Top Tips for Mobile App Developers to Handle Negative Feedback or Reviews

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It is only natural that as an app owner, you would get a mix of positive and negative reviews. The negative reviews might irk you, but you must find a way to handle them and work out a way to turn them around to your advantage and we are here to help you achieve just that!

The feedback that you receive from your customers has a strong impact on the success or failure of your app. The app ratings that your app receives on the app stores both, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are proven to cast an impact on the search rankings within the stores which indicates the importance of positive feedback and reviews for your app. Now, it is a little unrealistic to think that you would never receive a negative review, but knowing what to do with it, addressing it and responding to it suitably goes a long way.

1. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Feedback from users is considered by most app developers as an indication that they care. Majority of app users are unlikely to say anything at all about the apps that they are using irrespective of whether they like it or not. Hence it is of absolute importance that you learn to value the feedback that you do receive.

In this light, you must make sure that you do not get into any argument with the users. Now, you are bound to get defensive whenever anyone expresses negativity about your creation, but if you react emotionally to this, it can spell disaster for you. You should aim for an attitude that harbors a collaborative relationship with the customer instead of ending up with an antagonistic relationship. Hence, it is advisable to reign in the emotional reactions, and first validate the users by acknowledging their problem with your app. Once the disgruntled customer finds validation with you, the tension would immediately be diffused, and the problem would be well on its way to resolution.

2. A Simple Sorry Goes A Long Way

When you sincerely own up to any errors that you may have committed, not only are the customers appeased, but the relationship with them also improves considerably. However, an apology without following up is never going to do the job for you. It is important that you as an app developer follow up on the apology with appropriate corrections to the app and then resolution.

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When you go the extra mile in resolving the problems being encountered by the customers and resolve their issues or offers a little something extra, you are awarded proportionately with a stronger, more robust relationship with the customer. Once you have taken care of the issue, it is a good idea to let the users know that you have resolved it by leaving a small comment on the forum they chose to begin with, preferably on a public forum.

In addition to taking care of the issue, the app owners can sweeten up the whole thing by offering some discount or some free credits which can be redeemed within the app. This way, as an app owner or developer you get the added advantage of a positive word of mouth from happy customers.

3. To Listen is of Critical Importance

The listening ability of any company is one of the most revered ones, especially among the customers. It is of absolute importance that you take the trouble to listen closely to everything that the user has to say about your app, whether it is the navigability, the range of features, the prices, offers, push notifications or anything else under the sun. only after you have made this effort can you go about making changes to your app and actually make an improvement. Ask the right questions and you would definitely be rewarded with important insights into the real problems that might be casting a negative impact on the app user experience.

While it is important that you acknowledge and address the negative feedback, it is equally important to separate the trolls from genuine feedbacks as well. You can respond to the trolls with a polite and professional response, but it is important to know when to back off and disengage with them.

4. Negative Reviews Can Help You Improve Your App

The negative feedback that you receive from your customers can actually be of great help when you are trying to tweak a product with the intent to make it better. The feedback can give you an insight into the kind of features that you would do well to incorporate in your app, and which ones should you exclude. It can also help you identify and rid yourself of any bugs in the app while making sure that you are offering the right price point.


By responding appropriately to the customers you pave the path for a robust consumer relationship while developing a sort of community that helps them feel engaged, valued, and involved in the app and the brand.

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