Design your own Favicon in a few Minutes

Design your own custom Favicon with our online Favicon Maker

Favicon is a graphic that appears next to the URL of your website in the browser's address bar. It's also used to make bookmarks. It's a little icon, and it's set on each site by default. But you may want to change it. Perhaps it's too hard to recognize your website among many others. Or maybe you just want to add some more creativity to your website. In this case, you will need a custom favicon design.

Now, you can create your own Favicon Design with Appy Pie's online Favicon Maker online. It's easy, drag and drop editing. No coding is required. Use Appy Pie Design’s built-in Favicon Maker to design your own custom Favicon. Choose your favorite colors and font styles and generate a brand new favicon. You can also preview the icon in real-time as you create it. You get an easy-to-use design template that gets your favicons done in no time. With the help of our Favicon Maker, you can create multiple favicons for all your applications.

Why choose Appy Pie Design to create a custom Favicon for your App or Website?

It is very simple and easy to create a custom favicon for your website or application. We will provide you with high-resolution favicons in all of the required formats including ICO (Icon), PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc. Our skilled team of developers is an expert in creating customized icons for all kinds of websites and applications. There are plenty of reasons why you should use our Favicon Maker tool to create your custom Favicon Design: Save Time - Our team of professional designers has created a huge range of high-quality designs that will save you time from creating your own design from scratch. This allows you to focus on other important tasks without wasting your valuable time designing your favicon.

  • Get Professional Quality -

    We've been designing for over 5 years and have developed a process that ensures top-quality designs every time! We don't settle for anything less than perfection with our work and expect nothing less from our customers!

  • Up-to-Date Technology -

    We believe that every website or app matters and we use up-to-date technology to deliver the best results. Just choose our Favicon templates to make your website or app stand out from the crowd.

  • Customer Support -

    If you ever need any help or assistance with your design, we're always here to help. Just post a comment on a design and one of our professional designers will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

  • No Legal Trouble -

    We respect copyright laws and protect our customers from any legal trouble regarding design theft or copyright infringement. We use only original designs, created exclusively by our team of designers, so you can make your own favicon using them without any worries! Once you purchase the design, you'll receive an email that contains all details about how to download your design plus usage guidelines.

How to Design your own Favicon in 3 easy steps?

You are just a few clicks away from having your very own favicon for your website and it is as simple as that! With the new visual editor in place, you can design your favicon in an easy step-by-step manner, without having to worry about the coding part.

Follow these simple steps to create a custom Favicon design:

  1. Choose a template that fits your needs best:

    There are thousands of templates designed by professional designers. You can choose any one of them depending on your needs.

  2. Customize your Favicon template:

    Choose the size of the favicon design you need. Customize the text, font, color, background of your chosen template to make it a custom Favicon best suited for your website.

  3. Save and Download

    Download the favicon design you have chosen to use on your website or app.