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How to Make a Medical & Healthcare Website for Free in 3 Easy Steps?


How to create a medical website using appy pie website builder?
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To create your own medical website, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website name

    Choose a special name for your medical website to help your brand stand out

  2. Add features to your website

    Build a great medical and healthcare website without any coding

  3. Publish your medical website

    Launch your medical website to bring your business online in just a few minutes

What pages are necessary for a medical website?

Like every other website, there are certain pages that are essential for creating a medical website. While this list doesn’t cover all, it does cover the most important pages for a healthcare website.

  • Health & Wellness Blog

    It’s necessary for every medical website to promote good health and a blog dedicated to health & wellness is a good way to help people and generate significant traffic for your website.

  • Consulting Doctor

    A doctor available to talk to who can help in diagnosing symptoms in real time online can be of help for simple medical issues.

  • FAQs

    Many patients ask similar questions and multiple pages to address these questions is extremely helpful for the users and helpful to maintain website traffic.

  • Physician/Staff Directory

    A page dedicated for showing the credentials of the doctors and staff managing the website. It is good for branding and awareness.

  • Location Page

    If your medical website brand has dedicated clinics or hospitals, its locations and addresses must be included on your website.

  • About Page

    An often-underrated page for a medical website is the about page which describes the vision behind a medical website and adds a soul to the website which most users will appreciate.

Why should you create a medical website?

There are a lot of medical websites offering bad medical advice and finding a good genuine medical website is often a luxury. There is a shortage of good medical websites hence traffic for your website will always be available. In today’s world of unhealthily manufactured food, increasing pollution and stressful societal structures, it is important to promote good health and healthy habits. While, eliminating the problems mentioned above is impossible, promoting a good message is crucial.

From a business standpoint, a medical website indirectly increases the involved physician’s patient base and can help popularize newer procedures in the various fields of medical science. Apart from that, a medical website can also get certification to sell medicines online and turn a part of the website into an online pharmacy.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Appy Pie’s Medical Website Builder is the best website builder you can use to create an excellent medical website.

Here is how you can create your own medical website for free –

  1. Go to, select Website and click on Get Started or go to Appy Pie Website and click on Get Started
  2. Write the business name and click on Next
  3. Pick the category that best meets your business needs
  4. Choose a color scheme of your liking
  5. Click on Save & Continue
  6. If you own an Appy Pie account, login, else create an account
  7. Please wait while your website is getting ready. It is the mobile version of your medical website.
  8. Click on Preview Website
  9. On this page, you will get 2 options – ‘Back to My Website’ and ‘Configuration’
  10. Click on ‘Back to My Website’ and it will take you to My Websites page
  11. Click on the ‘View More’ tab next to your medical website name
  12. You will be taken to the Website Overview Page. Click on ‘Edit’
  13. You will be redirected to the design customization section. Here you can modify the visual appeal of your medical website and add your preferred features
  14. Click on Save & Continue
  15. Click on ‘Configuration’ to connect the website with the domain
  16. Buy a new domain or connect with your existing domain and make your medical website live in no time

Yes, you can make money from your medical website. Here are a few major ways.

  1. Organize Paid Medical Surveys
  2. Provide Telehealth Services
  3. Analyze Insurance Claims
  4. Offer Medical Transcription Services
  5. Online Consulting

You can create a medical website for free using Appy Pie’s Medical Website Builder.

Here are the top 5 medical websites.

  1. MedlinePlus
  2. Webicina
  4. Mayo Clinic
  5. Smartpatients