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How Job Search Apps Help You Find Your Dream Job?

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Gone are the days when candidates had to run from one company to another looking for a job and dropping their resumes. With the advent of technology, most recruitment firms no longer use newspapers to advertise about the vacancies in their organizations. Instead, they prefer digital platforms like job search apps and websites to find the best talent for their firms. Job seekers, on the other hand, find it more convenient to job hunt on their mobile devices as applying for a job is just a click away that way.

Searching for a job using an online portal is surely easier than searching for a job offline. That is not what we are going to discuss here. What we are going to talk about is how searching for a job becomes way easier when you use a job search app than a website. Job search sites have initially helped candidates to search for a job. However, candidates have started using job search apps more to search for a job as they are quicker and more reliable. When candidates search for a job using a job search website, they get thousands of job roles for a single keyword, like Financial Accountant, Administrator, News Reporter, and much more. However, with job search apps the search process is completely different. It is way simpler and shorter. Job search apps track down the candidate’s location using the mobile app location feature and help them find a job nearby. Keep reading to find out how the job search apps are better than job search sites to help you find your dream job.Job search apps better learn the requirements of the candidates like location, salary expectations, etc. Instead of having to enter these preferences manually, these apps offer alerts for the opportunities they know the candidates would be interested in. Mobile apps have a few great features like smart filtering, push notifications, etc. that make them a lot better than the websites. These features provide app users with a much more sophisticated way of finding what they are looking for. Job search apps help both, the recruiters to find the best candidates and candidates to find the best jobs. Almost all the recruitment agencies are now adopting mobile technology to give their audiences a better search experience when they are looking for a job. Let us go through an Infographic to learn more about how the job search apps are important.Job Search App - Appy PieHere are a few more statistics to help you learn the importance of job search apps.
  • Out of 68% of the U.S. population who owns a mobile phone, 41% have searched jobs using job search apps
  • 59% of the total number of job seekers use their mobile phones to look for jobs in the industry
  • Out of all the job seekers searching for jobs using their smartphones, 23% have uploaded their resumes to make their job search process much easier
  • 60% of the job seekers check out the company page on their smartphone and 39% of them apply for the positions using job search apps

Why Prefer Mobile Job Search?

Why do candidates prefer mobile apps to search for a job opening? What makes the recruitment and job search process so popular on smartphones? Here are the answers to these questions.

  • Precise Career Evaluation
  • Job search apps are the excellent tools to help candidates with their career evaluation and assessment. Job seekers can get the best out of these apps before they apply for the relevant job role or career opportunity. With the help of these apps, job seekers can go through the required assessments and have the results matched with the job roles that are suitable for them.

  • Effective Job Application
  • Some candidates spend a lot of time finding a suitable job role. Though job search sites like Indeed and Monster offer a few filters to perform search more efficiently, candidates still sometimes candidates don’t find quicker and relevant results. This is where the personalized functions of mobile apps help job seekers find job vacancies tuned to their needs.

  • Appear for an Interview from Anywhere
  • With job search apps, you can appear for an interview from anywhere. Even if you live out of town, these apps make it easier for you to crack the interview and get the job. These remote interviews make the whole process efficient for both employees and employers.
Here are a few popular best job apps to help you find a relevant job.

  1. Glassdoor
  2. Glassdoor is one of the job search websites that comes with a mobile app. The app is quite different from other regular job search apps as it offers hundreds of insights on jobs. It enables candidates to find more about the company like reading reviews, salaries, and other benefits before they apply for a job.

  3. LinkedIn
  4. Almost 77% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find the best candidates. LinkedIn is an excellent all-in-one job search app that is perfect for interacting with co-workers, sharing professional news, networking, and searching for jobs. You need to set your profile to receive the job opportunities straight to your mailbox. Here is a post to help you get a job on LinkedIn - 5 LinkedIn Summary Templates and Tips to Get You the Job. Watch this video to learn how you can create a nice summary for your LinkedIn profile.
    (Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.)

  5. Indeed
  6. Indeed Job Search is a great job search app that comes up with millions of relevant jobs in a matter of seconds. It helps you with the job search indeed. You just need to search for the right keyword. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile phones.

  7. JobAware
  8. This is one highly organized job search app. It lets you search for a job using relevant keywords and your preferred location. The app allows you to categorize jobs as per priority – dream jobs, second choice, and third choice jobs.

  9. SnagAJob
  10. This job search app helps you find hourly and part-time jobs. The app offers a one-click feature that helps you apply for jobs in a single click. It also offers personality quizzes that you can take to show off your personality to the employers.


There are hundreds of job search apps available out there, and we have mentioned just a few of them. We hope this article helps you if you are a job seeker. Also, if you want to add some more qualifications to your resume, go through our Appy Pie Academy and find various useful courses that you can learn to improve your profile. You can also try resume writing services for a better resume.  And, if you are a recruiter, we have more for you. Just create an app for your business using Appy Pie’s AppMakr and add a hyperlocal feature to it. The hyperlocal feature enables you to offer the job vacancies in your firm, check the candidates’ profile including their location and salary expectations. You can also create an HR Recruitment Bot using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder to find the best candidates for your company.


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