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10 Best Apps for Lawyers To Improve Productivity in 2023

By Snigdha | Last Updated on February 6th, 2024 11:38 am
10 Best Apps for Lawyers To Improve Productivity in 2023

Any professional today is heavily dependent on their mobile phone, apps, and desktop for efficiency and productivity. A good mobile app can prove to be an asset when it comes to boosting your productivity. This need for mobile apps takes on a whole new significance when you are a lawyer because all the time you spend on mundane activities is eating into your billable hours.

Why do lawyers need apps to improve productivity?

For lawyers, more than anyone else, client confidentiality is of massive importance and significance. Even though it might be the safest to handle all the information and processes single-handedly, it is practically impossible to do it. This is why productivity apps or tools are of great significance for lawyers. Reputable applications offer great security features while providing a big boost in productivity.

But the question which arises is, why do lawyers need applications specifically? How apps have worked in their favor? Below are a few points which will answer your questions.

Streamline Workflows to Improve Productivity

The first step to improving productivity is to streamline your workflows. By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in your work processes, you can save time and improve the quality of your work. To streamline your workflow, you can start by identifying bottlenecks in your workflow and automating repetitive tasks. This can help you to free up time for more important tasks.

Creating Efficient Workflows to Improve Productivity

In addition to automating repetitive tasks, you can also create efficient workflows to improve your productivity. By setting up workflows that are tailored to your specific needs, you can reduce the time and effort required to complete tasks. You can also prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance and use task lists and calendars to stay organized.

Prioritize Tasks and Set Goals

To manage your workload effectively, you need to prioritize tasks and set goals. You can prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance and set achievable goals and deadlines. By doing this, you can ensure that you are working on the most important tasks and that you are making progress toward your goals.

Effective Time Management

Time management is key to improving productivity. To manage your time effectively, you can track your time to identify time wasters and set realistic time estimates for tasks. You can also avoid multitasking and distractions to focus on your work and get more done.

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are essential for lawyers to provide the best service to their clients. You can improve communication with clients and colleagues by reducing miscommunication and misunderstandings. You can also collaborate effectively on projects by using tools like project management software and cloud-based document sharing.

Stay Up-to-Date with Legal Developments

Staying up-to-date with legal developments is critical for lawyers to provide the best service to their clients. You can stay current with changes to the law by participating in continuing legal education and leveraging technology to stay informed. By staying up-to-date, you can provide your clients with the most accurate and relevant information.

Best apps for lawyers to improve productivity

Productivity and time resource is the most important factor to consider. There are multiple apps available in the leading app stores, and you can find them with a simple search on a search engine.

Mobile apps can help law firms and legal professionals in varying capacities and, eventually, increase their productivity, giving them more time for billable tasks. As you go down the list of the best productivity mobile apps for lawyers below, you must consider a few important factors like ease of use, data security, and affordability, among other things.

  1. Slack for iOS and Android

  2. If you were to hold every conversation over email or telephone, you might spend many productive hours doing just that! Hence, there is a noticeable shift in their preferred communication medium, and Slack has emerged as one of the best productivity apps for lawyers.

    The communication on Slack is organized into channels instead of numerous email chains. This improves communication and productivity by letting people access the information they need for any project with great ease and speed.

    The most exciting part about this app is that you can further increase its impact by using meaningful Slack integrations with other applications using Appy Pie’s no-code workflow automation platform.

  3. Evernote for iOS and Android

  4. Evernote is the best note taking app for lawyers. It has gained massive popularity in the legal community because of its versatility in terms of the formats in which you can take notes or save recordings. The platform has excellent options for saving everything from media files, articles, excerpts, and critical points of contact. Evernote for lawyers has emerged as an excellent app for several reasons.

    The app integrates with your smartphone camera and lets you capture an image from any surface, make basic edits like crop, rotate, etc., and share it from your smartphone. Then there are some of the most exciting and useful features, like removing creases from a document, converting a business card into a contact, etc., making mundane tasks like filing receipts or sending emails to new clients easier.

    You can also go to platforms like Appy Pie Connect, which can act as connectors between different apps to help you find the perfect Evernote integrations to help your law firm.

  5. OneNote for iOS and Android

  6. OneNote is the digital notebook from Microsoft that has gained great popularity as the perfect notes organization tool for lawyers who use Microsoft Office at work. OneNote for lawyers has emerged as the perfect tool for keeping your notes organized into sections and pages so that all the data is easy to find.

    Apart from that, as a lawyer, you have the option to highlight and annotate text within the app, save notes, share notes, and add other kinds of media like photos and videos. If you are looking for ways to amplify the power of this amazing app, integrate apps together using one or a combination of the several OneNote integrations offered by Appy Pie Connect.

  7. OneDrive

  8. As a lawyer, you handle hundreds of different types of documents, evidence, papers, forms, photos, or any other form of media. OneDrive from Microsoft lets you save all these types of documents on a personal cloud space that offers excellent collaborative functionalities.

    The ability to access all your files from anywhere gives great mobility and allows the app users to work from anywhere. You can look for OneDrive integrations to further amplify the capabilities of the application and work towards improving your overall productivity.

  9. Box for iOS and Android

  10. If you are looking for a good cloud storage solution as a lawyer, Box is one of the most reliable cloud storage apps for lawyers. The platform offers advanced security controls, smart threat detection, stringent data privacy, and industry compliance.

    The enterprise plan for the app gives you an in-document searching capability, which lets you find any information you may need. In case you have specific requirements, you can explore all the brilliant Box integrations offered by the workflow automation platform from Appy Pie.

  11. Dropbox for iOS and Android

  12. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage apps and has, in time, emerged as one of the best productivity apps for lawyers because of the convenience it offers. This cloud-storage app is one of the easiest-to-use storage apps that offers great collaborative opportunities.

    Dropbox is known for its stringent security protocols in place, which let you maintain confidentiality for your business and your clients. Though the platform is quite popular because of its convenience and mobility, you can still amplify it by finding useful Dropbox integrations. You can integrate your favorite apps together in minutes using Appy Pie Connect.

  13. Clio for iOS and Android

  14. Whether you are a seasoned legal professional or someone who is just starting out in the legal arena, Clio has something for you. Established as one of the best law firm time tracking software, Clio is more than just an attorney time tracking software. This lawyer time tracking software offers features such as document management, client information storage, and billing.

    Clio is a cloud-based software with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Launched in 2007, Clio has emerged as the most popular law practice management software today. Though the platform is arguably the best time keeping app for lawyers, it is possible to further boost its functionality by exploring meaningful Clio integrations with other popular apps using Appy Pie Connect.

  15. Google Drive for iOS and Android

  16. As a lawyer, it is natural that you would receive and manage a bunch of legal documents, evidence, photos, and videos. Most of these files may contain sensitive client data and confidential information. Hence, you must understand the importance and utility of Google Drive for law firms.

    The free plan offers 15GB of storage, and the business plan offers more storage and is quite affordable. Also, with Google Workspace, you get access to multiple other useful applications like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more! It sounds powerful, but you can increase the power of the platform by exploring the countless Google Drive integrations available on our no-code workflow automation platform.

  17. Skype for iOS and Android

  18. As remote working has become a norm, many meetings, even hearings, happen through video conferencing apps like Skype. It reduces time and money spent on commuting. This means it is easier and cheaper to simply set up a quick video meeting with your clients, even if it is just a 5-minute discussion. Not only is it much cheaper than going all the way to another part of the town, but it is also even cheaper than making a call on a landline or a cell phone.

    Skype has gained massive popularity as the chosen video conferencing app due to its ease of use and convenience. However, you can easily amplify its functionality, automate multiple processes, and explore how you can integrate Skype with other useful apps available on Appy Pie Connect.

  19. Trello for iOS and Android

  20. Trello is a brilliant and valuable task board system that is more than just another productivity app. It is a full-fledged project management system that has gained popularity as one of the most useful mobile apps for lawyers that increase productivity. The app is created to help users automate workflows quickly and easily with the help of intuitive features. However, there are some amazing online connectors or integrations with Trello available on our no-code workflow automation platform.


    Though the needs of lawyers are vast in nature as they work on different subjects simultaneously, but in most cases, app integrations work very well for them as it saves an ample amount of time for them to focus on other tasks which are left behind. It also helps with effective communication and collaboration improving client relationships and bringing positive results. If you haven’t tried Appy Pie Connect yet, it’s time to try it now for free.


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