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IBM Watson Chatbot: How to Create a Similar Chatbot

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on March 2nd, 2024 1:27 pm | 4-min read

“Customer is king” is an age-old mantra for the success of any business. Chatbot technology is gaining traction to make customers’ experiences smooth and seamless. This article talks about one such chatbot that can help you achieve and retain customers in the long run- IBM Watson Chatbot.

What is an IBM Watson Chatbot?

The IBM Watson chatbot is a multi-channel chatbot that can be used in different channels like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, and many more. It is designed to provide the best experience for users by using natural language processing and machine learning. The IBM Watson chatbot has been built on the IBM Cloud platform, enabling it to process large amounts of data at high speed. It also uses deep learning algorithms to understand user intent and context. It offers several benefits to companies looking to provide their customers with a convenient way to get information. To know more about IBM Watson Chatbot, you can go through the infographic below:

IBM Watson Chatbot Faetures

The IBM Watson Assistant chatbot has been designed with several features that make it an ideal option for companies looking to provide their customers with a convenient and easy way to get information or help from them. Some of the key features of this chatbot are listed below:
  • Natural Language Processing – To understand users’ intent and context, the chatbot uses natural language processing techniques. This allows it to provide accurate responses in a timely manner even when there are thousands or millions of users interacting with it simultaneously.

  • Deep Learning Algorithms – To precisely know customers’ interests and behavior, the chatbot uses deep learning algorithms. This allows it to provide more appropriate responses in the future.

  • Conversational Interface – The IBM Watson Chatbot has been designed with a conversational interface that makes it easy for users to interact by typing or speaking their queries.

  • Multiple Channels – Users can access this chatbot on different channels like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, and many more to access it from anywhere at any time.

  • Dialog Management – You control the conversation flow with this feature of the IBM Watson Chatbot platform. You can decide which questions are asked first, whether there will be branching conversations, etc., based on the user response to previous questions/statements made by the bot.

How does IBM Watson Chatbot Work?

The IBM Watson conversation chatbot works through an interface where users can interact with it by typing or speaking their queries. The chatbot then processes the query and provides an appropriate response based on its understanding of the user’s intent and context. The chatbot uses natural language processing techniques to understand what the user wants, whether it is information about a product or service or help with some problem. If needed, the chatbot will ask follow-up questions to clarify the user's needs before providing an answer or solution. This helps ensure that only relevant information is provided to users instead of irrelevant content, which may confuse them further when looking for answers to their problems.

Benefits of Using IBM Watson Chatbot

IBM Watson Chatbot is an advanced chatbot that offers several benefits to users:
  • Hassle-free Experience: It provides an easy and convenient way for users to get the information they need from a company’s website or app without having to go through the hassle of searching through pages of content.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: It can be used as a customer service agent, helping customers with their queries and problems by providing them with relevant solutions and answers. This helps reduce the workload on human customer service agents who are often overworked and unable to keep up with the high volume of calls they receive every day.

  • Improve Efficiency and Productivity: The IBM Watson Chatbot is designed using state-of-the-art technology, which makes it capable of processing large amounts of data at high speed while still being able to understand user context and intent.

  • High-Level Security: The chatbot provides a high level of security for users since all data is processed on IBM’s secure cloud platform instead of being stored locally on individual devices. This helps in managing and administering information efficiently.

IBM Watson Chatbot Pricing

The IBM Watson Chatbot is available for purchase on the IBM Cloud Marketplace. The pricing model for this chatbot is based on the number of users who will be interacting with it at any given time. This makes it a very affordable option for companies looking to provide their customers with a convenient way to get information and resolve their issues as soon as possible.

How to create a chatbot similar to IBM Watson?

If you cannot buy an IBM Watson chatbot by any chance, you can create a similar chatbot with some added twists as per your requirements. Creating your IBM Watson chatbot is only a three-step process with a no-code platform available online. Firstly, create your user account on the no-code platform. Then, select the category and name of your chatbot that caters to your business needs. After that, choose the layout and theme of your chatbot which matches your brand and can grab the attention of target audience. Customize the design and conversation flow of your chatbot so as to make your customers’ experience smooth and seamless. Last but not least, preview and integrate your chatbot to the website, mobile app, and multiple social media platforms. In this way, you can build your chatbot similar to IBM Watson without any coding.


Like IBM Watson chatbot, many chatbots can help you manage customers, increase the efficiency of employees, and improve the business's productivity. And the best thing is you can easily create them with the help of chatbot builder like Appy Pie Chatbot. Appy Pie Chatbot is offered by world's leading no-code development Appy Pie. So wait no more, either buy an IBM Watson Chatbot or create a similar bot to take your business to all new heights.

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