History of FedEx Logo

Fedex Logo History: What’s so special about Fedex Logo

By Saumya | December 1, 2022 2:17 pm

FedEx is known to be the top provider of business services, transportation, and e-commerce worldwide, which is why FedEx corporate is considered one of the leading international brands. It provides shipping services for packages and freight all over the globe. However, the brand is best known for one of its key features, i.e., its unique logo design and its hidden meaning. Let's step into the evolution of the FedEx logo over the years and its significance.

We all know that the world has become a global village, and international exposure opportunities have increased multifarious. From sending goods to another country to sharing research information and essential news, global connectivity is the new normal.

Due to the easy reach of global connectivity, a small company, even in Bangladesh, can send its products anywhere in the world. And you know what? It's also affordable and quick, unlike earlier days when we had to wait months to receive packages from any international destination. And all the credit definitely goes to one of the megacorporations FedEx corporate, which delivers global logistics, business services, and e-commerce.

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FedEx- Birth & Evolution

Started by Frederick W. Smith in 1971, it was a packaging delivery company based out of Memphis, Tennessee, in the USA. Since then, it has transformed into a globally acclaimed courier, postal, and logistics organization with an annual revenue of $84 billion.

The company is known for being the best employer in the world; FedEx corporate has over 5,70,000 employees worldwide and always focuses on their staff's well-being, high-quality professional standards, and the needs of their customers and communities. In addition, since its inception, the company has been committed to bridging gaps between different countries to attain carbon-neutral services.

The Hidden Meaning Behind FedEx Logo

Most people aren't aware of the optical illusion behind the famous FedEx logo. But, if you look closely between E and X, you'll notice a little white arrow in between that actually depicts motivation, perseverance, sleep, and striving for excellence in reaching goals.

But that's not it; yes, there's more. Do you know each shade in the FedEx logo depicts a different meaning? For instance, the wordmark 'Ex' is in different colors for other platforms, which is actually a fun way of differentiating various departments within the company. For example, orange is the official color of FedEx Express, red represents FedEx Freight, and green indicates FedEx Ground. The logo is known for winning multiple awards for its uniqueness and is one of the significant factors of a brand's personality. Much credit goes to the impeccable use of negative space between the letters E and X making an arrow.

1971- 1994: The FedEx Logo

1971- 1994: FedEx Logo

The debut logo of FedEx was started in 1971 when the complete brand 'Federal Express' got featured along with a diagonal rectangle division. The term 'Federal' was in white against a blue background, and Express was in red in the lower tier against a white background. All the characters were in uppercase; however, 'SS' were elongated and modified, and there was no horizontal bar in 'A.'

The FedEx logo then consisted of three shades: blue, white, and red, that portray the ideas of professionalism and authority in the logistics industry. Also, the image color scheme was used to emphasize that FedEx welcomes ordinary men and former employees of the US government to their organization.

1991- 1994: The FedEx Logo

1991- 1994: FedEx Logo

In 1991 a second version of the FedEx logo was launched, which was more relatable and in a more straightforward design. The new brand logo was introduced during the time of rebranding and was a condensed version of the name 'Federal Express. This logo was created by one of the senior design specialists of Landor Associates. His expertise reflects his capabilities of making the most of the 'negative space.

The emblem of Northwest Orient Airlines actually inspired the FedEx logo. Though this logo wasn't used in advertising initially, it was there in business communications. The visual lightness and dual color scheme made the logo look legible and coherent. The first three characters were in dark purple, and the latter two were in red.

1994- Present: The FedEx Logo

1994- Present: FedEx Logo

The current version of the FedEx logo consists of two sections, where each section begins with uppercase letters. Similar to the former edition, it comprises two terms: Fed and Ex. However, the colors have been changed, where the dark purple got replaced by light lilac and red by pastel orange. Additionally, there's no more space between 'd' and 'E,' and they are jointly written.

The multiple-award-winning logo is the brainchild of Lindon Leader, who has also created some of the most superior designs in the past. Some of his impeccable designs include the symbols of Novariant, ALSCO, and Hawaiian. Also, he has worked with some leading brands, such as Addison, Disney, and Motorola. However, the FedEx logo is considered to be amongst his best creations.

The logo has earned more than 40 awards globally and has been entitled as one of the top eight logos designed in the past four decades. After the immense success of the current logo, the company changed its brand name from 'Federal Express' to 'FedEx,' giving the brand a more sophisticated and professional look.

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