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A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [9 White Label Software & Services]

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 13th, 2024 10:33 am | 5-min read
Appy Pie -A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [11 White Label Software & Services]


As the importance of the digital world is increasing, its impact on the business world cannot be ignored anymore. In an effort to catch up with this evolving digital scenario, businesses find themselves struggling with many software and services that play a pivotal role in their growth.

It is unrealistic to believe that as a single entity, any business would be able to do everything themselves with great efficiency and productivity. This is where white label solutions come to play.

In this blog post, we will discuss white label solutions, including white label software and services, types of white label services, and explain about white label business opportunities with appropriate examples. Let’s get started, then!

Appy Pie -A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [11 White Label Software & Services]

What is a white label solution?

To put it in the simplest way, a white label solution is something that you can rebrand and resell to your own clients. These solutions are typically created by one organization, then rebranded and sold by another. For the purpose of this blog, we will be discussing two types of white label products – white label software and white label services.

  • White label software
  • A white label software is sold without any branding to a reseller. The resellers then brand the software as their own and sell its access to clients. All through this process, no where is it revealed that the product is developed by a different company. Some of the most common white label software include website development, app development, marketing tools for processes like lead generation, reporting, analytics, and more. This saves development costs for the reseller and offers ready clientele for the developers.

    Appy Pie - A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [11 White Label Software & Services]

  • White label services
  • White label services work on a similar principle. This means that the services are performed by a third party but sold by resellers. In this arrangement, the third-party service provider performs the services and the reseller takes care of aspects like client service and sales.

Common types of white label solutions

  • B2B white label
  • In this type of white label solutions, the products or services are sold by the white label company to a reseller to their end user – which is another company.

  • B2C white label
  • Here, the white label company sells their products or services to a reseller, who then sells it to the end user – the consumer or an individual.

  • White label SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • SaaS platforms offer license for software on a subscription basis, which is hosted on the internet and can be re-branded by the reseller. The resellers can then brand the software as their own before selling it to their own clientele.

Benefits of white label solutions

The best white label software comes with a set of benefits that demonstrate the rising popularity of this model. Following are the primary benefits that white label solutions can offer you:

  • Greater Scalability
  • Opting for white label solutions lets you scale your offerings by instantly adding new products and services, thus helping you grow faster.

  • Improved Profitability
  • With each new white label service, you add to your repertoire, you receive an incremental revenue stream. The best part, this doesn’t cost you much, thus increasing your profit!

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation
  • Offering multiple services in your niche makes you a sort of an expert for all local businesses. There’s nothing greater for your brand reputation than being deemed as an expert!

  • Higher Client Retention
  • When you choose to offer multiple services to your clients, you give them more reasons to come back to you. There is a greater possibility of you becoming a one-stop-shop for your customers.

  • Greater Focus on Strength
  • White label solutions need very little time of your own. This means you have time and resources to focus on what you do best. Build a formidable brand and provide readymade solutions to your clients in your proprietary hassle-free way.

Top 9 White Label Software and Services

In this section, we plan to list out the top white label business opportunities that you can choose from. The listings also include interesting statistics to help you make an informed decision.

  1. App Building
  2. More than 90% time spent on a mobile device is on one of the many mobile apps on device. This is a massive business opportunity for you! Businesses are not satisfied just with a website presence in isolation. They are quickly realizing that mobile apps are a necessity now. Your clients are probably looking for ways to reach their consumers, exactly where they are –smartphones! Now app building is a time taking process, and a resource cruncher as well. Hence, white label solution for app building is one of the greatest business opportunities in this regard. By outsourcing app development or opting for a white label app development platform, you can add mobile app building to your portfolio of services without having to spend years or thousands of dollars in app development.

  3. Web Solutions
  4. White label web solutions may comprise of any or many web-related services or products which can be rebranded by a reseller and sold to their clients. This could be for web hosting, web design, or website add-on products than can be resold. Companies can buy and resell the websites designed by white label website providers. Before doing so, the resellers can rebrand the websites under their own name and put an asking price as they see fit.

  5. Social Media Management
  6. About 75% of small businesses use social media marketing for their business needs and 68% are planning to increase their spending on social media marketing in the year ahead. These numbers indicate that getting a white label solution for social media management will open up a massive share in the market, for you.

  7. Content Creation
  8. In white label content creation where copywriters offer content to resellers. This content is then resold by the reseller to their clients, after they have branded it as their own. Only about 35% companies publish their own blogs. It has, however, been proven time and again that content is king. Most of the small business owners today need content, but lack of resources, time or the expertise make it tough. This is where you can step in. You can bring in white label content creation services and resell them to your small business clients.

  9. SEO
  10. In case of white label SEO solutions, you can resell an SEO software or service that has been developed by experts. These solutions will help the resellers’ clients optimize their content, while a third-party is taking care of the actual process and the reseller gains an added source of revenue.

  11. Digital Advertising
  12. Around 89% of small businesses use various digital advertising platforms for business growth. If you are in the business providing marketing services, it is wise to consider white-label advertising. Getting a white label service for digital advertising allows you to bank on the expertise of a team of specialists and offer this as a service under your umbrella of services, helping your client reach their goals.

  13. Reputation Management
  14. More than 90% consumers refer to online reviews for businesses before making the buying decision. White-label reputation management services and products can be rebranded to deal with business’ online reputation and reviews. It could be in the form of a software platform to monitor a business’ reputation or a service that responds to and generates reviews. Businesses are looking for opportunities to improve and grow their online reputation. Great scope for increasing your revenue, don’t you think?

  15. Email Marketing
  16. White label software companies create email marketing platforms which can then be rebranded and resold by resellers to their clients. A good email marketing platform can be customized by rebranding, before being resold to clients so that they can manage their email marketing campaigns better, without having to develop an in-house system. This saves your clients time and money, while giving you an additional revenue source.

  17. Graphic Design
  18. White label graphic design can be offered as a service where design professionals can create custom design work that a business can brand as their own and resell to their clients. This is a great opportunity to upsell any marketing service you may be offering to your clients.

What makes Appy Pie the best white label mobile app software?

Let’s take a look at all of the benefits offered by the best white label mobile app software Appy Pie!

  1. White label CMS
  2. White label marketing material
  3. Liberty to add your own price tag
  4. Start your own business or boost your existing business
  5. Access to all the live features
  6. Dedicated tech support
  7. App submission support
  8. No ads
  9. 30 mins of training for onboarding

How to become a white label SaaS reseller with Appy Pie?

Follow steps below to easily become a white label SaaS reseller with Appy Pie

Steps 1. Go to

Appy Pie -A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [11 White Label Software & Services]
Steps 2. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and click on Subscribe Now
Appy Pie - A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [11 White Label Software & Services]
Steps 3. You will see a “Reseller Details” popup. Enter all the necessary details such as Company Name, Email, Reseller Sub-Domain Name, and click on Sign up Now
Appy Pie - A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [11 White Label Software & Services]
Step 4. You will be redirected to payment page. Enter all the details and purchase the subscription to become a white label SaaS reseller with Appy Pie
Appy Pie - A Guide for Reselling and Making Money [11 White Label Software & Services]

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