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Best Business Name Generators

Business name is crucial for a brand as it plays a significant role in the journey of a brand’s success. Brand name is the first thing that customers see. The entire relationship between business and its customers is influenced by the first impression, so making a strong impact is an essential key to branding success.

The name of your business or your brand name is something that describes your product and reflects your business identity. An ideal brand name should be easy to understand, read, and remember. Selecting a perfect brand name is important not only because it makes an unforgettable impression on consumers but also because it allows your clients to know what to expect from your company.

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In the blog ahead, we will discuss features of an ideal brand name and the business name generators that may inspire you to find a great brand name for your business.

Features of an Ideal Business Name

A perfect brand name defines your business and reflects its identity. It helps the consumers distinguish your business and product from others. Some of the major characteristics of an ideal brand name are mentioned below:

  • It should be unique and extendable
  • It should portray a positive image
  • It should be easy to pronounce, memorized and identified (For example Tide)
  • It should describe the product’s qualities and benefits (For example Quickfix)
  • It should be capable of legal protection
  • It should promote the product/service (For example Newsweek)
  • It should indicate specific qualities (For example Firebird)

While creating a brand name for your business, think about which product you are selling. You can search on Google, hire a professional, brainstorm with friends or you may use company name generators to find the best name for your brand. No matter which way you choose to go with, you must implement the points mentioned above to make your brand name the most effective, so that it conveys your brand values to your target audience.

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Now that you know which factors you have to keep in mind while selecting your brand name, let us talk about some free business name generators that may inspire you with the best business name ideas.

10 Free Brand Name Generators

Most of the brand name generators are not only free and easy to use but also, come up with great company name ideas in just a few seconds. Explore some of the best business name generators listed below and they would offer you a new perspective and the perfect amount of creative inspiration to pair with your ideas.

  1. Oberlo
  2. This company name generator offers you hundreds of business name options in a few clicks. You just need to enter a relevant keyword that matches with the core concept of your business and click on ‘Generate names’. The tool will show a list of business names to choose from. Go through the options, select the business name of your choice and you’ll have one thing less to worry about before you start your own business.

    free name generator for business

  3. Wordlab
  4. Wordlab’s company name generator offers over 7 million potential business names. If you are trying to find the name for your business using this business name generator, you have to discover the names individually. To find a unique name using this tool, you can keep clicking ‘Get Name’ until you discover a business name suggestion you like.

    This company name generator provides an option for the users to sign up for a free account and enter the relevant keyword in the forum to take help from the Wordlab community.

  5. Business Name Generator (BNG)
  6. To find the business name of your choice using this business name generator, you just have to input the keyword, and the tool creates a list of potential business names. The tool also suggests the domain name for each possible business name.

    free business name generator

  7. Anadea
  8. Anadea’s brand name generator tool offers you millions of business name ideas relevant to the keywords you enter. The tool provides you with a list of catchy business names to choose from. You can check all the company and domain names available on this business name generator by industry selection. It offers various industry categories available such as software, healthcare, tech, travel, and many more. This business name generator helps you create the names for your website and applications as well.

  9. NameMesh
  10. NameMesh is one of the best company name makers that helps you discover the brand name for your company, using a simple search option. It provides you with instant name suggestions as you start typing the keyword.

    The tool recommends various appropriate available domain names based on the list of your keywords. After you enter the keywords in the search bar, the page gets divided into different sections – similar, common, fun, and new to help you find the domain name as per your needs.

    This company name maker helps you with both, available and unavailable domain names. Available ones reflect in green text and unavailable ones in red. You can simply check the box named ‘Hide Registered’ at the right top corner of the page, to make the search process easier.

  11. BrandRoot
  12. Brand-Root is a unique business name generator that offers effective brand names along with the registered ‘.com’ domain name. Every business name listed on the site has been wisely selected and put up for sale. The business generator tool provides business names with a logo and a reasonable price.

    Using this company name generator, you can look for the business name of your choice by selecting a category or entering the relevant keyword. The site offers premium brand name ideas with higher price tags in comparison to other company name generators. The tool provides an option to select the price point for the users to avoid searching brand names that exceed their budget. With BrandRoot brand name generator, you get logo design ideas after purchasing the brand name.

  13. NameStation
  14. NameStation business name suggestion tool gives users a list of great company name ideas. You have to enter the relevant keyword in the search bar to get the list of available domain names.

    The tool offers an option to sort the list to simplify the search process for the users. It offers the domain name ideas that inspire you to find a great business name. The company name generator helps users find the brand name as per their requirements by combining creative thinking with powerful research tools.

    business name generator free

  15. Freshbooks
  16. Freshbooks’ company name generator is quite interactive. As soon as you visit the page, it comes up with a tab ‘Let’s Get Started!’ to click on. On the next page, the tool prompts to select the business industry – legal services and business consulting, creatives and marketing, information technology, and trade and home services.

    You can search for your keywords after choosing the industry.

  17. Cool Name Ideas
  18. Cool Name Ideas is a great company name generator. It asks users the below-mentioned questions to help them describe their business before it displays the brand names list.

    • What type of Business are you naming?
    • What Benefit(s) will your Business bring to the Customer?
    • What Style of business are you naming?
    • What domain name are you looking for?

    You get a more customized list of brand name ideas by answering all these questions. To check the domain name availability, you can simply click on the selected name.
    The other great thing about this brand name generator is that it provides a step-by-step guide and a bunch of handy tips for the users which improves their user experience.

  19. Shopify
  20. Shopify’s business name generator is a great tool for users to search for business names. Once you choose the perfect business name, you can check for the domain name that suits your business.

    Shopify is one of the best brand name generators that only displays the company names with available domains.
    Another great feature on Shopify is that after you choose the perfect business name, you can sign up for a Shopify account and launch your first store using their powerful eCommerce backend.


Business name generators are designed to create thousands of options for you to choose from, based on your keywords. Finding the one that hasn’t already been taken is an additional challenge in the process of selecting a business name. Once you’ve got a unique name of your choice, set up your brand with that name as soon as possible!

These brand name generators also help their users with the built-in tools for checking domain name availabilities, which help them move along with the process of establishing their business a lot faster.

After you are done with your brand and domain name selection, go to the next step and create your business website using Appy Pie’s Website Builder and take your business establishment process to the next level.

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