It is Easier to Send and Receive Money with the Newly Revamped PayPal Mobile App

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By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 24th, 2022 10:45 am
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Pay & Samsung Pay have been fighting it out, there still are other online payment systems that do not look like they are going to give their position up anytime soon and one of the most prominent names among them is PayPal.

PayPal has stood its ground and stays rooted in the industry. However, as the competition grows, they are quick to realize that the users today have plethora of options and in order to hold on to their users they would have to make their system more robust & agile. The recent update from their mobile app is a testament to this consideration as they are designed around two important services for the users – sending & receiving money.

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As greater number of people from all age groups and varied walks of life are shifting to the cashless transactions, PayPal has assumed the role of more than just a way to make online payments. The current focus of the mobile app is on peer to peer payments which can come in especially handy in case you need to pay someone back, or need to split the bill at a restaurant, or even chip in for a combined gift. The newly updated app would definitely make it easier for you to carry out all these activities within the app.

With this new update on PayPalPayPal
PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.
, it is a lot easier for the users to see their balance, what makes it even better is that the ease of moving money to a desired destination is a lot easier! Also, accessing notifications is also comparatively easier now after the latest redesign.

The personalized screen in the app would help you have a clear picture of all your activities within the app which means that you can easily see where is all your money going and where is money coming from, in your account. For any payment related app, the two most important buttons are the “Send” button and the “Receive” button. The newly redesigned PayPal app has moved these buttons to a more accessible spot in the mobile app, increasing the ease of use. In the previous version of the app, it would have taken the users through several steps before being able to even locate the button within the app. In the new version, you can see this button right on the Home Screen and then wherever you navigate to within the app.

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The UI design of the app20 Tips to Design Great UI for Your Mobile App
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is further enriched by offering users the option to add photos to their own profiles and to their contact lists. This is more than a mere vanity feature, because now when you are sending or receiving money from anyone, you are doubly sure that it is indeed the right person you are transacting with. In an attempt to ease the process of login and add a layer of security by letting you log in to the app by using the fingerprint scanner on the device. If, however, you are still keen on using a way to transact which is non-paperless, then you can opt for PayPal Cash Card when you are shopping in-store.

If you have already updated to the newly redesigned version of the PayPal app and have something to share, do let us know in the comments section!

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