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Chatbot Applications: How are Top Industries Using Chatbots?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 20th, 2024 12:27 pm | 4-min read

Just imagine you get an authenticated first-aid device from a smart assistant while sitting at your home. Or you easily got your insurance claim without standing in a long queue or waiting for your agent. Chatbots is one of the greatest technological advancement which is successfully changing the industry trends.

For customers, chatbots enable interactive conversation, better customer service, instant query resolution, and improved business to customer engagement. On the other hand, for businesses, chatbots lower customer support expenses, improve conversion rates, enhance customer loyalty, and generate more leads. The majority of industries are using chatbots in their various departments to ease the management and administration of business processes. As per Business Insider, 80% of businesses will adopt chatbots by 2020. In this blog, we will learn of chatbot applications and how top industries are using chatbots. Before moving further, let us check out key statistics related to a chatbot.Chatbots for industries - Appy Pie

Chatbot Applications: Top Industries using Chatbots

Chatbots created with no-code development platform have the potential to bring revolution in any industry. Some of the major use cases of industries are mentioned below. So, let us learn how the chatbot is doing their magic!

  1. Government Agencies
  2. Government agencies whether it is an income tax department or legal domain handle thousands of queries regularly. In most departments, repetitive tasks such as giving forms, telling people about required documents, and asking them to submit a form on time consume the majority of time and staff. Above that, delays and red tapping is prevalent in departments, which results in unusual delays. With the help of chatbots, the agility, transparency, and efficiency of the internal workforce can be improved in serving the public. Chatbots can respond to more requests per day, provide instant information, and can collect the required data in no time. For instance, GovBot of Germany answers queries to citizens based on integrated administrative knowledge; Alex deployed in the Australian taxation office assists people with their tax-related queries. AI-based chatbots enable citizens to get quick access to public data, enable them to make and track requests, and reduce the wait time of requests. For government agencies, the chatbot can improve the availability and accessibility of government and supports citizens with its omnichannel presence.

  3. Banking and Financial Services
  4. The banking and financial industry have a minimum scope of error in their daily tasks. Banking personnel have encounters with people who enquire about new fixed deposit rates, changes in banking norms, documents that need to be submitted for specific loans, and much more almost every day. Employees have to repetitively deliver the same information to people. So, to handle these queries easily, quickly, and engagingly, chatbots can be utilized in banking systems. AI-powered chatbots can deliver the right information at the right time improving customer experience. It can help study the user responses and improve the conversation flows for better future interaction. For instance, Bank of America’s virtual assistant Erica can receive the requests via text and voice messages and schedule a payment; Mastercard uses a bot on Facebook Messenger and notifies the users of every new offer. The banking industry is continuously evolving to explore numerous benefits of chatbots. As chatbots continue to advance, customers can experience the shift from offline banking to conversational user interface banking. For the benefit of both banking staff and customers, chatbots can prove to be worth investing assets.

  5. Healthcare
  6. Health is wealth and the healthcare industry is relentlessly involved in taking care of the physical and mental health of people. This industry requires highly efficient personnel that can provide primary and secondary healthcare facilities dedicatedly. And with the advances in technology, the healthcare industry started adopting chatbots to improve the patient’s experience, provide assistance to doctors and manage the administration workload. Healthcare bots enable the diagnosis of the disease based on symptoms, suggest first aid to patients, advise patients and their families of precautionary measures to be taken during treatment, track fitness goals, menstrual cycles, etc. and assist the doctors with alternative better treatments. For instance, Florence is a medical bot that can remind you to take medication on time, check symptoms and find a doctor for you; Youper monitors and improves the emotional health of users with quick personalized conversations. Chatbots can save thousands of working hours a year for hospitals and doctors, taking the burden of doctors and making hospitals easier for patients. For patients, it can schedule appointments on fingertips, give them tips for physical and mental health, locate pharmacies to them, suggest the first aid and also help in taking the health insurance. Healthcare chatbot can perform every function with minimum chance of errors. Chatbot - Appy Pie

  7. Education
  8. Smartboards, video classrooms, online discussion groups, etc. are changing the way knowledge is imparted to kids. With the advent of new technologies, teachers’ jobs are becoming a little easier and student improvement can be tracked easily. A chatbot is one of the latest inventions, which can improve the dedicated learning environment. Chatbot or artificial intelligence-based conversational software is the game-changer in the ed-tech era. It makes the learning process more engaging for students and facilitates teachers in the teaching process which not only enhances learning but fosters vision and inquisitiveness among children. For instance, Botsify, an education chatbot teaches a particular topic to the students with a combination of text, images, and videos. And also conduct quizzes for tracking performance. Another bot, named as SnatchBot, used to answer queries related to courses, assignments, and deadlines; and analyze the learning needs of students, and suggest a course accordingly. Integrating a chatbot with the classroom is essential for a big leap in the education sector as the chatbot can benefit from overall teacher-student interaction, improve the classroom environment, and make the kids more tech-savvy for this technologically advanced era.

  9. Entertainment
  10. The industry of ever-evolving music, films, OTT media, etc. always remain early adopters of technologically advanced solutions. You might be thinking about how chatbot industry trends include the entertainment industry. But in this industry, several chatbots are automating various processes. For instance, music chatbots help in creating and maintaining playlists, virtual assistant bots engage the audience via social media platforms, and many other bots change the way the entertainment industry works. AI chatbots enable the media industry to deliver customized content, increase the effectiveness of user engagement, and deliver the latest updates to everyone in one go. Amazon Alexa and Google Home, two of the most famous chatbots have revolutionized the media and entertainment industry by accepting voice commands, playing from podcasts to the music of selected genres. Chatbots are also deployed in marketing, advertising, and promotions, for instance, before the launch of the final season of Game of Thrones, the chatbot was deployed on Facebook which took the form of GoT characters and was widely loved by audiences. The future of the entertainment industry can be taken to all new heights with the help of chatbots. By leveraging the power of conversational chatbots, media companies can improve user experience, grow a customer base, and can promote their media in a better way.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, chatbots can revamp any domain of any industry, if integrated in the right way. It is an affordable way to make various processes automated and seamless. With a no-coding platform like that of Appy Pie Chatbot Builder, you can even make your chatbot without even coding a single line and can integrate easily into your website.In the comment section below, do mention your industry and how chatbots have improved your business processes!

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