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Top 13 Chatbots In Healthcare Industry

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 27th, 2024 12:26 pm | 5-min read

Chatbots are improving user engagement in every industry since its advent. From entertainment to education, these virtual assistants are successfully reducing the workload. Chatbots started emerging in health industry to assist health professionals and offer timely medical advice to patients. Chatbots in the healthcare industry are meant to improve primary healthcare facilities, clinical care, and other medical processes.

What are Health bots? Health bots are AI-powered virtual assistants that interact with patients and health professionals for a specific health related purpose. They have the potential to provide various kind of services like setting up appointments, suggesting first aid to patients, medication management, etc. Healthcare chatbots are designed to ease the burden of the medical industry. Appy Pie -Healthcare ChatbotsIn this article, we will learn about top 13 healthcare chatbots of the industry which are successfully assisting the health industry. But before that, let us quickly check out some statistics related to health bots.

Top 13 Chatbots In Healthcare Industry

Based on various analysis, we are going to list top 13 chatbots which have started revamping the healthcare industry.

  1. Sensely
  2. Sensely is information health chatbot, which has a partnership with Mayo Clinic for health information. This bot let patients to speak or text their symptoms and receive either a referral to medical service or self-care advisory. It reduces the patients’ time and effort spent in searching for relevant health care centers.

  3. GYANT
  4. GYANT is a healthcare chatbot which collects the patients’ data containing the symptoms of their disease and send to doctors for diagnosing and prescribing medicines in real time. It is multilingual and can communicate with patients in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

  5. Ada
  6. Ada is one of the leading chatbots in healthcare industry which not only records the patients’ symptoms but also schedules their appointment with a doctor. Possibly, it is efficient enough to give a diagnosis and provide medical advice.

  7. Youper
  8. Youper’s AI-based health care chatbot focusses on improving the mental health. As patients start the conversation related to their emotional health, Youper monitor their mental health and quickly initiate psychological techniques based personalized conversations to improve patients’ health. It assists patients to know more about them and fine tune their experience as per their needs.

  9. Babylon
  10. Babylon provides AI based symptom checker bot. It has the advantage of scheduling a video call appointment with a doctor. This feature can connect patients to real doctors for sharing more accurate and detailed information about their symptoms. Without physically going to a doctor’s clinic, Babylon virtual assistant helps patients in getting real time medical prescription from doctors.

  11. ABBI
  12. ABBI is specially meant for medical marijuana. It interacts with patients and recommends them on strains and doses using the information from marijuana experts. It also sends introductory information to patients those who don’t know about the marijuana medical.

  13. Symptomate
  14. Symptomate, is a healthcare chatbot which is powered by machine learning technology. It is a symptom checker chatbot which can run on both medical website and mobile apps and can assess a user’s health status. Based on the symptoms, Symptomate can also recommend some medicines in case the patient’s condition is not severe.

  15. SafeDrugBot
  16. SafeDrugBot, is a unique health bot which does not assist patients but doctors. This chatbot quickly provides medication for breastfeeding women. This chatbot recommends the medication to doctors and doctors based on their knowledge and experience have a final say to patients.

  17. Buoy Health
  18. Buoy Health is a healthcare chatbot developed by experienced team of doctors and computer scientists and the information is based on over clinical data over 18000 medical papers. This chatbot can thoroughly collect the details of patients’ medical state and provide several prescriptions and actional steps which can be taken before reaching to doctor.

  19. Cancer Chatbot
  20. Cancer chatbot really a resourceful healthcare bot for people associated with cancer disease. This chatbot offers chemo tips and tricks to free services to patients suffering from cancer. It also provides assistance to family and friends of cancer patient. It is a highly recommended health chatbot for all those associated with cancer.

  21. Izzy
  22. Izzy, the conversational health assistant helps women to track their menstrual cycles. This chatbot also interacts with women and advise them of their sexual issues and menstrual health. Izzy acts as a friend and guide for all those women who feel shy to talk about their sexual health. This bot not only reminds users to take their birth control pills but also notifies of fertility period and next period date. Izzy ensures that female users are doing fine with their menstrual health.

  23. Florence
  24. Florence, once a symptom checker health bot is now sending reminders to patients to take their medications, tracking their physical and mental health, and locating health services like doctor’s clinic, pharmacies, etc. near them. It is a perfect healthcare chatbot that takes care of a user’s health.

  25. Forsky
  26. Forsky is a healthcare chatbot which takes care of a user’s physical health. It assists in tracking the calorie count and promoting healthy food habits to maintain Body Mass Index. Forsky acts like an AI-based food diary which accurately informs the calorie count and benefits of food that user is eating. Forsky is a highly interactive health bot which answers food related questions in very friendly manner.

Summing Up

Creating your health chat bot is not a difficult task. You can create your own chatbot without even coding a single line, but you must make sure that your health chatbot can easily establish conversations with your patients. To make your own chatbot, you can use the Chatbot Builder from no-code development platform Appy Pie!If you think we have missed any leading healthcare chatbot, you can mention it in the comment section!

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