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How to Improve User Bot Engagement for Business Growth?

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on March 3rd, 2024 12:25 pm | 4-min read

An AI-based chatbot is one of the recent inventions boosting the growth of businesses having an online presence. According to the reports of Forbes, over 80% of sellers across the world are planning to deploy online chatbot in marketing in some or another way by 2020. Also, the chatbot market is expected to reach around $1.25 billion by 2025.

Many companies are engaged in creating chatbots to support the businesses looking for automation. AI Chatbots are a crucial part of businesses’ marketing and customer engagement strategy. They help businesses-
  • Facilitate automated interaction with users
  • Offer 24/7 customer support
  • Generate leads
  • Save human time and effort
  • Reduce customer response time
According to Botanalytics, 40% of users do not use a bot after the first interaction while 25% of people leave the bot after the second conversation. In this article, we will discuss the ways you can use to deploy chatbot in your business marketing strategy and encourage people to use your chatbot.

Let us first go through some major findings in the infographic:Chatbot - Appy Pie

How to Improve User-Bot Engagement?

Have you deployed the online chatbot in your business and not getting the expected response? You can consider the following points to improve your business user engagement.

  • Utilize Social Media Platforms
  • By displaying the importance of your AI-chatbot on social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, VK, Reddit, etc with the help of images, infographics, preview videos, plugins, CTAs; you can increase the engagement.

  • Focus on User Interface
  • User interaction with chatbots must be an enjoyable experience. Interactive user interfaces with features like speech recognition, checklists, easy clicks, user menus, etc can help you improve customer interaction with chatbots.

  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Feedbacks either positive or negative can aid in improving the potential of a chatbot to communicate in a better way with users. Negative feedback comes with the scope of improvement and positive with increasing the efficiency of bots. Thus, utilize the feedback to make online chatbot more engaging.

  • Prepare Bot for Pitfalls
  • Users end up their conversation with bots if they do not get answers in the relevant manner. Thus, prepare your bot for situational questions, handling verbal abuses, understanding the expressions, language inputs, etc to improve their credibility. Chatbots that are created using no-code AI development platform can handle any kind customer conversation with ease.

  • Adding Human Touch
  • Most people still think chatbots cannot answer their queries and try to check the bots with random questions like “How are you?”, “Where are you from?”, etc. Design your chatbots for interactive onboarding of the users to maintain their expectations. Random questions allow telling the story of your brand interactively. Simple questions, emojis, concise sentences, etc can also be used to add the human touch to the conversation. Go through this post to learn more ways you can use to humanize your chatbot - 7 Effective Tips to Humanize your Chatbot.

  • Integration of Business Pages and Website
  • Online chatbot must be integrated with different business channels used by your company to improve the frequency of customers. Make sure chatbots are available on every platform to help customers in filling forms, solving their queries, giving details of products, etc. Now when we are talking about integration, let me introduce you to our excellent automation platform – Appy Pie Connect. You can use this software to integrate your mobile applications with various social media platforms, eCommerce sites, payment options, and much more. Check it out today!

  • Improve the convenience
  • Coming back to chatbots, the convenience of using chatbots results in quick reactions from customers. You can take the help of pop up messages, push notifications, call-to-action buttons to increase the accessibility of 24/7 chatbots. Make sure the features of your online chatbot are compatible with both desktop and mobile applications.

  • Engagement in Unique Ways
  • Sometimes standard conversation needs to be replaced by interactive ideas to attract the customers. By incorporating memes, GIFs, interactive questions, pictures, videos, you can involve users to communicate easily and effectively.

  • Analysis and improvement
  • Keep track of the users’ behavior, interests, needs, way of engagement with a chatbot in marketing team, etc with the help of a customized dashboard. Analyzing the customer’s attitude with chatbot and improving the bot accordingly can certainly boost the user-bot interaction.

You can also go through A Beginner’s Guide to Chatbot Marketing to get more tips on how to improve your marketing strategy while using chatbots.

Chatbot use - Appy Pie

Case Studies

Businesses across the world are using chatbots for better engagement with customers. Various approaches are deployed in chatbots to improve users’ experience. Here, in this section we will discuss some of the case studies related to engaging chatbots:

  • PVR Cinemas
  • One of the well-known chains of movie theatres in India has deployed a chatbot for facilitating the visitors in viewing offers, booking movie tickets quickly, and leaving feedback. Their chatbot with several interactive features also shows the movie trailer to visitors, thereby aiding them to make decisions. It also effectively boosts the revenues by improving the experience of visitors.

  • Dominos
  • World’s leading pizza makers have added the chatbots for a smooth ordering process. Along with interactive communication pattern, Dominos makes sure that their chatbot functions as per the convenience of users. Single bot messenger can help in dialling the number, ordering the pizza, and giving the information about discounts.

  • National Geographic
  • Famous television network National Geographic uses online chatbot to engage users by taking the quizzes. Fun quizzes are combined with attractive discounts with the help of chatbots that improve the conversion rates and sales of the company.

  • HelloFresh
  • HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service which has used a unique way to engage their users with chatbots. By giving chatbot exclusive discount codes, they track the number of customers engaging through online chatbots and analyze the data for further improvement.

  • H&M
  • One of the popular apparel brands, H&M uses a chatbot to engage with customers helping them with style guides, measurement of sizes, product pricing, and many more features. H&M has deployed the chatbot with a personalized touch that successfully engages several customers.

Summing Up

Online chatbot can revolutionize the way humans interact with various businesses platforms. Now that you know how to improve user’s engagement using chatbots, it is time you create your own chatbot using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder. With various in-built features and tools, Appy Pie can help you in deploying chatbots effectively on your website. Appy Pie offers a variety of chatbots including inquiry bot, appointment bot, answers bots, webinar registration chatbot, and various others. You can choose the one that best suits your business preferences.Get StartedChatbots are evolving as powerful AI-based automated software across different sectors from online shopping to banking services. Prioritizing customer’s experience has become one of the major concern of businesses which can be fulfilled by chatbots. Investing in chatbot to boost revenue and sales can prove to be the game-changer for your company.Do you think chatbots can be made more interesting? If yes, do share your inputs and chatbot experiences with us in the comments! Good Luck!


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