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The online logo maker from Appy Pie lets you create Logo & NFT Logo designs for your business or personal brand without investing thousands of dollars in hiring a professional logo creator or spending months mastering complicated design software. This logo generator is easy to use and perfect for both professional designers and amateurs alike. The platform is highly intuitive and has a smooth learning curve. It means anyone with little to no experience with any logo designing software can use it to create stunning company logo designs.

Appy Pie has a clear mission and vision to make technology affordable and accessible to people of all backgrounds and experiences. The free logo creator from Appy Pie Design makes it possible for anyone to create a free logo design online.

Create a custom logo & NFT Logo from scratch or choose from among the hundreds of logo design templates. The best part is that you can easily tweak the logo template and personalize it to suit your brand. You can work on your logo design from any device, any location, while cloud storage keeps your logo design project safe.

Once you are happy with your business logo design, you can leave it on the cloud, download it to your device, or share it on a social network of your choice!

Logo Maker
Logo Maker

Logo Maker to create a professional Logo

With so many brands existing in the market, to save your brand from being cornered, you need to have a brand logo. A professional business logo enables you to attract customers. A logo helps your brand achieve recognition, identification and a strong presence in the market. A company’s logo needs to be in sync with the brand or trademark. A logo is critical as it makes the first impression and portrays your professional image. It helps you build your brand, increases customer retention and supports you by bringing in more revenue. Key factors to be kept in mind while designing logos:

  1. A logo needs to target your audience
  2. It needs to be simple
  3. It needs a core concept
  4. It needs to be in sync with your brand and brand strategy
  5. It needs to be unique
  6. It needs to have the right colors
  7. It needs to adopt a minimalistic approach
Let’s Get Started
Why Appy Pie Logo maker

Why Appy Pie Logo maker?

Businesses do not have the time or the right resources to create a logo for their brand. Fortunately, a variety of tools available online help you create your brand logos. You can design your logos easily with Appy Pie Logo maker software which helps you create fabulous logos in just a few minutes. Also, your can convert your Logo into an NFT Art with a few clicks as well.

Let’s Get Started
Why Appy Pie Logo maker

Features of Appy Pie Logo Maker

Appy Pie Logo maker offers you a set of professional tools to make a unique logo for your brand. You can customize your logo and make it exclusive with effective countless features available on Appy Pie Logo Maker:

Logo Templates
Logo Templates
Appy Pie logo creator offers an endless range of free templates generated by professional designers. You can choose from the available template collection to find the ideal one for yourself and create an impressive logo. However if you want you can you can also upload your own graphics.
In-built Design tools
In-built Design tools
You can make changes to various aspects of your logo to make it more effective. With multiple in-built design features, you can change the icons, colors, color palettes, and layout structures. This feature is great as you can adjust your logo later, when you want to use it for marketing purposes.
Pick the Right Fonts
Pick the Right Fonts
A good font makes a big difference. Fonts help convey the personality of your brand. Whether you are a luxury brand serving an up-market audience or just a fun brand, you can express yourself through fonts. There are a variety of free fonts available on the platform. You can choose the font best suited to your brand.
Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable
You can easily change any of the elements to get your perfect logo! Customize gradient, clipart, shadow effects, and fill the background with your favorite colors to modify your logo.
Reliable customer support
Reliable customer support
Appy Pie believes in building long-term customer relationships. We have a reliable customer support team to understand customer issues. Our support team is available to assist you whenever you need them. Feel free to contact Appy Pie to get the right advice to identify and fix your problem.
Edit logos
Edit logos
After you have created a logo design online, you can edit your logo and keep making changes as per your requirements. Easy to edit templates let you tweak each layer in the logo.
Free to use
Free to use
Appy Pie logo maker is free to use and is one of the best Logo makers available online. With this free logo maker, you can browse thousands of logo designs, make changes and save as many versions as you like.

10 Things to Consider When Creating a Logo for your Business or Company

No matter what your business niche may be, a business logo has the potential to help improve your brand image and recall. However, not everyone is a professional logo designer. Though the icon generator from Appy Pie Design gives you the right tools, it helps to be aware of a few simple points that must be kept in mind when designing your logo.

  1. Keep your business and brand in mind
  2. Not all businesses are equal, and every brand comes with their own characteristics. The colors that will work for a fast food chain will definitely be unsuitable for a luxury car brand. Keep your customers and the market in mind before you design your logo.

  3. Don’t fall for the trends
  4. It is natural to be tempted by the latest trends and try and incorporate some trendy elements like colors, fonts or patterns in your logo. It is a bad idea! The idea is to create a contemporary logo with a timeless appeal. This means your logo design would be great for decades to come.

  5. Start with Black and White
  6. You won’t always have the option to print your logo in color. This is why you must first create a logo design in black and white so that whether it is a newspaper or a flyer, your logo looks as great in color as in black and white.

  7. Make it Scalable
  8. Your logo design should be such that it doesn’t lose its aesthetics or meaning in different sizes. Whether your logo is on a letterhead or on a massive banner, it should not lose its proportions. The smart thing to do is to draw in grids.

  9. Think Different
  10. The idea behind designing a logo for your business is to give it a unique identity. The moment you see the green Medusa, you know there’s a Starbucks café around. That is the power of a unique and memorable logo.

  11. Less is More
  12. Minimalism never goes out of style. When you stand back and look at your logo make sure that there are no unnecessary elements there. remove the clutter, make it clean, and keep it simple. Keep only those elements in the logo that are just about enough to convey the message.

  13. Test Out Different Media
  14. Your logo would be an extension of your brand identity. This means it would be printed on a wide range of media. Make sure that you test them all out. A logo printed on paper may look really different from the one painted on your storefront. Try it on stationery, website, app, packaging, t-shirt, or any other marketing material, you intend to use. Use mockups and figure out how it’s going to look in the real-world.

  15. Make it Flexible
  16. Some of the mediums may need you to restructure or alter the logo, use different colors, and even position them differently. The logo you design must have infinite possibilities of such tweaks and changes without losing its essence.

  17. Make it Meaningful
  18. The logo you design must be meaningful or have a clear message. Apart from looking stunning, the one thing that can make your logo great is its ability to send out a clear message. If this element is missing in your logo, sit down and re-design.

  19. Look for Inspiration
  20. Creativity needs inspiration to flourish! Sometimes waiting around for a brilliant idea to strike may not be the most effective way to go about it. Do some creative research. Take a look at the works of some of the best graphic designers and stimulate your creative brain cells. Go out, take a walk, look through your own portfolio of work. Inspiration can strike anywhere!

How to Create a Logo with Appy Pie's Logo Maker in easy steps?

Appy Pie's Logo Maker is the best tool to create a custom logo design. It is very easy to use and you can create professional logos with it such as Logos for gaming, restaurant, food, drinks, etc. Here are some simple steps which will help you make a logo in no time:

  1. Choose a Logo Template

    First, you need to choose a template. There are many templates available. Some of the templates are free, while others are paid. You can also search for a template by name such as food logo, restaurant logo, gaming logo, etc.

  2. Change the Text and Color

    Once you have chosen a template, you can then change the text and color of the logo using appropriate tools. The text can be changed by using a text box or you can also insert text from an external file like .txt or .docx. Once done, you can change the color of the text and background by using our drag-and-drop editor.

  3. Add Effects to Logo

    You can add effects to your logo easily and you will find many effects like drop shadow, bevel, emboss, etc. You can use these effects to make your logo more attractive and appealing. The logo designer has several presets for each effect which allows users to quickly apply an effect without having to worry about tweaking parameters in the editor.

  4. Save Your Logo

    Once you have created your logo, you can save it for future use or share it with others via social media or email. You can also download it as an image file or export it to another format like .png, .jpg or .gif.