If you are keen to build a community around your product/ services, the social network app can be a great way to create, nurture and manage one. App Builder Appy Pie’s Social network app builder can now help you experience all the benefits of networking with your registered users:

  • Post updates -including videos, photo and text.
  • Comment or like posts.
  • Manage users-top 100 users who are most active, basis their profiles.
  • Help audiences get to your content faster.
  • Keep them better engaged.
  • Push notifications can be of great help for selling products or publishing articles.
  • Follow people and be followed.
  • Create a private community of users.
  • Sharing your posts.
  • User Profiles can be shared to build strong networks.
  • Hashtags can be used to organize posts using Kluster feature.
  • Get email notifications when users comment on your posts, subscribe or follow you.
  • Restrict comments basis profile of users.
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