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iOS Vs Android: Which Userbase Is The Best For Your App?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on October 13th, 2023 12:45 pm | 5-min read

iOS vs Android- the continuous battle between two of the most dominating operating systems has impacted everyone worldwide. iOS is the operating system offered by Apple Inc. for its iPhones while Android is an open-source Linux-based operating system commonly used in smartphones.

Not only millennials but people of every age group spent most of their digital media time with a smartphone. And the choice of an operating system or smartphone depends upon the behavior, habits, personality of users, and various other factors. For example, users who wish to spend a limited amount of money might end up purchasing an Android smartphone. On the other hand, users who need a smartphone to operate their business and can invest a high amount might buy an iOS-based smartphone. For individual consumers, selecting between Android and iOS can be an easy task but for businesses who are planning to launch their first mobile app, choosing one of the platforms might be a crucial decision. If businesses end up selecting the wrong platform to target their audience, it could hamper the entire development process of their product. So, while choosing the platform, businesses must monitor and analyze their userbase engaged with both the operating systems. In this article, we will compare the general behavior and approach of both Android and iOS users with their smartphone apps. Hopefully, the comparison will help you in making an informed decision. But before moving further, let us take a glance at some statistics related to the Android vs iOS battle.Appy Pie - iOS vs Android

Comparison between Android and iOS Userbase

Before creating a mobile app, you must perform the market research to study your userbase. You should consider several factors based on your audience behavior before launching your app on any of the operating systems. Some of the major factors to consider are mentioned below:

  1. Location of Your Target Audience
  2. Android aims for mass adoption, so it is popular among emerging markets of Asia and Africa while iOS focuses on premium customers of North America and Western Europe. So, if your business is targeting a huge population, you must create an app for Android users, however if your products are meant for premium users, then you should go with iOS apps. Making money with your mobile app will not be a difficult task if you launch it on the right platform depending upon the requirements of your targeted userbase. You can also watch this video to learn how to make money from your app.
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  3. Understand the Demographics
  4. Analyzing the demographics means understanding the age group and gender of the user base. Age and gender affect the choice of an operating system, in-app purchases, usage of smartphones, app download numbers, etc. For instance, the younger generation, mostly students, between the age group of 16- 22 years, while purchasing their phones might limit their budget and buy Android phones. On the other hand, people earning on their own may extend their budget to purchase an iPhone. So, before creating your app, you must understand the demographic of your userbase thoroughly.

  5. Approach To Technology
  6. Every userbase have different approach to technology. If your business targets the early adopters of the internet or technically sound users, then you should launch an app for iOS users. On the contrary, for users who prefer full-featured and easy-to-use smartphones, Android apps will work better. Apps launched for Android users are comparatively accessible and convenient to use as compared to apps meant for iOS users. Getting a million downloads cannot be an issue if you carefully analyze your userbase and accordingly launch your mobile app. Here is a video to help you know more about how you can increase the number of app downloads.
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  7. Brand Loyalty
  8. As per the number of researches, Apple, as a brand has always enjoyed the customers' loyalty. Users rarely choose to switch from iOS to Android systems. So, while monitoring your userbase, you must consider the fact if they are majorly iOS users or Android users. Android users are not less loyal to their smartphone and Google apps as they can easily get the number of free apps with longer trial periods running smoothly on their phones. So, if you are launching an app for your Android users, make sure it is fast, lightweight and offer some unique features.

  9. Purchasing Power
  10. iOS apps are not mostly offered for free and users need to pay a specific amount to enjoy all the features of these apps. On the other hand, most of the Android apps are offered for free and users only pay to avail some premium features. So, the purchasing power of users may impact the number of downloads of your business app. While you analyze various interests and behavioral factors of your userbase, you must consider their purchasing power too. Your app can become popular in no time, if you target the right audience having the required purchasing power to buy your app. To know more about how to make your app popular among the masses, you can watch this video.
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How To Create and Launch App For Both Android and iOS Users?

As the heat started to build in the battle of iOS vs Android, many no-code platforms have been launched in the market to help businesses creating their mobile apps for both the platforms. As both the operating systems have their own pros and cons, businesses often get confused while choosing the preferred one. In this era of increasing no-code application development platforms, spreading your business with the help of mobile apps has become easy. You can choose Appy Pie’s AppMakr which is a DIY cloud-based platform to make your app without even coding a single line. You can easily add your desired features by simply dragging and dropping them into your app. Making your app is as easy as pie and is highly affordable with Appy Pie.Though platform is important to launch any app but what matters most is the user engagement rate and the features you offer to your userbase.

Summing Up

Both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store are popular among users, but you can take the approach of hybrid development for both the platforms. Your app can work perfectly across both, and it’s easier to build that way upfront, instead of building for one app store and adding the other one over time.Creating an app is not all you need to do, to make it a big success, you must also learn how to promote it. We have a course on Appy Pie Academy that helps you learn how you can market your app and reach out to a wider audience - Mobile App Marketing Strategy & App Monetization For Free. Do leave us comments if this article helped you and mention your suggestions, if you have any. We will surely add them to the blog.

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