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Major MailChimp Integrations for Workflow Automation

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Email marketing is one of the oldest ways to promote and market any brand. With time, it has evolved from sending a plain text to engaging graphics. It is not only about sending emails to thousands of people and waiting them to respond. It is about owning a quality time in customers' inbox. In modern times, the internet has offered us powerful software to automate email marketing processes and reach target markets. We are talking about MailChimp. It is an all-in-one tool to run email marketing campaign as a well-oiled machine. It has one of the greatest advantages to integrate with other software and automate various related workflows. In this blog, let us discuss major MailChimp integrations and how they can benefit your business.

Major MailChimp Integrations You Should Use

You might be curious to know- if MailChimp is efficient enough to manage email marketing campaigns alone, then why in the first place we need to integrate it with other software! In this technology-driven era, if you integrate two business-related software, and set up a trigger with some expected action (with the help of third-party software), then several workflows can be automated. Similarly, if you integrate MailChimp with various useful software like Google Sheets, Salesforce, Slack, etc., then you can save your time and cost spent in accomplishing routine tasks. Let us explore some of the major MailChimp integrations that can truly help you in automating marketing campaigns and other relatable tasks.

Major MailChimp Integrations

  1. MailChimp with Salesforce Integration
  2. Salesforce is the cloud-based Customer Resource Management (CRM) software that helps in understanding customers and maintaining long-lasting relations with them. It helps in assuring that every customer interaction will contribute to the revenues of your business. An MailChimp and Salesforce integration can help your business in automatically sharing data between them for a hassle-free customer engagement process. This integration will help in efficiently generating leads, engaging with users, and maintain long-term relations.

    MailChimp and Salesforce Integration

    For instance, you are using MailChimp for your latest email campaign. Your marketing team is rigorously sending emails to a targeted audience and at the same time informing sales time about day-to-day status. Sometimes, it consumes lot of time to update status. For better coordination among the marketing and sales team and automating the data syncing between them, you can integrate Salesforce with MailChimp. You can ensure that whenever a new customer is created is Salesforce, a subscriber will be added to a list in Mailchimp.

  3. MailChimp with HubSpot Integration
  4. HubSpot is the leading CRM that offers tools to maintain customer relations. A MailChimp and HubSpot Integration helps businesses in reaching their goals faster, nurturing their leads better, and organizing their database quicker.

    MailChimp and HubSpot Integration

    Integrating MailChimp with HubSpot can help your business in automatically syncing data for better customer conversion rates, categorizing the targeted audience, and handling errors in databases. This integration will help in keeping track of every new user connected through email campaign and adding every new contact to an email list of a campaign that is added to HubSpot CRM.

  5. MailChimp with Facebook Integration
  6. Facebook needs no introduction. It is one of the leading social media platforms that is meant for both individuals and businesses. In recent times, Facebook has become an effective tool for marketing and advertising any brand. Integrating MailChimp with Facebook can help you in driving the major traffic for the growth of your business. You can automatically inform your followers and potential customers on Facebook about the new email campaigns you are going to start with MailChimp.

    MailChimp and Facebook Page Integrations

    For instance, you are going to launch a new product of your brand. You can announce the grand launch on your Facebook Page with the help of attractive videos, eye-catchy visuals, and live sessions. This could help you attract millions of new people and update the old ones. With a MailChimp with Facebook Page integration, you can automatically inform people about anything related to your brand with help of emails and ask them to follow you on Facebook.

  7. MailChimp with Gmail Integration
  8. Gmail is the most popular free web-based email service offered by Google. It has a crisp, clean, and clear interface that allows every individual to easily send and receive emails and further categorize them into different categories.

    Mailchimp and Gmail integration

    Integrating MailChimp with Gmail can help your business give a personalized touch to all the people mentioned in your mailing list. After setting up the integration, you can automate sending emails to the personal accounts of your subscribers for giving them regular updates. Further, a Mailchimp and Gmail integration would automatically update your mailing once you label emails in Gmail.

  9. MailChimp with PayPal Integration
  10. Paypal is one of the leading online payment gateways that allow individuals and businesses to send and receive money worldwide. You can easily pay for your cab services, online shopping, and much more in more than 100 currencies with PayPal.

    MailChimp and PayPal Integration

    A MailChimp and PayPal Integration can help your business automate the process of manually entering the details of every customer in the mailing list used by MailChimp. Every time new users get connected with your website and complete the payment process; the relevant details get automatically added to the mailing list for further communication.

Summing Up

In this technology-driven era, you cannot ignore the importance of workflow automation in your business. You need to automate various workflows for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business. You can easily automate routine workflows, just by integrating two relevant software. For integrating and automation, we recommend you the leading software- Appy Pie Connect. You can easily connect over hundreds of software with Appy Pie Connect. You need to code a single line for workflow automation.

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