. For an app, this can be included in the development phase itself. Collecting necessary data from your app users and using an analysis software to analyze them is a good way to identify market trends and customer preferences allowing you to build unique mobile apps.

There are many ways of collecting and analyzing this data. One of the easiest ways is by making apps with Appy Pie‘s no-code development platforms AppMakr and integrating them with a big data analysis tool with Connect.

Coming to the bigger question, how does an app use big data analytics? It is predicted that within the next decade, big data will be one of the largest internet-based industries. You must learn how to exploit big data to your advantage and develop better apps. Let’s look at 6 ways in which you can utilize big data to your advantage.

7 Ways to Leverage Big Data for Mobile App Development

  1. Smoother Analytics Process
  2. Big Data can help app creators to understand the behavior of app users. This analysis can help app users to optimize their apps and improve the user experience.Mobile app developers can take these behaviors as cues to improve and innovate their future apps.

  3. Better Overall App Performance
  4. Big Data analytics allows developers to get a better insight of their app traffic. This allows them to track individual segments and observe the data for glitches. They can fix these issues and boost the overall performance of their app.

  5. Easier to Scale Up
  6. Big Data allows you to evaluate user needs, preferences, pain points, etc. You can use this data to boost lead generation and conversion rates. On the other hand, this can help you to scale up user engagement and revenue at the same time.

  7. Real-Time Data Analysis
  8. One of the biggest advantages of big data app development is that all the data that you analyze has been generated in real-time. This means that all your analysis will be up to date and can help you in creating more effective strategies depending on what you need to do.

  9. Easier to Meet App Requirements
  10. User requests can be absurdly specific. However, big data gives you a room to experiment and analyze. App Making requires dynamism which can be challenging for app owners and developers. By analyzing existing big data, developers can use big data solutions to identify what users actually want and tailor-make their apps to fulfill user requirements.

  11. Easier to Reach a Global Customer Base
  12. The main purpose of big data analysis is to analyze huge data at fast speed. This is exactly why big data analysis is perfect for apps that reach a global customer base. Experience in Big Data and Big Data analytics will help companies accommodate a larger user base and ensure better overall conversions and revenues.

  13. More Efficient Marketing
  14. Market research through big data is already a rising industry. Though expensive, it has shown great potential and will become cheaper in the coming years. Marketing through big data analysis will also be important for mobile app marketing.


As with the previous decade, developers are going to need to do more with less and make their products work faster than ever before.Getting ahead will require finding shortcuts that get people to the data they need as quickly as possible, which will require collaboration. Big Data is that collaboration. That’s all for today.

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